Hippocrates: Father Of Medicine – Myth Animation Ep. 7 | Greek Mythology In AC Odyssey

DOCTOR MEDICINE Legend speaks of Hippocrates, the father of
medicine and champion of science. His namesake can be found in the Hippocratic
Oath: a vow taken by healers even to this day. A descendant of Heraklean lineage, Hippocrates
was born into wealth on the island of Kos. He was educated in the ways of healing by
his father, a physician, and also worked with him as his apprentice. Indeed Hippocrates rose to become a stellar
practitioner of his chosen trade, healing many of the of sick and wounded he came across
including the King of Macedonia. But it was an awful sickness that was to test
his medicinal mettle, a contagion in the Greek capital. Following a Spartan invasion, Athens was sick
with the plague. On investigation, Hippocrates noted that iron
workers were unaffected and deduced the arid nature of the climate in which they worked
shielded them against the plague. With this in mind, Hippokrates diagnosed the
illness and made a simple-yet-macabre prescription for all Athenians. He instructed that all cadavers and clothing
of the infected were to be scorched, that drinking water was to be boiled and each home
was to house fire as to recreate the dry atmosphere of an ironworks. And not long after, all traces of the plague
had vanished. Athens was cured, thanks to Hippocrates and
his eye for symptoms. From this deed and others, his renown would
rise beyond Greece to Persia where the King of Persia requested his aid in curing the
plague. Hippocrates, according to Legend, declined. But he was not just a healer. Like his father before him, Hippocrates was
also a teacher and a scholar. He created a school of medicine on Kos where
he taught many students in the ways of medicine, usually under the shade of a grand sycamore
tree. Hippocrates was a hero of Athens with a legacy
intact even in modern times. Yet there are others, others who are more
myth than man and deal in monsters and in magic.

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