Heart’s Medicine – Time To Heal: The Movie (Cutscenes; Game Subtitles)

20 thoughts on “Heart’s Medicine – Time To Heal: The Movie (Cutscenes; Game Subtitles)

  1. Okay I'm late but I have questions there is four of this game and I want to know witch one is first witch one is second and so and and what are they names

  2. I love this game and watched this for a refresher so thanks so much for posting this, but I have a couple questions.
    Why was Daniel in the ambulance in the first place? Did you miss a scene? Because it goes from him being upset about his dad then next second he’s in an ambulance? I’m going to have to reply the game to find out why because I don’t get it.
    Also when did Allison do experimental treatment on Mr Asher? I don’t remember seeing that part either. Thanks!

  3. I cried so much for Joe and Mr. Asher, somehow Gamehouse really knows how to make me emotional… I was just waiting for a miracle for Mr Asher the whole time, I’m really glad we got it.

  4. There's a section missing from this video that I don't have in my version of the game. I have the dialogue here. It explains why Daniel was in the ambulance. It occurs after John dissed Daniel's renovations and Daniel left rejected.


    Allison: Daniel?

    Daniel (on phone): All… Alli… Allison!

    Allison: Daniel, are you okay? You sound weird, are you home?

    Daniel (on phone): I’m fffffff… fine! Thanks for asking, I AM home, how did you know?

    Allison: Something’s wrong, we need to get to Daniel’s place FAST!

    Joe: Nothing faster than an ambulance!

    Allison: Just stay where you are Daniel, we’re coming.

    Daniel (on phone): Tha… That’s nice…

    Daniel: There you are… Want some?

    Allison: Daniel, did you… self-medicate again?

    Daniel: I told you I wouldn’t, didn’t I, I… I’m just DRINKING!

    Daniel: Can’t a man DRINK in the privacy of his own home?

    Daniel: Why can’t he just be happy for me?

    Allison: I don’t know, Daniel…

    Allison: Let’s go inside.

    Daniel: Okay…

    (I understand Daniel may have fallen off the roof at this point?!)

  5. Allison é mt vacilona 😂 Connor dá molinho e ela vai atrás do Daniel 😂
    Eu tenho pena da situação do Daniel, mas o Connor é mais estável. Ele só ficou com outras meninas pra esquecer a Allison 😂

  6. Scrr o Connor é um fofo divertido 😍 e a doida da Allison vai atrás do Daniel mano 😓🙄
    Connor >>>>>>>Daniel

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