15 thoughts on “Huntington’s Disease – The Impact on Young People

  1. Can completely relate with the young man, it is the worst thing to see them progressively get worse and worse. Leaving one to feel helpless.

  2. I can relate to one and all……..I have lost my whole immediate family except my maternal Grandmother to HD! I was tested and thank God it came back negative but, the unfortunate part is only my Grandmother and myself are left.
    I also worried at the 50-50 chance of having it, it affects your whole life, thinking, etc.! I'm 42 and I was told forever to not have children but, now knowing I don't have it I'm starting my journey to trying to get pregnant. Unfortunately we have to go to a Fertility Specialist. I send my LOVE TO ONE AND ALL OF YOU! I know it's not easy and I know all to well! XOXOX

  3. I understand been taking care of my mom for almost 15 years the last 4 years got really bad , but I did everything I could for her when everyone gave up . She's on medication she's not twitching she sleeps more I'm happy now I feel I accomplish something .

  4. My mom has it and it’s getting close to the end. It’s so freakin hard to know where she ends and HD starts.

  5. Well I finally took that major leap yesterday and got tested. So I may be sitting on a ledge soon.. kidding..😪

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