English Vocabulary lesson: Illnesses and Going to the Doctors!

English Vocabulary lesson: Illnesses and Going to the Doctors!

hi everyone and welcome to love English
so it’s that time of the year when people start to feel a little bit unwell
we thought we would look at some helpful vocabulary to look at illnesses and
going to the doctors that’s right yes so today we’re going to be looking at this
vocabulary so I have a question for you guys do you like Leila’s costume I have
a feeling that you might so today Leila is going to be the nurse I am and I’m
going to be the patient so the person who is not well okay so the first thing
we want to teach you is names for basic illnesses and the first one is when your
nose goes red and runny and you have to sneeze a lot thank you for the
demonstration then you have a cold yes and when we have a cold we also have
a runny nose as Leila said so when you have a runny nose something is coming
from the nose and you need a tissue better tissue than a hand and with a cold we
might also get a sore throat a sore throat this means to have pain here and
you can’t talk very well sometimes say that so that vocabulary is to have a cold that’s
a collocation have a cold have a sore throat have a runny nose that’s right
and another thing that we get this time of year is a cough well yeah thank you Leila for the demonstration, these are working well now a cough
might keep you awake at night because you’ll be coughing so it’s not a very
nice thing to have a cough and it can go with a sore throat yeah yeah so the
verbs as I said before these collocations the verb with the noun is I
have got or have a cold a sore throat or a cough and also to catch so quick
demonstration of catch ready there we go we just passed me a call I did sorry
actually it was a pen but the point is that’s what we would describe when you
pick up another phrasal verb there you can pick up a
cold from somewhere someone someone else yeah yeah so we’re going to do a little
bit of acting now guys to put these words into context for you so prepare
yourselves. Come in Sabra here again I thought I only saw you last week I’m not
well again dr. Walters right what seems to be the problem? i have a sore throat and I have a cold
and I have a cough oh okay yes that was a cough haha wow that’s a lot
so now who do you think you caught that from I think it was my students they are
all coughing in class with out a tissue I think I got it from them okay
typical students partying too hard eating too much junk food you’re not
looking after yourselves okay so Sabra do you have any other
symptoms? a lot doctor really yeah have a headache
and i have a tummy ache and my whole body’s aching wow, in fact i
think I’m getting the flu hold on a minute Sabra the students are
not ready for all that vocabulary I think you’re fine what you’ve just got a
little cold no medicine today I’m afraid orange juice and a little bit of bed
rest will do you just fine is this NHS cuts again oh no Sabrah
you’ll be fine off you go Sabrah you’ll be fine do you know what
if I die someone’s gonna feel guilty I think I can live with myself. So we
apologize for our acting there this is why we’re teachers
okay the vocabulary that we looked at there was I’ve got a cold
I’ve got a sore throat and I caught a cold from my students
and so to catch a cold means that we got it from somewhere or some one it’s
usually how we pick up these viruses another good phrasal verb guys pick up
it means the same in this context as catch that’s right yeah
this is why you need to sneeze and cough into your tissues boys and girls okay
and so then I moved on to saying that I had a headache
I had a tummy ache so pain here or pain here for headache also if you have a
stomach ache you might have something else wrong but we won’t go into that too
much today lesson and then I said I thought I was getting the flu now the
flu is a virus and with the flu we feel ill in all of our body so we feel our
body is aching so the pronunciation that is ache not H and this is where our body
hurts it’s painful yeah and then we can have a headache stomach ache we can have
all kinds of symptoms we have with the flu and usually you’re quite unwell and
you need to stay in bed for you know at least two or three days with maybe more
and also with the flu you might have a temperature or a fever
so in this case when you or your body is trying to fight the virus off then your
temperature will raise and yes that can make you feel even more unwell even sick
that’s right so there are some images of the illnesses there you can have a look
lovely yeah it’s a nice cheerful topic today everybody you’re welcome So Sabra if you really are feeling ill can I check your temperature okay right
mm-hmm all right that seems to be okay let me
listen to your heart rate okay yes doctor
okay oh oh your hearts racing a little bit there Sabra I told you I was ill are
you thinking of Chris Hemsworth again?No I have heard that Brad Pitt is single
again well that’s fair enough thank you for that as well okay so now just moving on we’re gonna have a look at some more expressions
that you can use to explain how we feel ill yep some health idioms and some
phrasal verbs connected to health so the first one we’re going to look at is when
we say we’re feeling poorly oh yes this is another way to say we’re feeling
unwell and children will often say this they say I’m feeling poorly it’s not
really something that adults say but adults will say about children or maybe
in a more formal context yes I may be a doctor or a nurse could say it like are
you feeling a bit poorly yeah that’s that another great idiom that we often
use connected to weather but referring to feeling unwell is I’m feeling under
the weather yeah alright we love using idioms like this so when you say you’re
feeling under the weather it’s referring to the fact that you feel a little bit
unwell or just not a hundred percent yeah you’d be like one bit under the
weather today and I’m not feeling quite myself yeah yeah and when we feel that
we’re starting to get ill we can say that we’re coming down with something so
this is at the beginning of getting ill so we maybe we have a headache or
our body starts to ache you might feel tired we can say well I think I’m coming
down with the flu meaning you you think you’re getting ill
yeah you think you’re getting it yeah that’s right okay well I think that is
enough of talking about illnesses for today you’re probably sick of hearing
about being sick and Sabrah I’ve heard there’s some cake upstairs cake upstairs
right well sabra seems to have it recovered so I’m going to say goodbye
and thank you very much for watching I hope that you enjoyed the lesson if you
did please do subscribe below to love English I think I’m going to get some
cake as well! Bye!

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  1. Currently I have a cold and a sore throat. It's not as easy as it seems. I learned how to say that I have a cold the hard way !!
    Thanks for the lesson

  2. How could i say ''i'm about to have a cold '' using ''i'm coming down with"? which one of these following sentences is correct "i'm coming down with a cold" or "i'm coming down with having a cold "?

  3. OMG . This is the first time I ever watch you ladies and I so love your accents and unique way of teaching . Great video indeed , I owe you big time , thanks a lot .

  4. Hi Leila Sabrah ma'am, Good dramatize English video,and Leila ma'am you looking good Dr. Sabrah patient. I can easily understand this kind of English lesson video make more funny English video I really love both of my English teacher,God bless both of you

  5. Thank you so much it’s very good but its very very fast please slowly thanks I New student I am beginning.🌹🌹🙏🙏💐💐

  6. Thank you very much Leila,Sabrah ma'am these days your channel is number one position,Congrats both of you.

  7. Teacher,what to say,,,since yesterday I have been suffering from a headache or since yesterday I have a headache…

  8. This video is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much girls. In addition, you both are funnies and creatives. 😘

  9. Hi ladies thanks a lot
    It’s really interesting lesson I had the doctor an appointment last Monday morning I used more words from your video

  10. 1. A patient is the medical word to describe someone who is unwell.

    2. When your nose goes red and runny – To sneeze (verb)

    3. To have a cold – A cold makes you have a runny nose.

    4. A sore throat – to have pain in the throat.

    5. To have a cold – have a sore throat, have a runny nose. A cough

    6. A collocation: two or more words that must go together eg we ‘have a cold’. We can say that we have got/ have a cold sore throat cough.

    7. To catch a cold – we catch or pick up a cold from someone else = they give it to us.

    8. I’ve got a cold. I’ve got a sore throat. I’ve caught a cold from someone.

    9. Pick up means the same as catch in this context.

    10. Sneeze into your tissues!!!

    11. A headache, a tummy ache

    12. The flu – a virus which has many symptoms, cough, cold, maybe also a headache or a stomach ache.

    13. To ache (verb) – when something is painful.

    14. To hurt (verb), similar to ache, painful is the adjective.

    15. A symptom is the effect that the illness has, eg a symptom of a cold is a runny nose.

    16. A temperature or a fever – when your body is hotter than normal due to the illness.

    17. The flu, A high temperature, A headache, A stomach ache.

    18. Heart is racing = beating very fast. Health Idioms and Phrasal Verbs

    19. To feel poorly = an expression used normally by children when they are feeling ill.

    20. To feel under the weather – to feel not 100%, a bit ill. Coming down with something – starting to get unwell.

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