Genetics and Frequency Medicine – The Future of Medicine

hey everyone this is Jane with Barlow
Herbal and we have a great little message for you today with Dr. Brandon
Nielsen the future of medicine yeah where is it going
and especially ok so you guys you will continue to see a kind of a division in
holistic medicine and then kind of regular mainstream drugs Pharmacy that
type of thing but where where medicine is really heading and they’re really the
true thinkers is there’s a couple of areas but as far as the really big ones
is genetic testing and being able to test genetic snippets you know your DNA
the thing is with DNA you oftentimes you look at a DNA snippet so let’s using an
example 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate so the inability sorry oh yeah that’s true like
5 m t h f r 5 m t h f and what is that 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate 5 M t h f sorry so what that is the inability to
methylate and so you’ll actually supplement with that with 5 mthf and
that will actually fix I mean had I’ve had phenomenal results you know I’ve had
people are just crazy anxiety and depression put them on that one little
supplement and and it takes care of that gene snip it so they what they actually
have is a faulty gene alright and that’s the cool thing about with genetics and
looking at you know our DNA and these little places where we have faulty genes
you don’t fill in faulty genes with drugs it’s always with a nutritional
supplement and herbal homeopathy those things you don’t fill it in with drugs
you guys you actually give the body what it needs or you give something to allow
the body to supplement so that it can find within itself the product that it
means to be able to fix that gene that’s where medicine is heading the other big
area that medicine is heading is this is frequency medicine and this is some cool
stuff that we’re actually doing in in my own business is
what we call Hertz like Hertz frequency hertzic remedies so you have
homeopathic remedies we’re actually working and creating hertzic remedies
so what we do I’ll kind of explain is this really cool stuff like he’s
starting to geek out right now so okay so let’s just take this let’s take this
so what we’ll do is we’ll take some phenomenal herbs that we know work very
well alright so on on this level we already know that this is working and
depending on that further person this does have a frequency but so what we’ll
do is we’ll take this herb and then we’ll put this in super clean water now
what’s interesting about water is water will so you have an h2o right that’s a
water molecule well water like loves to cluster together and if you look at
water water will actually cluster around impurities so let’s just say this is an
impurity and the water all these water molecules start to cluster around this
impurity okay so there’s the impurity or it might be a mineral so what’s really
cool is we can actually blast apart clean the water up so it’s called
aggressive water or it actually wants to attract now what we’ll do is we’ll take
let’s say this okay so instead of an impurity will actually
take this product in a super small forms like a nanoparticle of this will
introduce this nanoparticle they’re just going to straighten this out because it
wasn’t close thanks alright so we’ll put this into the water now what we’ll have
is a nanoparticle in water molecules so if you think about
that every single cell in our body has water so through innovation this
particle this nanoparticle of this nano you guys meaning like super super small
we’re talking below microscopic so you can’t even see this through a microscope
that’s how small this is we’ve extracted it blasted it down to this super small
particle reintroduce it into this water it will now cluster around that and that
can actually go directly into the cell very cool
now and that’s what we’ve done with our silver I don’t know if I ever told you
that yes okay so you guys know that he makes a nano silver which I use and it’s amazing
but what I haven’t told you guys is this next part and I’ll tell you this so
there’s a researcher by the name of Luc montagnier Luc Luc he’s French and
Montaigne okay Luc montagnier he actually
discovered the the AIDS virus or the HIV virus right and what’s really cool you
can look up there’s a there’s a video where he shows they took part of this
DNA and that’s why I say genetics combined with hertic frequencies so
frequencies so what they did is they took the DNA strand of the DNA they
copied it what the frequency was of that so all of us have frequency we’re
talking radio waves basically they took the radio wave the frequency of what
that sounded like or what the wave was then what they did after they got that
recording okay they sent that recording over to Italy so they did not send any
virus whatsoever only the the recording if you will the frequency of
the virus they sent that recording over to Italy so just through the internet
you guys and then they imprinted that onto water and they just let it play and
play and play tell it till they believe that the water had this kind of
memory of the virus exactly but there was no virus none then what they did is
they actually reconstructed the virus just from the frequency so they
reconstructed the virus in Italy in italy from thank you for clarifying that yes
so no virus whatsoever they just reconstructed there was virus well there
was frequency of virus but that’s the same thing exactly so check this out now so now we have our little
cluster of water so now what we do this is where it becomes so cool is now let’s
say like our nano silver let’s say there’s something that I test and I find
out that there’s something inside sinuses that’s
we can say food-related so now what we can actually do is create or create a
frequency for your sinuses to be able to spray to actually help eliminate that
food sensitivity yeah see how great would that be it is great and it’s
working we’re using so what we’re doing now is we’re creating frequency bass we
call them hertic remedies and we’ve had some really really cool results well i can imagine think about all the people who are allergic to things yeah especially food sensitivities right look you guys have no idea he is like vibrating with total geekness i know but it is so cool like it works and of course so that’s one of the
cool things where medicine is heading and we’re talking like this is Star Trek you
know where this is way way beyond where we’re actually taking just a frequency so I like it
because we actually use a particle so we use like at the nano particle plus the
frequency and so now you have just some really cool things because you have
amazing results and to me this kind of this is where medicine is going and the other thing is to the
last thing with that hertzic remedies is being able to unlock what is already in
you guys you have it all within you we just have to unlock that calcium to be
able to fight the infection we have to unlock that little bit of helper t-cell
we have to unlock m1 m2 to help your brain out so we can decrease the
inflammation or th-1 or th-2 to help your thyroid all we have to do is unlock
it and that’s what we are doing there you go yeah so if you guys come to Salt
Lake you can actually get get in person with this dude actually you can’t no I’m
sorry no I I’m you can come to a seminar that’s what I was kind of saying seminar yes I thought you were saying to see me as a patient I’m like no sorry I know you have seminars oh yes seminars absolutely yeah
absolutely anyway what I love
about this is this truly is the future I feel like you’re probably at the very
start of what there’s already you know it always takes 20 years before
mainstream catches up sometimes longer but the thing is is once you have the
knowledge and can start researching the masses will push things faster sooner so
I think that once the people us that people start demanding that this is how
we get to take care of our health and then there’s practitioners who are
at the far front like you or forefront then it all then it can happen faster so
anyway thanks for sharing that it’s awesome I love it when you geek out
ok guys have a great day we’ll talk to you soon

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