Folk medicine: 6 Russian ways to cure yourself at home

Folk medicine: 6 Russian ways to cure yourself at home

Hey… Sorry.
I’m a bit ill today… I hope all this will help me feel better. And while we’re at it,
I thought I’d tell you about some bizzare natural remedies
we still use here in Russia. On a side-note I’d like to said that of course Russians enjoy free healthcare
and are aware of modern day medicine It’s just that somehow… these natural remedy recipes
that our grandparents introduced us to still work… Inhalers during a cold are old news,
but we in Russia do it our way: we don’t breathe over fancy eucalyptus oil,
we breathe over boiled potatoes. so I’ll go make some in the kitchen. It looks silly, but in most cases it’s effective
and it’s cheap. Another great way to ease a blocked nose
is to make a warm compress. And this is exotic: you can make this at home
out of salt and a clean sock. Just make sure that the solt is warm
and that a sock is clean. Microwaving the salt isn’t good enough. You have to fry it in a frying pan that way it will later on evenly release the warmth
allowing you to breathe freely Anyway. Let’s move on to my personal favorite. The “black radish”.
I found out about this one when I was pregnant. Pregnant people are told to stay away from medicine
and I was unfortunate enough to catch a cold. So when that happened my aunt made me this: You have to cut out the center of the raddish.
Make it hollow. then add a drop of honey And then let it sit until it bleeds enough juice. That juice mixed with honey,
it is said to be a natural remedy from cold. I don’t know if it really works,
or if it’s a coincidence, but I’ve later tried it on my kid when she was ill
– and she got well quickly. Another weird and wonderful idea
for a child is a garlic pendant. Garlic has been praised my many cultures
as a “natural antibiotic”. But we Russians took the stinky herb to a whole new level
turning it to a pendant made out of a chocolate egg. Drinking lots of fluids
is the most Russian thing you can do It’s like the first thing you’d hear from anyone
who you tell that you’re feeling ill. They’d be like, “Ooh, drink lots of fluids!” We’re northerners,
so we get our Vitamin C from berries, raspberries, blackcurrants,
got some buckthorn here We use fresh berries, we use jam in our tea,
we sometimes use a dry berries or frozen ones depending on the season. The Russian Banya is a great preventive method
for any kind of illness, at about 90 °C it kills of all the bad stuff. But if you are already ill, oh, I’m still ill… unfortunately.
Going to the banya is a really bad idea, because it’s not only dangerous for your health,
but may also compromise others.

20 thoughts on “Folk medicine: 6 Russian ways to cure yourself at home

  1. Вот про чесночные подвески впервые узнал из этого видео 🙂

  2. Не упомянутый народный рецепт – горчичный порошок в носки

  3. Indians also inhale steam for closed nose(cold) and make something called "inji kashayam" which is grated ginger in boiled water……..tastes like hell.
    for pox, take bath in neem leaves dipped water thrice daily.(after getting vaccination of course)
    for alleviating menstrual cramps or stomach cramps, fenugreek seeds with a glass of water.
    for cuts,bruises or any small open wounds ,apply turmeric powder it is anti inflammatory.
    for sore throat gurgle with salt water.

  4. Apart from antibiotics, no fancy "western" medicines are really necessary….is proven by this video and by many other indigenous methods of treatment still prevalent in many countries, prominently the Ayurveda in India.

  5. Я вам еще легко средств накидаю. Горчичная ванна для ног, перцовые пластыри, мед с лимоном, горячее молоко с медом и маслом, для носа шикарная вещь – накрошить лук в заварник и дышать поочередно, отвары и полоскания, например, соль и сода отличное средство, та же банальная ромашка. Если температура, то можно уксусом или водкой натереться.

  6. Drink all the hot water you have with your sweet raspberry jam AND FLY TO YOUR BED DRESSED IN TONS OF CLOTHING AND SWEAT AND SWEAT AND SWEAT while sleeping of course. BEST REMEDY EVER

  7. well now she didn’t specify what kind of fluid and hence I guess vodka would be the fluid of choice for alcohol kills germs?

  8. Here in Ireland we tend to use fish oil for anything, with a soar throat we eat honey or a strepsle, and if your gonna throw up just lay in bed with a basin next to to throw up in

  9. But don't use too much buckthorn or it'll upset your stomach.

    As for your inquiry about my own cold remedies; Hydration, bed rest, and this: super-concentrated, piping hot tea, heavy with honey and lemon.

  10. In Chinese Traditional home remedies, would be to dissolves salt n warm water for gargle, drink PLENTY of warm water to get rid of toxins thru urination n perspiration if one has a fever. Drink PLENTY of hot chicken soup(minus the fats) or mixed sweet vegetables soup(chopped carrots, onions white radish n pumpkin) n rice Gruel or porridge. Cover oneself with heavy blankets to allow perspiration. Drink hot grated ginger juice with honey in warm water. For the Japanese Tradition, take one umeboshi, which is a Japanese green plum soaked in salt brine n red perilla leaves (homemade or store bought), swish it in your mouth n let it slowly dissolves n swallow the salted plum. Its alkalising for the body. I have practised it for years. If you find it too salty, then pour hot water in a cup with one mashed umeboshi n let it sit for a bit n drink the tea. Or pour some of the umeboshi brine into a cup of warm water n drink it a little at a time thruout the day n night. Umeboshi is considered a natural antibiotics n its good for the digestive system too. It also helps with a hangover.

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