8 thoughts on “How to Prevent an Ear Infection | Chiropractic Care

  1. Uhm? Hello? Expert Village now into woo-woo? Chiros for back aches or bone related, ill think 'ok' but chiros for ear infections? I thought this shit was already ruled out years back as being hocus pocus woo woo… whats next Expert Village? how to do Homeopathy? LoL! Unsubbed!

  2. Would love to hear a medical doctor's opinion on chiropractic to fight infection,I don't believe it.But if I hurt my back,I would use it.

  3. OMG MAJOR APOLOGIES TO EV… lol… in my rage jumping from one channel to the next i mixed it up… Anyways, thanks for clarifying that,… Howcast be unsubbed then. 🙂 cheers!

  4. Chiropractic is a bogus treatment for ear infections. BCA had ZERO evidence as they lost their Libel suit. Bogus, like Palmer.

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