For Someone’s Sheila – Nutrition and Mental Illness

This is a video I’ve wanted to make from the
beginning, but didn’t have the courage to do it
It’s a video some personal struggles I had in my life, and it’s a video about a person
I loved very much, who passed away unexpectedly. I’m talking about my wife, her name was Sheila.
And this video is really dedicated to helping someone else who might have a Sheila, who’s
in the same situation as we were in. Now, I wasn’t able to help my Sheila as far
as getting her well so this video is dedicated to trying to help
someone else who might be in my situation. Here’s a picture of my Sheila when she was
young and happy and pretty. She was a force to be reckoned with, believe
me, she was full of energy and funny to the core.
She had a beautiful smile and a laugh that lit up the room. And more than anything she
loved kids. But something strange started to happen to
her a several years after this picture was taken.
She started to have panic attacks, and anxiety. Nightmares and paranoia. Severe Headaches
that would last for a couple days. It started slow at first, a few strange and
out of character behaviors, angry outbursts that cut off relationships with family and
friends. Missing work. But one day the bottom fell out, and her behavior
went way over the top. And From that day on, her life and our life
together was never the same. Doctors, medications, therapies became a way of life for us.
We became isolated, because I protected her from others. I didn’t want them to see how
sick she was or be offended by her behavior. We sought out medical treatment, went to the
so-called professionals and they, of coarse, medicated her to the point were most of her
bad behaviors went away. And most of her personality went away too.
She gained a tremendous amount of weight, which these medicines are notorious for causing. She was really not the same person I met years
before. She had periods where she was more normal, more like her old self, but basically
not that same energetic happy person She almost never laughed, unless she was able
to self-medicate You know I say this not to put her down, I’m
not putting her down for this aberrant behavior, I learned as many of you know who deal with
mental illness, that a people with mental illness tend to try to find any way they can,
any way, to feel normal again, so they can interact with people, and they can laugh,
and go out in public without panic attacks and sometimes they turn to prescription drugs
or alcohol, or they turn to some kind of thing we don’t approve of as a society, to try to
function more properly And Sheila of coarse realized this was a problem
and stopped doing that for the most part, but occasionally people with mental illness,
they do do these things. But that’s not really what this video is about
The reason I’m making this video is that people who are in a dark fearful place, they need
help and their families need help. And I feel like I let Sheila down, because
I didn’t know a lot of the things I know now. I want to give those things to you.
May help you, may not but to me, if I’d had this information, my
outcome might have been different. I’m not a doctor, I’m not trained in any medical
field, I’m just a working class guy, who’s lived
this life and done a lot of research on it And what I’m about to advise you is not a
risk to your health whatsoever In fact I believe it could be a salvation
for some of you. I’m certainly not advising anyone to stop
taking their medication, without the help of a trained licensed medical professional
people with mental illness, if they stop their medication without the aid of a trained medical
professional they are risking suicide, they are risking being put into a mental institution. Do not ever stop your medication without the
aid of a medical professional, licensed, a licensed medical professional. Mental Illness is such a mysterious and complicated
thing, it takes over the lives of the people who suffers from it and the people who care
for them. It’s so complicated, that we automatically
think the treatment for it must also be very complicated. But, what I’m about to tell you something
that’s not so complicated. I want to tell you a couple of little quick
stories: The first story is about British sailors in
the 1800’s. Did you know the British navy had a terrible
disease in their navy in the 1800’s. The disease was called scurvy, and it was a disease that
caused health problems from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.
But come to find out, it was just a simple vitamin c deficiency. By adding a little lime
or lemon to the sailors rum ration, their “grog” the disease just went away or never
occurred to start with. I’m going to talk about just three vitamin
deficiencies that can cause severe, system wide health problems. I’m doing this to point
out the complicated body wide diseases are sometimes caused by a very simple nutritional
deficiency. Now I’m not talking about these diseases,
being an issue, I’m talking about them so you’ll understand even a small nutritional
deficiency can cause widespread body problems So the first one is Scurvy, of coarse Scurvy is simply a lack of vitamin C.
But being deficient in just this one vitamin can cause you to have problems all over your
body. Severe problems in the mind with anxiety and irritability, in the mouth with your gums
and loosening teeth, in the bones with severe bone pain, in the skin with rashes, little
red dots, rash dots and large purple bruise like patches on your extremities Another vitamin deficiency disease is BeriBeri
It’s simply a vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency. But, just like Scurvy, it causes body wide
health problems. It causes emotional problems, mental confusion,
swelling of the arms and legs, weakness, tingling in the hands and feet, and an irregular heart
beat. Pellegra is another simple vitamin deficiency.
It’s caused by not getting enough niacin ( and that’s one of the B vitamins) or tryptophan
(which is an amino acid, a build block of a protein)
Pellegra is the most interesting for my purposes here, because Pellegra causes Psychiatric problems
(such as anxiety, rapid mood changes, delusions, and hallucinations, headaches and fainting.
It also associated with the bone disease called osteoporosis, which causes your bones to become
weak and brittle. Now Why in the world would I tell you people
this stuff? These deficiency diseases. I’m telling you this because when it comes
to mental problems most of us have mixed up ideas. When someone is sick physically, we automatically
think of how to treat them with medicine. But when someone has anxiety, or mood swings,
or paranoia, or angry outbursts we think it’s a spiritual problem, we consciously know it’s
a medical issue, we know that in our mind, but in our heart and deepest feelings, we
think these are just something wrong with the persons soul.
It’s a behavior problem, It’s a spiritual problem.
But really it’s a physical problem. But these deficiency diseases let us know
that having poor nutrition can cause problems all over your body, both mental and physical. You know there’s a site here on the internet
which I hope you guys will visit. You can read all about people who have cured
themselves by simply changing their diet. They’ve wrote their story down and published
it online. It’s at a place called the Ancestral Weight
Loss Registry And you can read there, stories from real
people who’ve cured themselves from irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems of every stripe
and imagination, joint pain, I’m one that cured myself of that Listen, You’re caring for someone whose mentally
ill, and I’ve been in your situation, and believe me, Sheila and I we tried all the
medications and while they stopped almost all of Shiela’s bad behaviors, abnormal behaviors,
they did not improve her life. No one explained to me that mental illness
could be a nutritional problem. No one. Now, I’m not saying mental illness is a nutritional
problem, I’m saying it could be. And believe me this is not a far-fetched idea. Just being
deficient in one or two things can cause a host of problems, and people today DO NOT
eat the most nutritious foods anyway. Do you know even people who are 100 lbs overweight
could be starving to death for nutrition? Hunger is natures way of letting us know we
need nutrition. And guess who is hungry all the time?
The same people who have100’s of thousands of extra calories in the form of belly fat,
hanging around their belly. And yet they’re hungry.
Hugely fat and still hungry all the time. For more about that, watch my Butter Makes
Your Pants Fall Off video Listen, these people are hungry because they
are not getting the nutrition their body needs and they will remain hungry until they get
it, no matter how many calories of junk food they stuff themselves with, until they eat
what their body needs, they will remain hungry, sick and in pain.
And of coarse, there are those who never get fat, no matter what they eat. They can and
often are deficient in vitamins and minerals, and they will not be fat, but they will sick
and in pain and hungry and feeling bad even though they don’t get fat.
So this is not a fat vs. skinny problem, this is a nutritional problem Listen, you people who are dealing with someone
with a severe mental issue. you’ve tried what all the experts have told
you, but it really hasn’t solved your problem. It’s made it go down to where you can manage
it, but it hasn’t solved it. The person you love is medicated into submission
really, but that’s not what you wanted for them, and it’s certainly not what they want.
They want to live. Even if they’re suicidal, they wish they could live. You and they want
to be well and happy. They want to live and you want them to live.
You’ve saved your loved ones life, their existence, but the life and personality of that person
you love is really gone. You haven’t been able to save that part. What do you have to lose by using food as
medicine? Once again, I’m not telling anyone to stop taking your medicine. My Sheila stopped
taking her medicine without me knowing it, and it led to a bad situation for us, believe
me. I’m telling you to find out about Medical
Doctors who are using nutrition along with medicine to dramatically improve their own
life, because some of them are very sick or someone they love is very sick, and they’re
helping their patients with this knowledge This is not some far fetched crazy idea, if
taking a few vitamins can cured the diseases like we just talked about, what could it do
for your Sheila? If eating right has cured people of joint pain, diabetes and intestinal
illnesses, what could it do for your Sheila’s mental illness? Here online there’s a wonderful video from
Dr. Terry Wahl’s. I have a link here, so you can go to it. She is a doctor who has MS.
Her condition had gotten so bad she was actually in one of those motorized chair because she
couldn’t walk. She did the study and found out about nutrition. She has a program of
nutritional therapy for that’s geared toward helping people with MS.
But guess what, I bet any nutritional therapy that treats the whole body could also help
your Sheila or your Bob. Check her video out and learn just how much nutrition can change
your life. Go watch Dr. Mary Newport’s video here on
YouTube. She is a doctor who treats her Husbands Alzheimer’s with coconut oil and MCT oil
and a carefully planned diet. It’s remarkable what this therapy has done for him. I’ve heard
from people, even on my website that has talked about this same therapy for their relatives
with Alzheimer’s These are two doctors and there’s many more
that have used nutrition to treat some of the most severe, severe conditions Since my Butter video came out, I’ve heard
from people from all over the world. People who changed their diet and got rid of anxiety,
depression, paranoia, delusions, suicidal thoughts. People who got rid of joint pain,
I’m one of them. People who got rid of every symptom of diabetes. By changing their diet.
The list could go on and on. They did these things because food is medicine
and the best kind of food is fat, the right kind of fat. Some of you that’s going to make fun of me
for this video, that’s okay it doesn’t matter to me. No skin off my hindend at all. But there’s someone out there who has done
everything the doctors told him or her. I’m talking to you, I’m talking to you, you’ve
done everything the doctors told you to do, and coarse it’s helped the behaviors, but
it’s not solved your problem. your desperate because you’re losing your
Sheila or your Bob. You’re going to listen to me, and you’re going
to think food is medicine, you’re going to watch these videos, you’re going to get in
contact with some of these doctors who know what they’re talking about.
And you are going to save your Sheila’s life. You really are.
And the rest of the people out here that want to make fun of an old redneck from Tennessee
telling them this stuff, they can kiss my butt. I don’t care.
But for you, I do care, I want you to do this, and let other people know about it too, when
it helps your Sheila I couldn’t save my Sheila, but if you listen
to me, there’s still hope for you. And I’m hoping you will do this investigation.
Thank you very much. Good bye

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