Game Grumps Animated – Thumb Surgery – By EsquireBob

Game Grumps Animated – Thumb Surgery – By EsquireBob

*Arin Laughs* Dan: Plastic surgery is almost always a losing proposition Arin: mhmm Dan: It really is man. Arin: Agreed Arin: Unless its like a small adjustment, like “Oh I was born with a fucked up chin” or something Dan: R-right Arin: Now I have a normal chin. Dan: Yea… or fucked up thumbs I dunno just as (Pure Gibberish) Just throwing it out there, Nicely done. Arin: Are you- Are you (Damn it Arin speak) Are you considering? Dan: *Chuckles* Are you pft am I considering getting thumb surgery? Arin: Yeah! To get like, Dan: Cosmetic thumb surgery? Arin: Yeah, to get like huge boobs put onto them. Dan: Yeah *Laughs* Doctor listen um, Will you put tits on my thumb *Arin laughs* Hello? Helloooo? Arin: Hello? (x3) Arin: They call back i think we might have gotten- Dan: Yeah- Yeah, I think there must be some static im the tits thumb guy *Both Laugh* Doctor: Looks like you might have a little cancer in your tits. *Sad Music and other stuff* Subscribe to Game Grumps! Or my channel it’s CyanicSonic… only kidding but the channel is real. Dan:OH OH LOOK AT THOSE MAGIC MIKE FINGERS GOING UP HER COOOOOOTER

100 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – Thumb Surgery – By EsquireBob

  1. 44 seconds in and lets take a look at the comments. . .

    Mmhm. Yup. Nope. Depressed enough and do not want to know what happened.

  2. why was this un-expectedly real sad. this is GameGrumps Animated. so why is it all sad. gOd DaMn iT

  3. I never knew why danny brought up thumbs and now seeing his thumbs now I know.

    There not that bad,there just a very circled.

  4. Why… Why would you give such a gift of laughter and fun times then rip it away and replace it with such a depressing ending….great animation 10/10

  5. Ah yes, my biggest fear and something that never fails to make me depressed for the rest of the day…..BUT NOW ITS ANIMATED!!

  6. I thought the doctor was addressing the thumbs themselves… like I expected a plot twist at the end with a thumbless Danny like “See I told you it never ends well!”

    …yeahhh now I’m just depressed

  7. The entire second half of this video is extremely sad, mainly on the scene where Arin is just crying after hearing the news

  8. I won't lie the animation was so good at the end I'm crying it's so sad at least he had his thumbs tits till the end. 😭😭

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