How to stop a drug addiction FOREVER: #1 Real cause of addiction revealed

How to stop a drug addiction FOREVER: #1 Real cause of addiction revealed

Hey, welcome to this video. My name is Tom, from the Alive And in this video we will make visible what
the real root cause of our DRUG ADDICTION really is. Only when we know the real cause, we can heal
the root and therefor automatically liberate ourselves from every other DRUG ADDICTION-symptom
too, like not being able to stop taking drugs, drug cravings, moodiness, bad temper, feeling
powerless, loneliness, relational problems etc. You don’t have to feel ashamed for the fact
that you are addicted to something. Because without any exception, most people
are first addicted to something or someone, before the real root of the problem arises. The only difference might be that some people
are better in hiding their addictions behind a mask than others. Until their mask cracks obviously. Only if we know what the real root of the
problem is, we will know how we can STOP OUR DRUG ADDICTION completely and for once and
for all. A DRUG ADDICTION comes down to FEAR, fear
for feeling what we would feel, without any distraction from DRUGS. To end the root of the problem together with
all it’s symptoms for once and for all, and therefor to shine the light onto our ‘dark’
addictions or fears, I came up with a drawing to show you. I don’t want to give you a superficial solution,
so I want to take you back to the origin. To the moment we were born. Let’s represent this heart as a symbol of
our free pure and fulfilled feeling at our birth. Then from that moment until now, we have all
encountered painful emotions and none of us have learned how to solve this pain. This pain sets around our pure and fulfilled
feelings. Of course no one of us really want to feel
this pain, that is why we all found a different way of dealing with this. You know how? By building a wall of control around it. And how do we build that wall? We all know this I guess. From that moment we stop living from our feeling
and start living from our mind or our thinking. Let me symbolize this brain for our thinking. From that moment we use our thinking nonstop
to search for distractions outside ourselves, that will have to prevent us from feeling
pain. And these distractions or our non stop thinking,
yes of course I should be doing this, or I should be doing that, or otherwise it wouldn’t
feel right, this, this and that. This annoying little voice inside our head,
I am sure we all know off, serves us as a band aid, on top of our wall of control. To prevent ourselves from feeling. The problem is that we do not just cover up
just our pain, but also our pure feelings. And within our distractions we are still looking
for a feeling. For example in creating success, we are actually
looking for a feeling of fulfillment. Or by starting a relationship, because we’d
rather not be alone, because then we are not distracted anymore and then we feel pain. So we are searching for a feeling to fulfill
ourselves with a relationship. And even in simple things a new Smartphone,
a new car, new house, we search for this long lasting feeling of being complete and fulfilled
by running away from our feelings. The contradiction shows itself very clearly,
yet we do not question ourselves about these choices and the routine that is has become
for so many of us. We rather invest all of our money in time
to build a life filled with these distractions that never work permanently. That create something like a reality replacement
for the feeling that we actually are missing. A replaced identity of ourselves. And we start to believe to have become this
illusion. The problem is that when we are running away
from our feelings and at the same time are looking for in these distractions for a feeling
of fulfillment that never comes, then we will have to continuously search for new distractions. New, new etc. Until we can’t keep up anymore. This pattern is extremely exhausting, we all
are aware of this, let me symbolize sweat drops for this. This is an imprisoning pattern. Let me symbolize a lock for this. Now what is fear? Fear is just the resistance that we would
fail in getting our next distraction or that one of our created distractions will disappear
or will be taken away from us. Because then our band aid will no longer work
and then obviously we will start to feel the pain again that we haven’t resolved yet. I hope by showing you this drawing that fear
has a very valuable function. That fear is not only pretty annoying, but
it is also a wake – up call. That this replacement reality doesn’t work. So as long as we still experience fear, tells
us that we are still having unsolved pain and are settling for a replacement reality
instead of independently feeling fulfilled and alive in freedom. There actually is a reality possible in which
we can choose to live the way we really are, feeling independently fulfilled. Without fear and unsolved pain. If we learn to solve all of our unsolved pain
and fear, our restlessness thinking to escape in distractions isn’t necessary anymore either
and only then we can start to create in freedom. Only then we can start a relation in freedom
or success or whatever we feel like creating. And only then we don’t have any fears that
it will disappear again. And only then we can truly enjoy to the fullest
and we don’t have any fears anymore, that things people or achievements may be taken
away from us. Because we feel complete and fulfilled independently
without experiencing fear and having pain anymore. Do you know the difference between creating
something as a distraction or as an addiction or as a compensation, because this is the
mask we all are wearing, the mask of pretending. The difference between this and doing something
out of free will, an easy way to check is to stop doing what you are doing, and you
are still feeling completely fulfilled then you are acting out of free will. On the other hand, when you stop doing what
you are trying to do or achieve and you will start feeling restless, because that is how
pain feels. Pain doesn’t feel like; ahhh I’m in pain,
pain feels like feeling restless, irritated, angry, bored. Then you know you are doing it to create a
compensation reality or as a distraction from unsolved feelings. And the good news is that there actually is
a way to solve the root of all pain, which will make all fear to feel pain vanish as
well. Which will let you create without limitations,
and importantly you don’t need to go through this pain again to get rid of it. We know now that all of our fears and other
symptoms are helping alarm signals and serve us with a very valuable message. Our fear and symptoms are here to tell us
that the direction that we are going, is a wrong and unhealthy direction. It warns us that if we continue to ignore
this wrong, unhealthy direction, of dis-ease, that our body might come up with bigger actual
diseases. Our fear and our symptoms are here to tell
us that liberation and cure is to be found in the opposite direction: in solving our
unsolved pain, so no more fears or symptoms can arise. Do you believe by numbing these alarm signals,
f.e. by taking medication, will help us to solve the real problem? Or does it give us another short shot of distraction,
like we’ve seen in the drawing? The more I was trying to create a successful
mask, or the more I was trying to run away from my insecurity or fears, the more my exhausting
and limiting fears kept arising in other forms and didn’t go away. I only started to feel truly liberated, relaxed,
filled with joy, filled with self esteem and enjoying everything around me, when I decided
to get to the root of my fear and pain and solved them. When we are no longer imprisoned in this exhausting
system by fears, pain and relating symptoms, we will feel independently filled with joy. When we feel only joy without fear, there
won’t be any obstructions left, to create whatever belongs to us naturally. When we create out of joy, without any obstructions,
success and abundance are just a logical consequence. Basically liberating ourselves from this limiting
imprisonment by fear and pain, is the key to go from limitations and scarcity, to true
natural abundance. Or does liberation come from working even
harder against our will in the wrong direction out of fear? Everyone can make this happen for themselves. Regardless our situation. We don’t need to cultivate it, we don’t
have to be rich or try really really hard, we don’t need to change our relationship,
or the place where we are living or the way we look. Of course we are free to do any of this, but
it is not required at all. Just understanding ‘how’ we can get past
the root of all of our pain, fear and symptoms, without having to feel them again of course,
is enough. This video is limited in time, but do you
want to know how to immediately get past the symptom of fear, whenever it occurs, or do
you want to know the truth about ‘fear’ and ‘pain’ that will set you free? Click on the link above or at the end of this
video, depending on where you look at it, and this will take you to my blog and from
there I will be able to send you 4 videos, free of charge. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
up. If you want to help me liberate even more
people from fear, stress and pain, by making the real cause and the unhealthy wrong direction
visible, please share this video with your friends. Click on the link & I will see you in the
next video.

100 thoughts on “How to stop a drug addiction FOREVER: #1 Real cause of addiction revealed

  1. Thank you for your dedication and sincerity in telling us what you have learned, I'm going to keep this video so that I play it every now and then, it will help me remember who I was and who I can choose to be.

  2. As a child I believed that the Bible was the word of God and that Jesus was my savior .In 1988 I was drinking a fifth of alcohol a day . I knew that there was more to life than I realized but I didn't know what it was . I had a wonderful girlfriend , we raced motorcycles , we went to bluegrass festivals and did whatever we wanted to do . I realized that I had everything the world said was happiness but I felt something important was missing and I didn't know what it was. I tried scientology , all kinds of yoga, martial arts and various other disciplines but nothing satisfied me . One Sunday morning I came home drunk in a taxicab and waiting outside of my house was a man who was giving my roommate a ride to church. I had gone to alcoholics anonymous for six months and they helped me a lot but I had gone back to drinking .He invited me to sit in his car and talk. He asked me if I wanted a bible study. I said I would love to have a bible study . He came on Monday nights the only night of the week that I didn't drink. It was a 12 week bible study that went from Genesis to Revelation. He showed me in the book of Acts ( Acts 2:38 ) where it said repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost . I said I'd never seen that in the bible and I wanted to get baptized in Jesus' name and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. I got baptized in Jesus' name and prayed for two months to get the Holy Ghost. The night that I got the Holy Ghost I was praying and I started to talk in tongues , I felt wonderful and GOD delivered me from the spirit of alcohol . I have never wanted to drink since then and I praise GOD for that.
    . The man who gave me the twelve week bible study taught me a ' GODHEAD ' bible study twice but i didn't understand the oneness of God or the trinity . I was reading the bible one day and read Ephesians 4 : 5-6 that i had previously highlighted in my bible . God gave me the revelation of oneness . ' ONE LORD , ONE FAITH , ONE BAPTISM , ONE GOD AND FATHER OF ALL , WHO IS ABOVE ALL , AND THROUGH ALL ,AND IN YOU ALL !


    I was a believer from childhood but i wasn't saved .


  3. See and the longer it takes to explain it is where I get lost and can't pay attention anymore. I can pay attention for like 3 minutes until I will think about something else. So what to cure that add more addicting drugs. And don't tell me straterra works it doesn't. Narcotic drugs work all the time are the best but I can't have them. All others suck and give shitty side effects

  4. Amazing video dude absolutely loved it. Noticed that every time I'd slip up on one of my achievements or goals i'd get frustrated. However, I don't think i've spent enough time to ask why I have those goals set in the first place.

  5. Jesus can deliver anyone from addition look to him and his love ask and receive only joy that is true is in the Lord and savior Jesus Christ he can fix everything in your life…..EVERYTHING. GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY READ THE BOOK OF ROMANS All the way through and believe Jesus died for everyone of your sins and he loves you Amen

  6. Just last week I spent 800 $ on cocaine and alcohol over 3 days … being doing this since I'm 19 32 now…its sad

  7. I am so fucked up guys..I wish everyone could understand that it destroys u before it's too late…I stop from today and will take the right path in my life which is closer to jesus! I hope everyone quit it

  8. I need help so bad.. i lost my son in drive by and my best friend gives me coke i been hooked for 6 yrs. I gotta stop someone please help me

  9. For people who is fighting against the addiction! Join Cocain Anonymous and get a sponsor and some new friends <3
    We're here to help! Contact me if you want help to stop doing drugs! Lots of love people! Stay strong <3

  10. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever, gonna wank again.

  11. Why is there a picture of you half naked on a website that supposed to be about quitting drugs? You make some sense, and i even liked your video, but changed my mind after seeing that website. Come on, that's tinder stuff. Keep it on tinder. You don't strike me as a person that tries to help others. Living free from fear = suicidal. Fear, pain and stress are not useless. We need fear to survive. But you got a point when you say, trying to solve addiction with medication is just wrong. You got to get to the root of the problem, yes. But this is not that simple. Some people don't want to be confronted with their trauma/s. For instance a person that was raped wants to forget. People that have ptsd cant forget. People use drugs for other reasons. I've learned to accept, some people are already dead, cause life is not worth living after some experiences, and doing drugs will be the only way to stay alive. Sometimes drugs saves life. Not saying it's good. But this is clickbait and i hate it, sorry.

  12. I have been an addict of meth for many years and I just turned 52 years old. I have smoked everyday all day for the last two years. And there has been nothing but bullshit headgamas. Fake ass, back stabbing so called friends! I also lost a true friend who was shoot and killed just a few short fee from where I live. This beast called addiction is the hardest thing I have ever had to face. And it seems that no one truly understands what I am going through! I feel so alone. My wife who is a nonuser calls me weak and says that if I really wanted to quit I could! Just like that. Bullshit. It's a whole lot harder than that. She doesn't know what I am going through. Also her constant nonstop belittling words make me just want to pack-a-bowl. My anxiety is off the charts! I know I have to quick. I have lost so much I have nothing left. I'm tired. I want this run to be my last.but I just don't know how.????

  13. I have been struggling with addiction for over four years. I have studied and researched a lot about the issue, what you are saying is pretty simple and I think most people already know that! The real difficulty is how to do it! cuz I consciously make the decision to face the fears and the root but unconsciously still I'm escaping! and everyday I use drugs and feel so miserable and guilty about doing it but I can't force myself to stop and just listen to my anxiety and fear to find out how to solve it! I wish you could give a practical solution without all of that process of email confirmation!

  14. JESUS CHRIST proved He is ALIVE, & the only way to have new life here and in Heaven. Look up and confess with your mouth "God I believe Jesus is Lord, please forgive me and make me new, and baptize me with the Holy Spirit". Your Life will change in miraculous ways, and the Bible will come alive to YOU!

  15. Thank You for making this video! I have been free of alcohol and drugs for over 9 years. But. fear and anger still control me. I desperately need to get over fear and anger or I will continue like this. I thought once I got off of drugs and alcohol that as long as I stayed clean things would improve. My life has improved for sure but I cant keep a job much more than a year. I have never been fired from a job, I quit jobs. I have a degree and know my trade very well and am on time, dont miss days, am friendly, quick to give a coworker help. It seems that I know my job too well. I fix things no one else can. But soon after I start a new job, my coworkers start disliking me, talk about me behind my back, make up lies about me. I do not know how to cope with those situations so I just quit. I am 49 years old and can get high paying jobs, but I cant keep them because I get defensive so easily, then I dont know how to deal with it and quit. I have good social skills unless it is dealing with a mad or lying coworker. As a child I would confront a school mate and challenge him to an after school fight . Fighting was how I coped with people doing me "wrong" I cant use that tactic anymore. Peace!

  16. ok you think with talks,accepting your pain and distractions will throw away the withdrawls of 13 years suboxone nightmare???really you think is about distractions and not facing the pain from withdrawls???i think if you had them you would cry like a baby and pooooooof your theories will vanish…

  17. I hope guys realize, we all have fear and some fear of just life itself every day, this is normal and for ones who don't do anything to cope with it realize that we can and will have another day but also that we can do something else like find a hobby or watch something positive to make us feel better. I have been dealing with an addict, and know that if someone is dealing with you it's not because they have to, we can always choose to walk away, if they are there it's because they care even when they don't realize they make it worse by their reactions to you by getting angry or crying etc.

  18. I like to get a half gram of coke on a sat night and have a few beers and listen to some music,does this make me an addict??My wife goes nuts if she finds out but i try to tell her i like the buzz for a few hours that its harmless…

  19. Cocaine in my opinion is the worst drug on the planet. It has no social class like other drugs (crack/heroin for the homeless and LSD for hippies for example) cocaine is in most companies, most friendship groups and it has gotten out of hand for most western countries.

  20. I never heard a man talk so much and say so little, everyone uses for different reasons I don’t use because of fear your talking about yourself.

  21. What about when you have multiple addictions, food addiction, porn addiction, alcohol addiction, marijuana addiction, ect ect, is it ok to let go of all of these addictions at one time, or do 1 by 1, will that be too overwhelming

  22. I tried to deal with the addiction by myself, but it was very hard. The Rehab Centre specialists were able to help me. And, of course, I couldn’t do it without the support of my family. I highly recommend the Rehab Centre if you are also trying to go over addiction. +1 855-410-1425

  23. I'm a heroin addict I fucking hate it I'm nearly 29,not had kids want having some difficulty conceiving in past present no it's not cos of drugs ,I'm with someone I love as soon as have money I use I fuckin hate myself for it,I don't bloody want to ,I try create life get hobbies ,then this comes in way I feel like can't even do that hobbies till I stop

  24. Watching this with my wife as we have both been clean from drugs for a few years, and apart from her saying his picture of the brain looked my penis 😔 very interesting!

  25. I appreciate you making this video, please check out my new book called "Such Unfortunates" by Andrew Mann! It is available for on Amazon for Pre-Sale cheaply and will be available for reading on the 28th of May. If you are or know someone who is suffering from addiction you MUST READ THIS BOOK! It will change your life and parts of the proceeds go to get addicts help! Thank you

  26. I think big issue is people you hang out with , I don't have trouble avoiding coke but my so called friends try to keep me involved, soon I'll cut all ties even doe we know each others for 20+ years, I've noticed people addicted to coke are the most untrustworthy around, it brings the worse out of people.

  27. What sucks about my addiction recovery is that I finally figure it out that if I keep telling myself I will stop this by myself I will never be meet sobriety. And I told my family and they all said that if I really want this I don’t need rehab or help that those who can’t do it is because they don’t really want to stop. I keep telling them that I have tried and tried and they have seen it but end up relapsing every time before the 7 days. How can I make them understand that I do want to stop but I feel like getting help will be good for me ?

  28. Been sober 3 year's 5 month's without help got to the stage enough is enough after 27 years the first step is admitting you have an addiction

  29. Great points speaks my mindset of having peace of mind and clarity enjoy the little things don't warrant false evidence appearing real

  30. Sold my house my car n my bank account is f.. i smoked all .all i have remain is a rented appartment im a father im dying here i dont want loose my familly or my familly to loose me im just 33 years old i need help before its too late .i use 3 to 4 g a day im killing myself noo control .pls i need info step by step starting with detox what medication i need.and after start following what he said i need to be sober to be able to control my thinking pls any body knows help. Helpppp

  31. Man this was such a great video. The insight and thought you put behind this just changed my whole perspective.

    Thank you.

  32. Ive been a cocaine addict for 14 yrs…im tired of feeling like this. The pain ive caused my family. The great jobs ive lost, the fineass women who loved me lost…The money ive wasted!!! Fk i couldve owned a brand new ferrari a house…. man i want out!!! Im sick and tired of feeling this way !!!! Ive hit rock bottom…i want out !!!

  33. The mistake these addiction cures make is assuming all addictions are similar and all addicts will respond the same way to this cure being pushed. There's no one cure. There's a big diff between somebody who on their first habit an someone who's been an addict for 20 yrs or more and already tried countless ways to stop. It's simplistic and condescending to assume one size fits all.
    Really, some people love getting high. It's the consequences they don't like.

  34. What if your an accidental addict ? Sounds stupid but I went in for surgery 4 x an survived thank God an was giving perkocets an got sick when I stopped now I'm on Suboxone films an I want off of them but docs seem to think it's not yet time but I don't like them an they keep pushing em onto me I'm days away from dropping out of the clinic that's full of people I don't relate to an I'm gonna kick this at home it's says all over YouTube that's it's gonna take up to 90 days to feel normal again an it's hell for those 90 days

  35. Ive been an addicted since i was 16 i started on narcotics at a yound age because of an accident. When i moved to a new state at the same age, i got in to harder things. Which thankfully i got off of the harder things. Im with my fiance who has been there for me every day for the past year. My mother died 3 months ago and im getting to do the pain pills more and more. I know were not gonna work out if i keep on and i love this girl and my children more than anything. How do i wake up without wanting one or just cant go through the day without wanting go spend the money that we work hard for. I want to stop for me and for them. I feel like i can do. I just wake up and think well i need something to get through the day. I dont want that anymore.

  36. Things can be going great your loving life then one day you try something that feels so good you chose to add it as another part of the facets your life. You start to replace the happiness you create with the the happiness that is created for you. People don't become junkies because of fear. They do because drugs are the easy path to the feel good world we're all after. I quit when i faced the reality of how stupid it was to create hardships in my real world for moments of fleeting intense pleasure in my drug world. I decided to take back control and be the creator of my own happiness once again.

  37. The only way to be truly complete is through having a quality emotional relationship with Christ Jesus. That comes after repentance [turning away from sin] , Now that I've personally grown in my relationship with the Lord I'm ready to let go of my addictions. Thanks to the Lord.

  38. This doesn't explain my addiction. Sorry!!! The doctor prescribed me painkillers. I liked the way they made me feel. I liked the euphoric feeling it gave me – so I took them a lot. It's called hedonism. We like pleasure. I did it so much that I tricked my brain – I taught my brain to need these chemicals as a survival mechanism. Pain pills became a type of nourishment – much like food and water. My brain started to produce conations for the drugs. Conations are appetites, drives, cravings, etc. When that part of my brain (hypothalamus) tests and monitors my blood and senses low nourishment, I get an appetite or craving for food called hunger. When my hypothalamus tests and monitors my blood and senses low hydration levels it produces appetites or cravings for water called thirst. When my hypothalamus tests and monitors my blood and senses low drug levels it produces appetites or cravings called jonsing or tweaking. I trained my brain to accept opiates as a form of nourishment and it produces cravings for that type of nourishment. It's not a disease. My brain did exactly what it's supposed to do. I just taught it the wrong thing. Through abstinence my brain can unlearn it and stop producing those appetites and cravings. There's more to it. Email me at eldie3d at the g mail address for more information.

  39. creativemind0136 Ayaan yes I am going throw a lot of problem with my wife she knew that I use it now I have two beautiful kids can any body help me please, help my kids please help me I don’t know what to do, I know my wife don’t. Love me no more I love my kids more then my life I can give all my blood to my kids, I feel like I have more deep connection with my kids very deep I feel pain when they sleep and I hear their breathing and cry to Allah to help, I am very good technician I fix any Electornic I now work for latest smart phone and tables Mac laptop repair experience more then 11 years I make good money I don’t give me wife no money what ever she need I get it for her and my kids, I can’t save shit, I am very good person I never did injustice with nobody treat every body with respect, always loving never fight never cheat with my wife when she on other routes but for the shake of kids I tolerate even The biggest words abuse the happy with you he other phone and keep crying nights and night, is allah don’t seeing this

  40. Can you live happily without any money. Because money isn't important to me it's just materialistic things that we think we need . But that's just me ik u need money to survive but if only u didn't

  41. I live in a neighborhood infested with drugs and I keep using… moving to a better neighborhood soon……i hope i can make it

  42. Im 28 i been homeless with no help my beautiful girl let me back in nd my kids life i just wanted to tell all u god is good i been a week sober i dont crave it just dream it it crazy bit i no i can do it i love my gir nd kids nd for thos who left me to rot the doors there for u guys if ur going thru this just have faith they will b cold nights hot days lonley hungery dayz im here if u need food or someone to just relate we need to hrlp each other out this dark hole we fallen into

  43. The only reason people get addicted is that it gives them pleasure without much effort.
    You know, in Physics, most systems follow the path of least resistance. For example, electricity will always flow in the direction that requires the least amount of resistance. Light will always travel the path that requires least energy between two points.
    So, addiction is not bad in physics sense, it's our brain trying to get pleasure from least amount of effort.
    The only way to beat addiction is to know that your mind just wants to give you pleasure without much effort, and that's causing you harm because it stops you from doing other things that are more important in life.
    Realize that pleasure will come in the long term as well, if you put all your energy and focus on delayed gratification. You need to be aware every time you get the impulse to your addictive behavior that your mind is just being lazy and trying to give you easy useless effortless pleasure.

  44. Every night before I go to sleep I use to think that from tomorrow I am not going to take drugs.. but when withdrawal symptoms start I can't efford the pain and I take it again. What should I do..?? I need help 😑😑😑 badly.. give me some tips. I CAN'T SHARE IT TO MY PARENTS . I NEED SOME ONE HELP ME.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  45. I've been addicted to cocaine for 4 years. My hearts starting to give out. I've OD'd twice and now I just keep using hoping to end it all. I hate my life.

  46. At 6:11, I had to pause and start thinking. What a basic illustration and well explained. Sometimes we complicate things, when the answers is right in front of our face… We just have to think back, and rebuild a healthier way! Thanks bro! I come back in a bit and watch the rest…😉

  47. Wow…really opened up my eyes…my addiction is actually someone…this video really helped in showing me the reasons to break free of such an addiction🙏

  48. I’m to scared to address my pain & fear. The need to create a alternate ID eats me alive. I’m know my fear & pain and can’t shake it

  49. Thank you for describing vicious circle. I know all you said. I've been avoiding LIFE, it was too much for me. You said what has to be done. But.. Once you become so exhausted and pointless…how you can do anything to break this horror (i am addicted to pain killers and tranquilizers. Legally sold)

  50. Get your **CBD* Great Prices Great products try them out now while they last. All Legal and ships to all 50 states.

  51. This is a excellent video buddy. See what I did to heal from drug addictions here:

  52. Good luck lol. Go shoot some dope for years and tell me how that works for you. You'll never be able to tell an addict or alcoholic how to get clean and remain so in twelve minutes. This jerk off really pisses me off.

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