Everything wrong with the young blood injection craze

Everything wrong with the young blood injection craze

(soft tones) The US government made a really strange proclamation recently. The Food and Drug
Administration, or the FDA, officially advised people
not to inject themselves with blood plasma from young people. Our colleague Angela covered this story, and we asked her for a dramatic reading. Yeah, so this is the bulletin from the FDA notice, and they said: “The reported uses of these products should not be assumed
to be safe or effective. We strongly discourage consumers from pursuing this therapy.” This begs the question,
why on earth did the FDA need to say such a thing? Who is giving out rogue
transfusions of young blood? The answer is bizarre. It involves a real scientific study that gets distorted and misapplied, some credulous news outlets
and sketchy entrepreneurs, and a few people going to dramatic lengths to stay young. The big medical idea here is that maybe something inside
a young, healthy person could help an older person get healthier. Historically, people have tested that idea with a creepy procedure called parabiosis. So parabiosis is basically
taking two animals, cutting them up, and sewing them together. The technique goes all
the way back to 1864, but it got popular with
medical researchers starting in the 1950s. The hope was that if you stitched together the circulatory systems
of two mice, for example, you could see whether the blood of one affected the other. And specifically, then
they were interested in seeing if one animal, the older animal, could live longer if it was
attached to the younger animal. Those experiments set the stage, but the modern obsession with young blood owes a lot to a study from 2005. The lead authors were
Michael and Irina Conboy, a husband-and-wife team at UC Berkeley. Using parabiosis, they
attached an old mouse and a young mouse together to see what would happen
to specific body systems, their muscles, their livers, their brains, and they found that some of the tissues in the older mouse got younger. It was the first study to show that aging of tissues could
be very rapidly set back, and we could absorb young tissues in the animal that is analogous
to 75-year-old person. It was a hell of a finding, and the news ricocheted
all over the place. Oh no, it was me that
was interested in care. We had our full 15
minutes of fame there, yeah. And then there was a lot of excitement from the non-scientific, the laypeople, because we all want to live longer and be healthy, and so it just seemed like a very promising and
interesting potential treatment. How far would you go
to look and feel younger? Scientists may have found a real fountain of youth, one
that can repair aging. But the actual findings
were more complicated. First, while the old
mouse seemed to improve, at the same time, the
young mouse suffered. Its muscle and liver and
brain health deteriorated. That finding received a lot less hype. So there are two equally
important observations, but everybody just jumped on
the bandwagon of regeneration. And second, there was a possibility that blood wasn’t the full story. Grafting two mice together
meant that they were influenced by each other’s organs, too. Old mice benefited through young heart, young lungs, young kidney, and young liver, so it was not just the blood exchange. It was as if you had a
backpack with young organs, which worked on your behalf. But neither complication stopped this young blood idea from
taking off like wildfire. So in everybody’s mind, it was the cure against aging, and it was a relatively easy way to get your paper published
in the Higher Blood Journal, or to get resource funding because there was so
much interest in that. It was the password to
get published in science. Exactly, and so it
was literally password to get your paper at least reviewed. Parabiosis. (Irina laughs) Since 2005, there’s
been a lot more research in to parabiosis in young blood. Lots more studies bolstered the ideas found in the Conboys’ work. Others complicated them. A few went looking for specific proteins that might play a role. The Conboys worked on
their follow-up in 2016 that used transfusions
rather than parabiosis, and it suggested that old blood hurts more than young blood helps. All in all, the science marched along. Nowadays, the aging
research field is doing well, and I think that there’s a consensus that there’s something in the blood
that helps regulate aging. So how do we get from
here to the FDA’s warning? Well, as careful as the
scientific community was, there was still the hype, the fountain of youth idea, and all of that hype created
a crack in the hard science. There is this dead zone
within scientific discussion and popularized hype about the science. Into that dead zone stepped
entrepreneur Jesse Karmazin. In 2016, he was a recent
med school graduate who was reportedly so inspired
by parabiosis research that he founded his own
health startup, Ambrosia. We’re a company interested
in making you young again. He wasn’t alone. Other companies had popped up to search for blood proteins that regulate aging and based new drugs on them. Ambrosia took a different tack. It took these mice studies, and said, “We can turn this into
a treatment for humans, and if you give us $8,000, we’ll give you some young blood transfusions, and it’ll reverse aging, and
cure all your other ills.” Ambrosia technically
performed a human trial offering patients a liter
or two of human plasma from an under-25 donor, but they charged their test subjects, didn’t publish their results, and didn’t even include a control group. The company was always
light on the details, which, for the Conboys,
was the scariest part. If it doesn’t work, we
need to know about it, right? And if people are having side effects, we need to know about it. If it does work, of course, we
need to know about that, too. But then you can’t just be hyping something and promising something and say, “Look it works great, all these people are so much healthier” because people try to fool
people all the time, right? The whole thing was sketchy at best, but, again, it made for a great story. Listen to this: a startup
claims to have found the fountain of youth,
and it is young blood. If true, this is huge, right? It got wild. There were rumors that
tech investor Peter Thiel was super interested in
young blood and in Ambrosia. The idea even got lampooned in
an episode of Silicon Valley. Are you really not
familiar with parabiosis? I can’t say that I am. Well the science is
actually pretty fascinating. The hype can have only
helped Karmazin’s notoriety, and he was reportedly this close to opening up clinics in the US when the FDA brought the hammer down. Ambrosia ceased operations, and today, their website is basically empty, apart from some stock video of greenery waving in the breeze. By the way, we tried to
get a hold of Jesse Karmazin for comment, but we never heard back. So that’s the story. Ultimately, it was a pretty small blip in the world of medical business. Karmazin told Bloomberg that he only treated about 150 patients total, but even those few subjects
may have been at risk. Blood transfusions are commonly used in life-threatening situations, but as an elective procedure,
it makes less sense. Pumping someone else’s
blood into your body puts you at risk of allergic reactions, infections, and even a rare lung injury. I don’t know about
everybody else out there, but for me, that risk would far outweigh any potential benefits I’d get in the short term for getting that blood product. The lab experiments worked in part because inbred mice were used, so their bodies were extremely compatible. Not so for humans. It’s like you have identical twins, but one twin is 75 and another twin is 20 or so, so that’s what we can do in a laboratory. For people, they are
not genetically matched. Which points to maybe
the biggest lesson here. It’s a lesson that Ambrosia didn’t learn, which earned them the scorn of scientists, and ultimately cost them a lot. Ambrosia took these promising studies that were in mice and made this huge leap and tried to apply them to humans and take a lot of money for it. But humans are not mice, obviously, and what works for them
might not work for us. And yet, it was still trying to take money and I think prey on people’s desire to fix their illness or feel young. Hey, everyone. Thanks for watching. We obviously try not to give
medical advice ourselves, so if you’re still curious
about this kind of therapy, here are the Conboys talking
about it one last time. So that’s, again, a warning to people: just do not do weird
stuff and inject yourself with somebody else’s body fluids. You don’t even know what
is being put into you.

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