100 thoughts on “FBI Raids Target Mexican Mafia’s Control Of Drug Trafficking In Jails

  1. Middle East has oil, Europe has gold, United States has drugs. Sad to say that some people think that our government is a squeaky clean group of individuals but yet the CIA is to blame for the problem. In the words of tony Montana. "You people need some one to point the finger at so say good night to the bad guy this is the last time you gonna see a bad guy this good".

  2. The blue isis terrorist LOVE the mexican mafia and other criminal organizations. If it wasnt for organized crime, they would be out of their jobs. Think about. If drugs are legal, what purpose do the feds and blue isis have? NONE! There jobs are affermative action jobs. There jobs created by the govenrment ,other wise the blue isis terrorist will cry about unemployment and not having money for their pension 😭. Sure of coarse you do need cops in society, but not the amount you currently have right now with the blue isis terrorist. If you look even deeper, any fool will see that the blue isis terrorist work hand in hand with the mafia and organized crime. In some cases directly, but most cases indirectly. And as they say "as above,so below" look at the usa military industrial complex. The usa's economy is war and military. The usa and the west failed in syria though, obama, nor trump could start a war in syria and will fail to start war with iran and north korea.

  3. When is the FBI going to arrest all the dirty people who work for the government the real criminals work for the government who do u think founds the gangs and all the cartel the government does they been doing it for the longest time a lot of cartel leader have been arrested and have told that they worked for the USA government but nobody talks about stuff like that they just hide and cover up all there dirty secrets

  4. see that news guy said how can he do all this an not be charged!
    simple cause he ant commiting any THING so cant charge some body or move them to federal all cause donald the dump wants to make false charges to put people in isolation all cause donald knows hes seting down everying

  5. just like donald set up benladin'escobar pac the guy they just brought from mexico on same day donald was inaugurated

  6. He will always b in charge. Money talks judges police lawyers Gov bullshit walks. Hail Rodriquez

  7. Ur white kids luv our mex mafia they buy their drugs with ur white US dollar ha ha ha. And they 2 mex 2 get sometimes ha ha ha.

  8. Like pulling weeds you pull one out then 4 more take it's place la eme will never really die the bad thing about crippling the top boss is that they lose sight of rules then the gang gets out of control and is more violent like disturbing a bees nest

  9. 4yrs waiting for trial in county?? Fuxken waste of tax$$ no wonder LA streets and buildings are raggedy as fuck and after school programs are pretty much extinct because there is no "funds" Fuxken ridiculous

  10. There suppose to beat them it aint like you can fire them . Aint that what the cops do to all the people who do n t do what they tell them is beat them.

  11. Whats funny is that they act like this is all brand new. A few fall there someone to take thier place tommrow never ending.

  12. the efe don't got the green I wanted all the gl yrds to clean up there yrds n for all the homies to step up with shoes on

  13. exactly why doesn't make sense why all these scraps from Northern California are always jocking Los Angeles scraps and bow down to the Mexican Mafia including all the scrap gangs in LA so at the end of the day all scrap gangs have to cooperate is not you heard it you get beat and if you do your history back in the day they were known for raping their own race Google it at the end of the day it's all about that little bald-headed b** getting paid and tweaking and a little cell f*** all these g******** f****

  14. It took 500 police officers to take down 30 30-something people and 4 years I wonder how much that cost let's see sure there was a lot of overtime a lot of overtime I bet you even some double time it took them 4 years to figure out something that everybody else in jail and in the streets new these people are retarded it's pretty much all a scam money scam

  15. I wonder what they're going to do with them put them in jailπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. camaradas e homies e paisas n bother all calif cars got the green light In all feds prison so u now what time it is

  17. if he dont bring it in someone else will bring it in, i'm talking the top dude. theirs always a market for dope so it will never stop the guy in his cell now is doing the same thing.


  19. This is the california mexican mafia "la eMe" a prison gang that controls west coast SuR13 gangs. This is not a CARTEL. Cartels are nothing compared to gangs.

  20. The gang will continue regardless. They're organized, strong, resilient, fearless, and brutal both inside and outside the walls.

  21. Come on please. You didn't hit nobody. Just leave his attorney free. Anyways, his gonna be killed, especially inside jail. He had to do as he was told. You make me laugh with this crap.

  22. Mexican Mafia is nothing. Paisas run this shit so Mr. Rodriguez & friends could distribute throughout jails.. Mr. Rodriguez worked for a cartel..

  23. So they do know that Mexican Mafia is built to run from within the prison system right?they tried sticking them in the feds years ago..that only helped them expand .. lol..stupid media and people who follow them..lol

  24. Clowns! Anything to justify all the money they take from us. What are you going to do? Throw them in jail? Dumb asses.

  25. This is stupid and doesn't add up, this guy is being framed for something. If they got themselves arrested to smuggle in drugs, then thr amount they could smuggle in couldn't be worth much, making this business a very miniscule money making venture,… I think the cops couldn't get any substantial arrests so thought "hmmm, it's time we catch a tiny fish, but zoom the camera lens and make it look like a big fish"… πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  26. IF The leader was holding the Rein. The Reins to the monster who are in Jail. which you guys shouldn't have taken him down. I'm sure people will regret this. {Absolutely there is No If} Yes the leader got caught!Β  But to my question is? what do you think the unleashed jail mate who lost the Food? The leader was the Supplied. Is there anyone else who is on top of the ladder in that Jail House?

  27. 22 ca. to the back of the head of these thugs to cure them of their criminal ways is the way it should be done just like in Russia or China.

  28. too much power for someone to have. as long theres racial tension in prison they have control of the mexican inmates.

  29. So they arrested the leader who was already in a cell. THEN moved him to another cell on another floor in order to teach him a lesson. WOW. They're really sticking to these inmates.

  30. Its all bullshit. And kids look up to this. Wait until you go to prison. You can kiss your life good bye. (You work for them) doing what they say

  31. It's crazy because they the ones doing all this dorty shit to come up on us u now what that this ppl on the. Unifirmees r trying killed by them ppl I already now what's gona happen

  32. ΒΏ…Their is Know MM(Mikey-Mouse Club,Mickey got All The Credit…)?…KreMe de LA Kremlin,Check the Republic's,dua thorough background-check tu estupidos"

  33. The Mexican Mafia is an American organization and has a lot of white members. Most of the people they're talking about are not made members but associates.

  34. 1:45 those are NOT Mexican mafia members… thats a wayside dorm. 1 big homie in a dorm is rare. 4… those r just surenos dumbass media!

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