How to set up a trampoline – Jump power

How to set up a trampoline – Jump power

today we are assembling our trampoline
with enclosure it have safety fans who are you two boys are you ready to have some
fun? are you ready to have some fun I can’t
hear you. you? what about you? good I mean we gonna have some fun yeah
okay let’s uh let’s open up the box and let’s see what’s inside I’ve never set up a trampoline so this
will be fun there are lots of pieces I’m gonna go down and look over them I’m
gonna try assemble them by myself so you see there are few tension bars about 10
of them about dozen short pipes straight pipes and three six thousand
cool types and some of them have foam protection suppose that’s better screen skywalker trampolines review
net and this part here is for the outside circle sources of protection and
I use the safety net and some uShip pipes and the jumping pad or met some
Springs nuts and bolts and you see I guess we don’t need these I don’t even
know what it is looks like some kind that’s what I have so far a circle with
legs set up almost a circle and I’ll go down and take some close-up shots so these legs going to these new shaped
box on the bottom yeah two kinds of pipes one with one hole on the bottom
and two holes on the upper side and one want a hole on the dark a lower side and
one at the other side so it goes like this one pipe one four five bits one
fall and another go up here and then one with one hole and two holes up there and
then again 1 1 & 1 1 & 2 1 & 1 1 & 2 & and so on and then every second of these bars on the upper side is skipped
so one you and then skip on another you skip one and and so on until they form a
circle and then let’s well there is to do this and now those two need to be put
together and then goes all the way around like that so should be easy that’s what I have so far so this whole
shoe the line right here on top like this that’s the hole right here and this
is the part the t-shaped part right here okay so this is what do you have no
screws yes like we said one hole up and then next one is two holes up and then
one and two and all the way around and this one here has to go a little bit
more in like this but the screws should the nuts and bolts should take care of
that and there are some small plastic parts
to fit in here in every other hole because you know there is a one of these
here padded bars to go in every other hole and then that everything that’s
left to use this piece of plastic they’re the ones that go in every other
hole open top and this is a strange piece of paper I threw away that I found
later to be helpful when you are when you’re assembling one of these so this
helps it’s not perfect but it does help it’s kind of makes sense that
according to the piece of paper coding instructions and I never seen I never
used those but yeah so it goes into the bar that has one home so okay and then
the second one uses one hole to tighten these up this part here and then the
second hole for the bar that goes up on top that holds the screen around the
trampoline oh yeah I mean meanwhile the kids are having fun too so they made one
of their own one thing that I changed it looks like
these whole scores on the outside so one and one and two and one go on the
outside so not on the inside this is what it looks this is first part
so yeah it’s a circle okay on the outside the little post should be two
holes up one hole down looking on the outside and then the second one should
be one hole up one hole down looking both on the outside and so on
two and one one and one looking on the outside looks good okay
these are all the booze and nuts and bolts that toy tools the trampoline or even some bling tools
please use either one of those these are not symbols that you’re gonna
be using for this party right here so longer not this is the longest one a
bolt the longest bolt two washers to flood washes on each side and one
security worship like this and these are nicely shaped so they don’t fit around
the pipe told you there’s two parts of the Spanish pipe so
one with the Squier end like this that goes down into this hole and then
another is extension that goes on top to this move so the one goes down is
working towards outside at the end once it’s tight it should look like this so
on the bottom in the bottom hold and the upper hole you’re using different kinds
of bolts so this is this goes into the bottom hole securely washer a flat
washer and thus shoulder bolt and then in the upper part one durable two nuts
and two flat washers and one security washer but before that you have to make
sure we insert one of these in and then put the screws
in if it gives you trouble use a hammer that should work it’s gonna be big for
me you’re gonna break it I’m gonna break it so on the lower part use a smaller
bolt security washer and the regular washer and the upper floor part longer bolt a
washer and then on the other side goes washer security washer and the heart now this next post with a plastic cap
that doesn’t have a pipefitter form uses only these longer bolts so two washers
security washer nut and a bolt and that’s it and then all the way around this is what we have so far we have d
our proposed and lower ones screwed down so everything is a fitting place talking
about this to see about this I suppose the mat and the springs will hold it so
that’s kinda weird but there is no security for this year and next this is
the Matt the jumping mat yeah yes these are the Springs and they have to be
placed in certain order so that’s our next step and this side goes up the good side goes
down this goes to star it to start a once
spring needs to be put on one side and then one across it and then one to the
right and one to the left to figure out the middle I counted seven holes in one
bar so you go one two three four and then there’s three left so forced is the
the one in the middle so we’ll see if that works in order to know if you have
started correctly it might be best to count the horse I count these little
hooks so I counted 22 holes and twenty-one hooks on this side so it
means I’m missing one so I should probably move this one to this side so I
have 22 holes and twenty-one hooks and same thing on on each side and that best rated trampolines
should so once you start it they all should fit nicely and correctly there
will be no mistakes so the way this goes one two three four and then you come
back here five and go across six and come back right here seven and go across
eight and then this is the ninth one right here and then right here and then
the tenth should be right there so that’s what the instructions say anyway yeah so one two three four and go back maybe
five or six holes then do the fifth one go right across across this so five or
six volts from that from the second one and go back five or six source to the
seventh eighth and then do nine ten come back eleven twelve and then the rest I
suppose you do in any order you want I’ll see which ones are the easiest when
I swear that you just go no right Monica after each other and there is this
little tool that can be used to pull on the spring if I if you can do it by hand this protection pair has to go like this
there is a hole on every other by every other posers a hole goes on top of these
poles are sticking out so it has to go if you put one hole all the way down you
won’t be able to do with the other so we have to do everything at the same time
and then push them down slowly and then tighten them up now they still need to be cuttin down
one of them goes heal and then one around under these tolls around the post these two attention bars will have to go
you have to screw into each other so they go two by two and on the side of
the matter little pockets of sleeves and then you just insert them two by two so
you have to grab two of you off of these little bars and then screw them into the
other one and then once you have the net on the floor or on the ground and you
have to slide them into the little pockets right here so the ends will be
sticking out and then once you put it up you will have to each one of those will
have to be screwed into the other one so it forms a circle or a ring and that’s
what it what it is holding it up and it will be supported by those bars that are
on the side so it you have to kind of twist and pull them in and then move
them and wiggle them other that way you can start tightening down with your
fingers and then take a wrench if needed kind of like that and these dollars that go on top once
you have those plastic these plastic caps inside they will be supporting that
ring you just mean so you slide it in and then take us one of those little
screws these wooden screws for wood and then just screw the man and then put
them on top and that this is what it’s look well it looks like when it’s nice
and secure and now this part here you go here like
this and if you’ll go up same on each side some safety precautions and this is a
zipper looks cool spray big for 14 feet also last night two days after
installing we had a big wind and I left the trampoline here and when I woke up
so I suppose couple steaks that’s my neighborhood trampoline it was over
without where the blue car is and then now it’s in the woods you might do
something similar to secure the ground ok easy enough even
for a father you hi hi you like this bed I suppose that will do I think that’s
the last step

25 thoughts on “How to set up a trampoline – Jump power

  1. All the parts were there. It is very durable and I sunk it into a hillside.>>>   It works great.

  2. Hi great video! do you know how the quick release works for the safety net? Thinking of buying my son one for his birthday and I’m torn between this one and another one that you can take the netting down in minutes if it’s windy. Thanks

  3. Did he say “I guess the kids can jump too” lol I have 10ft of the same brand built it 3days ago my husband and I, took 3 and half hours. Wish I saw this video before building it. Nice video 👍🏼

  4. Though 6 extra screws you have They go between the net post and the trampoline post If you raised up the black cushion you will see the screw holes

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