I Lost 150 Pounds In One Year | The Plastics | Harper’s BAZAAR

I Lost 150 Pounds In One Year | The Plastics | Harper’s BAZAAR

(gentle atmospherical music) – When I’ve gone to doctors, they’ve told me I’m morbidly obese. The last time I stepped on the scales, I was 380 pounds. The fact that that number is
so high just terrifies me. My blood pressure has gone up. It’s in the dangerous zone. I’m pre-diabetic. I cannot climb a flight of stairs without being completely winded. I was almost waiting
for something to happen, like waiting for a
catastrophic health problem to wake me up. Something as extreme
as maybe a heart attack to be like okay, now I
need to do something. I just feel like I need
to make the change. I’m going to have to undergo surgery. My stomach is actually going to become the size of a banana. It’s not a cop-out. It’s just the best solution
for me at this time. My name is Annalisa, and I’m
getting a sleeve gastrectomy. I have definitely been the
victim of yo-yo dieting and yo-yo weight loss. There’s been two periods in my life where I’ve lost significant amounts of weight, but then I’ve just put them back on. Up until, I would say, two years ago, I’d never gone over 330 pounds. Now, in these past two years, is when I’ve really started
putting on just a ton of weight to where I am now, which is 380 pounds. I’m very excited at the possibility of walking in somewhere and being able to try anything on, but I know I’m that
probably gonna be buying a lot of stuff. So I’m probably gonna go
broke once I lose weight. I love designer clothing. There just aren’t a lot of designer brands out there right now that
make plus size clothing. To me, the thought of being able to walk into any clothing store and try anything off the rack, that’s a completely foreign feeling. (somber piano music) I grew up in a Aruba, tropical
paradise island. (laughs) Didn’t really appreciate it at the time. Kind of just wanted to live in the states and be an American mall rat. High school was a really
weird time for me. I went up in weight, so I was even heavier
than when I was a child. I definitely considered myself an outcast. I would skip school a lot, and just kind of hang
out with my friends who kind of also considered
themselves outcasts and I had found this
home in this group of, kind of misfits. I wanted nothing more
than to have a boyfriend because a lot of people around me had boyfriends and were in relationships and I would have hookups, but I think guys didn’t
want to be in a relationship with somebody who was heavier. They didn’t want to be publicly seen with somebody like me, and it would be like,
oh, don’t tell anybody. So, that happened a lot. I met Kevin when I was
almost 30 years old. We met online and immediately hit it off. We had such an amazing connection. He just appreciated me for who I was. He loved my curves, he loved my body. We started very strong
and heavy very quickly. I would probably say he was the first person that I actually loved. What I loved the most
is he really knew me, and to have that connection with somebody and just have them know you so well, it was such a special thing to me. So Kevin told me he was into bigger women and he absolutely loved my curves. He thought I was incredibly sexy, and I had started to put
on a little bit weight while we dated. I think towards the end, he was concerned. He told me a couple times
why don’t we start dieting or why don’t we start working out, and he would always say, you know, I love your body the way it is, but I really just want you to be healthy. And he saw me struggling
to go up a flight of stairs and didn’t want that for me, and wanted to be able to
do active things with me and not have me, you know, get too tired and want to give up. One of the things that
I had struggled with in our relationship was that he didn’t tell his family about me. He said it was due to religious reasons and that they wouldn’t understand. Although, part of me always wondered if it was because of my weight, and because he didn’t think that I was the right kind of woman to bring home to his family. I didn’t question it. So Kevin came from a
mixed religion background. His mother was very, very strict Hindu. What he told me to justify
not meeting his parents was he didn’t know how they would accept this white Jewish girl. He wanted to make sure what we had was for the long-term. It definitely caused some frustration, because I think if you’ve been together for almost two years, that’s pretty long-term. I mean, we were open with our friends and with acquaintances and he would say he was my boyfriend, but I need somebody who would be proud to introduce me to their parents and introduce me to their family. The last time I saw him was on a Sunday. He had just started
this brand new job where he worked night shifts and I was working during the day, so it was very hard to connect and actually see each other. I remember texting him up to Tuesday. I didn’t hear from him the next day, and then the day after that, and then the weekend was approaching and I started texting him and saying, what’s going on, are we
gonna go out this weekend? Let me know what your plans are, and I didn’t hear back, which was strange. So I tried calling, and his phone rang and rang, and that feeling came over me of what’s going on? And so after a couple days
of not hearing from him, I googled his name, and I found the articles
about the accident. And there were pictures of him, pictures of the car, it had skidded off and hit an embankment and actually flipped over and fallen from an overpass, and that’s how I found out he died. And that was really hard. I started screaming, started looking up information to see if I could find a
way to contact his family, and found a phone number, which I kept calling, incessantly, until they picked up. And they didn’t know who I was, but I was hysterical and
they said, okay, come over, we’ll talk to you. But I had to explain who I was, and kind of tell them facts to convince them that I
was telling the truth. There’s probably like two or three months where I’d cry about it every day, and part of me wonders
if I rushed trying to, you know, try and lead
a normal life again. Because I don’t know if
I gave myself enough time to process everything. His death affected me in a way that my eating pretty much
spiraled out of control, and I’ve absolutely have
not taken care of myself in the past two years. I eat whatever I want. I have no restrictions on what I eat. I haven’t stepped into a gym in years, and that’s how my weight has
bloomed to where it is now. I decided to start researching
weight loss surgery about four months ago, when my plantar fasciitis
started getting really bad, and I had lost any type of hope of being able to start exercising and losing weight in a natural way. Up until the past couple of months, I would say I just didn’t even care. I was almost waiting
for something to happen, like waiting for a
catastrophic health problem to wake me up and be like, okay, this is my moment of change. Now I’m gonna do something about it. Something as extreme as
maybe a heart attack, to be like, okay, now
I need to do something. So it’s the night before my surgery and the nerves are definitely kicking in. I have been on a liquid protein diet for the past two weeks. I am so hungry. Today my coworkers
surprised me with flowers and this really heartfelt card. Not gonna lie, definitely shed a tear. So, it was nice to know that, you know, everybody is thinking of me and I’m loved and so, I’m excited for tomorrow and starting the next chapter of my life. (soft music) So the procedure that I’m having done is the sleeve gastrectomy, and basically they go in and they cut out a large portion of your stomach and then suture it shut so that it’s really only
the size of a banana. So you can only eat very,
very small portions at a time. I’m going to be on a very
rigid and strict meal plan after the procedure. I’m not huge into change, and everything about my
life is going to change. The reason I’m doing what I’m doing, yes, it’s because I want to look better. For the most part, it’s
because I want to feel better. I want to be healthy. I don’t want to get to that point now where a heart attack or a stroke or getting diabetes is what’s going to finally be the thing that
makes me get healthy. At the end of the day,
I’m excited for it because I’m just ready for a change. – And this is her stomach. You see, she had a lot of room
for a lot of food previously, now she has that long, thin tube and she won’t be able to eat as much. (gentle piano music) – So this is my first day
home from the hospital. I got home last night at eight o’clock. I have to say, it’s a lot more painful than I thought it would be. Most of the pain is coming from gas, trapped gas from the procedure. So as you can see, my stomach is very bloated
with gas from the procedure. I’ve got one incision there, one incision there, one there, one there, and then there’s my belly button. That’s definitely the most painful one. So between that and the gas, I’m in a pretty good amount of pain. (sighs) But, it was worth it, and hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon. So I just had my one
week post-op appointment. Everything looks good. Everything is healing nicely. I’m not in any pain anymore. I went back to work a couple
days ago and feel great. I’ve actually got lots of energy. I’ve lost about 20 pounds now, so that kind of helps and
makes everything more exciting. And can’t wait to see how
the next few months ago. So look where I am! I’m at the gym! Got the all clear from the doctor to start working out again. This is gonna suck, but it’s also great to be
able to get back into the gym. So I just threw up in my Uber. I was having my protein
shake for my morning snack, and I think between the
bumping and jostling in the car and drinking the thick shake, it was a bit too
overwhelming for my stomach. So, lesson learned, no more drinking protein
shakes in the car. So today is two months
since I had the surgery. I’m about 50 pounds down. I feel amazing. I’m in Mexico City on vacation. This is the first vacation
I’ve taken in a long time. I couldn’t make it to
the Temple of the Sun, but I did last a while, and I actually climbed it, now I want to die and
drop and then die again. Oh my gosh! So I am officially out of the 300 club! It’s a really food feeling. Definitely feeling myself today. Even showing off some stomach. I can’t believe it. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Today is the one year
anniversary of my surgery and I feel like a new person. I have lost 150 pounds since
the surgery in the past year, so I now weigh 235 pounds. My confidence today would
probably be an 11/10. Even though I know I
still have work to do, I still feel more
confident than I ever have. The reaction from everyone around me has been so incredible. Just to see people’s reactions and people telling me, you know, I didn’t recognize you if I haven’t seen them for a while or you know, you’re doing
such an amazing job. It’s been really incredible. Shopping has been interesting. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t need to shop at
the plus size stores anymore. I went into a store the other day, for the first time ever, because I never thought I could fit into any of their clothes, and actually I ended up walking away with 500 dollars worth of clothing. So, shopping has been great. The hardest part is making
room for all the new clothes. So I’ve been donating
bags and bags to charity, just to get rid of all my big sizes, because I never want to go back to that. I finally, over the past year, have felt like I was in a place to put myself out there again. I’ve very much enjoyed the dating process and it’s changed my dating life to where I actually
have a dating life now, which I didn’t have before. Along with all the physical
changes that I’ve had, mentally, I also am in a place where I just take better care of myself. I’m very, very aware now of getting enough nutrition and taking care of my body. I actually feel like I have a life again. I’m now the one in my
circle of friends saying, let’s go out, let’s go have
dinner, let’s go dancing. All I want to do now is go out dancing and show off all my pretty new clothes. Before the surgery, I was pre-diabetic, I was on blood pressure medication. Now I’m happy to say that I’m off the blood pressure medication. My blood pressure is totally normal. I’m no longer pre-diabetic. My last test showed that
everything was normal since I had the surgery. I do still sometimes think about Kevin, especially when I have a
positive movement where I’ve accomplished something new or I fit into a new outfit that I didn’t think I would fit into and I do have those occasional thoughts of he would have really loved this and he would have really appreciated it. I’m sure he would have
been very proud of me. I’ll always be a work in progress, and I’m comfortable with that. I’m okay with that, because I also don’t want to feel like I’ve hit my goal and now
I can sit back and relax and that’s it, it’s over. The big thing is taking
it one day at a time. It’s only gonna get better from here. I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’m confident. My relationships with
my friends and family have just improved so much and it’s cliche to say it gets
better, but it gets better.

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  3. Losing those I love have deeply impacted me gaining weight. First when I was 17 and my father died, second when I lost my baby at 25 and now at 31 when my mom died. I have to change now because this weight will kill me.

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