How Does Pronamel® Toothpaste Help Strengthen Enamel? | Pronamel®

How Does Pronamel® Toothpaste Help Strengthen Enamel? | Pronamel®

Strengthening and protecting your tooth enamel from the effects of acid erosion is essential to maintaining good oral health. Pronamel® toothpaste is specially formulated
to help keep your enamel healthy and strong so you can continue to enjoy your favorite
foods and drinks while also helping to protect from the irreversible effects of acid erosion. To better understand why it’s important
to protect your enamel, it helps to know what tooth enamel is. Enamel, the hardest tissue in the human body,
is a thin layer covering the crown of the tooth. It protects the sensitive inner layers of
your teeth. While enamel is very strong, it can be weakened
by acids over time. Unfortunately, once it gets damaged or wears
away, it cannot be repaired or replaced. Acids—especially those found in our everyday
diets, like fruits and fruit juices, many salad dressings, wine, coffee and soda—can
damage tooth enamel. This process is called acid erosion. Pronamel® is the #1 dentist recommended brand
for strengthening and protecting enamel from the effects of acid erosion. Since the unique formula is optimized and
excludes certain common toothpaste ingredients, fluoride is more available to your enamel
as you brush. Pronamel® also helps more minerals, like
calcium, bind to your enamel. This helps re-harden acid-weakened enamel,
leaving it stronger and more resilient against daily acid attacks. With Pronamel®, you get all the cleaning
benefits of a regular toothpaste. Plus, it strengthens weakened enamel, helps
fight cavities, and freshens breath. By brushing your teeth with Pronamel® toothpaste twice a day, you can still enjoy your favorite foods and drinks while also helping to strengthen and protect your enamel from the effects of acid erosion.

10 thoughts on “How Does Pronamel® Toothpaste Help Strengthen Enamel? | Pronamel®

  1. Maybe you can help. I'm confused, out of the two active ingredients. #1 Potassium Nitrate is for Antihypersensitivity. #2 Sodium Fluoride is an – Anticavity. So what is doing all the Enamel protecting which you advertise?

  2. This video says "Once damaged, enamel cannot be repaired or replaced," yet GSK just came out with another Sensodyne marketing gimmick that says, "ENAMEL REPAIR" on it. You guys kind of fucked yourselves on this one. Guess I can stop overpaying for Sensodyne; I no longer trust any of their claims.

  3. There are no active ingredients for repairing enamel nor under "uses" does it mention anything about repairing enamel.

  4. Your always answering the easy questions without answering how does it work and with what… These r important…. Why twice a day…

  5. Pronamel helps to reharden the enamel. It states clearly that once it’s gone it’s gone, but what you have currently can be rehardened with pronamel.

  6. I bet you Hannity would like your commercial because how fake it is like Fox News where it's just channel that is called Fox News and it's not actually news. I worked under the industry under a different name and I change my name but to God you are full of s*** organic is another way to God you are b*****

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