Get Rid Of Diseases | Shivali, Mandi, HP English Subtitle | SA NEWS

Get Rid Of Diseases | Shivali, Mandi, HP English Subtitle | SA NEWS

Anchor- Hello
Devote- Hello Anchor- what is your name?
Devote- shivali Jhinwar. Anchor- From where you have come?
Devote- from Jogindar nagar, district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. Anchor- sister what kind of devotional practices you were doing before
taking name initiation from saint Rampal ji maharaj? Devote- before marriage I was devoting towards lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. Sixteen Monday fasting, nine days fasting in Navratri’s also on every
Tuesday and monday I used to keep fasting for goddess Durga. After marriage I took name initiation in Jagu panth as my mother in law and father in law asked me to do as they had already taken initiation from there. Anchor- After all, what was your problem? Devote- I had migraine. My vein used to get block for two-three
days sometimes and I can’t remember then, that where I am and where my children, my husband are. We often used to go to doctors. One of the follower of saint Rampal ji maharaj noticed this
and gave us the book Gyan Ganga for reading and suggested to watch satang on tv. Anchor- sister when you have taken name initiation from saint Rampal ji maharaj? Devote- on 28th August 2016. Anchor- sister saint Rampal ji maharaj ji are in jail, then how you have taken name initiation? Devote- there are many Name initiation centres in himachal Pradesh. Gyanchand ji (some bhagat) used to come every Sunday for listening satang
and we went with them and taken name initiation from saint Rampal ji maharaj. Anchor- sister you are telling us that you are
worshipping deities from your childhood, also you never left any monday when you didn’t perform Fasting and worshipping. Even after doing these devotional practices you came to the shelter of saint Rampal ji maharaj ji. so what experience you had after then? Devote- I feel physically very healthy because earlier I had a lot of health issues. I had migrane which cured. From the day I have taken nake initiation from saint Rampal ji I never ate any medicine of migrane what I was taking from past four years. I got stones in my gall bladder and I had an operation so doctors denied to take these medicines in order to avoid to digestion problem. They said that my body was not fit to eat those medicines. They asked me to use spectacles and light food. After operation whatever I eat was not digesting properly. This is why I could not go outside, traveling used to cause me trouble. But now I am healthy, I eat every vegetable, fruit and every kind of food and grains. Second benefit was that I had phantom barrier. I had a daughter and I wanted a second child. You can understand that the in society we are living,
it is has compulsory to having at least two child. And with mother in law and other in-laws and all, daughter in law faces tortures for child. So I wanted one more child whether girl or boy. But I was not getting. I was doing so many devotional practices and doing fasting made my body weakest. Three times I lost my child in miscarriages. Every time after three four months of pregnancy a man
without head used to come in my dream. I cannot see him he was so giant and I used to get up with anxiety and after two-three days it ends up with miscarriage. But as I have taken name initiation from Bandichhor
Saint Rampal ji maharaj on 28th of August 2016 and on 29th of August 2017 with grace and blessings of
saint Rampal ji maharaj blessed me with a son. When I went Hisar with my three months old son,
I was so terrified by the administration presented there. Our God saint Rampal ji are giving us so divine
and precious knowledge and they must not be in jail. I request to the government of this country that release
my God saint Rampal ji as soon as possible. Anchor- Sister as you are telling that you went go Hissar on case dates and followers in lakhs of number used to go there.
Do you also go to hisar on dates? Devote- yes and i went with my 3 month old child. Anchor- sister as we hear that followers of
saint Rampal ji maharaj blame hissar administration that they misbehave with them, do ‘ Laathi charge’ (beat up with stick) then why you go there? Devote- we go there for vision of divine
our god saint Rampalji. They are our God. They gave us so many advantages which we cannot count. Anchor- tell us what police do with you people? Devote- they misbehave with us. That day I sat for having meal with three month old child, but they misbehaved and outrageously made us drive away
from there by using bad words and made us sit on untidy and dirty place. On railway platforms they behave so outrageously they don’t respect daughters and ladies. It’s Damnation on the movement of “save girls” of our government. They torture girls and daughters and ladies as well, without any reason
without any fault. We just go there for having vision of our God. Anchor- what other advantages you got from saint Rampal ji maharaj? Devote- my husband had 18mm Stone in kidney for
which they already went for three two four ultrasounds and ate a lot of Medicine. At last that stone stuck in urine tube. Doctors and my family
members were asking for an operation. But neither I nor my husband were ready for an operation. We prayered from saint Rampal ji maharaj ji and third day
my husband’s stone came out from body with no pain. Anchor- Sister what message you want to convey to the bhagat society? Devote- I just want to request you politely that God has
come in form of Bandichhor saint Rampal ji maharaj ji so go in their shelter and take name initiation and make your life saved. Anchor- thanks a lot to you.
Devote- Sat saheb ji.

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