How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Eyelids what it costs four to seven or eight thousand dollars depending on what you have done and so here here’s your options there’s the upper eyelid there’s the lower eyelid and there’s the brow I usually look at eyelids as one peace like the eyeband area and some people come in and they have a low brow and they have a heavy eyelid and they think all I want is my upper eyelids is done the problem is that brow is so low that if you just do their eyelids that you’ll be sewing their eyebrow almost down to their lid crease and it will look weird and so in order to have enough space to make it look good we sometimes propose a brow lift with little incisions up here to get the brow up it gives us enough space now that we can trim the eyelid skin and it won’t look like we pull the eyebrow down to the lid crease and so when you look at eyelids you look at browse you look at upper lids you look at lower lids you also with lower lids you know you look at you look at is there looseness here or not is there a bag under the eye is there a hollow circle is the mid-face loose and so there are several factors that go into the design of these operations it not it’s not just one operation of say doing the lower eyelids if all that all it is is a little puffiness under the eye and a little hollow and the tissues not loose we can do it from the inside without even cutting your skin that’s a simpler procedure and it’s not as costly because it’s a quicker easier less complicated procedure however if you do brow lift upper eyelids lower eyelid is mid face lifts with it it’s going to be more complicated take longer take more anesthesia and operating time will be more expensive and so it just depends on your anatomy and what we decide to do Eyelids are complicated and there are a lot of different choices and it depends on your Anatomy you should come in for a consultation and sit down with us and what we do is we look at your Anatomy with you and we design it with you it will depend on what you want to accomplish one of the things that I think that makes a big difference is your philosophy of surgeon of your surgeon sometimes patients come in and all they want to do is their eyes well if they also have jowls and neck and you only treat their eyes you’re you’re cutting half of the front yard or painting half of the house and so the question is will it look more natural if you do the whole face rather than half of it well I think it will but it’s the patients choice but patients are afraid that they’re going to do too much surgery and it’s going to look operated because if they afraid that the more they do the more obvious that’s going to be well actually it’s the opposite the more you do the less obvious it is and the more natural it looks the ones that look weird are the ones that half did it either this half or this half and the little brat in me sometimes says look why don’t we just do this half and nobody’s ever taking me up on on that though but I think if philosophically if you want it to look untouched and you want it to look natural consider not doing you know half of your face do it all it looks more natural go ahead and hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and subscribe to the Austin Weston YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest in cosmetic surgery for more information on the Austin-Weston center visit our website at or click the link in the description below

8 thoughts on “How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

  1. "Cutting half of the front yard or painting half of the house" – I'm in hysterics.

    I have a friend who just got her upper eyelids done and though this is something I don't want or need, I was wondering what the risks of such a procedure are and while cleaning, I just let the next videos keep playing and about fell off the step-ladder laughing when I heard that.

    My friend has always had somewhat lowered eyelids compared to other people, but nothing I thought that really stood out as totally unusual. She is 47.

    I was thinking if I were her, I would have done another part of my face first or as well. She is starting to get sagging jowls and chin and has always had these odd shelf-like structures in her skin at the top of her cheep bones.

    I was wondering how these kinds of differences play out over time. She does not have money to do anything else. Her mother paid for this because it was something she always wanted to do – even her 30's. Maybe it will look great though, but I am curious to see how this all looks over the long run.

  2. Does a (CO2 Laser Surgery) get rid of some what of your under eye bags and if so would a second procedure later on make it look even better ???

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