Garden Park Urology – Erectile Dysfunction

(gentle piano music) – I’m Joey Cottone, urologist on staff at
Garden Park Hospital. It wouldn’t be a full clinic without having at least
one or two gentlemen come in and want to
discuss sexual dysfunction. It seems that in the last 20 years, with the advent of good oral
therapy that’s easy to take and very effective for sexual dysfunction, that we’ve had a real boom in the patients that we’re treating
for sexual dysfunction. It’s something that’s very common. It’s something that a lot of
guys feel kind of isolated, and that they’re the
only person that has it because guys just don’t talk
about these type things. Usually they come in, and we talk, and I think most people leave feeling very good about
their treatment options. With the advent of oral therapies, sexual dysfunction has become
a very treatable disease. Sexual dysfunction is,
in my opinion, defined as someone who’s not happy with
their erectile function. One of the number one questions I have from my male patients
with erectile dysfunction is “Doc, how did I get here? “What caused me to have
erectile dysfunction?” And it’s not always a
simple question to ask. Sometimes it is as simple
as it’s the aging process, and clearly as we age erectile dysfunction is more of a problem. There are other things
such as medications, and there’s a long list of medications including antihypertensives,
diabetic medications, and a whole litany of
different medications that can affect your erections. Diabetes and obesity can
certainly affect erections. So, working toward controlling those will also help in a
male’s erectile function. (gentle piano music)

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