“Plastic Surgery Honey Pot” presents dr. Lim from ID Hospital Today we will continue “Plastic Surgery Honey Pot” with our Beauty Manager. I have checked last episode And your face looks really small, maybe because you are sitting next to me. It looks small thanks to you! ^^ Forced smile My face is not that big actually I don’t think so People really like to take pictures with me No feeling of perspective And no logic What will we talk about this time? This time we will discuss side effects! We are going to talk about worries And answer the questions of our patients. Actually the most frequently asked questions during the consultation Are not only plastic surgery effect, But also possible inconvenience Or possible side effects after the surgery. Especially our consultation manager gets a lot of requests through messengers So she personally faced this kind of questions a lot. That’s why we are going to talk about this topic together. You have left a lot of questions About side effects in the comments Today we will answer Each question about side effects One by one! It’s a question that a lot of patients actually ask in real We will start from a “Groot”’s (그루트님) question Does cheek sagging appear after facial contouring surgery? Does it become more saggy as we age? These are the questions. I will answer both questions in order. Actually questions might seem the same, but they are slightly different. The first question: worrying about saggy skin right after the surgery, The second question: worrying about more saggy skin comparing to people who had no surgery as we age. So we need to think about these questions separately. For the first question, there is a “Plastic Surgery Honey” Pot video About saggy skin after facial contouring surgery. You can check this video for more detailed answer. Briefly speaking, There are patients with risk factors that can cause sagging. If there is a lot of heavy fat on the face, And the skin elasticity is low In this case it is recommended To combine surgery and lifting Or remove fat with acculift procedure during the surgery To prevent sagging. And as the amount and area of bone resection Can be fully controlled by the surgeon This problem can be solved Depending on individual skin features and characteristics. The second question is also very frequent. What if I look older than people of same age that have done the surgery as the time goes by? Actually it’s not true. Even 10 year after surgery your skin will naturally sag Not because of the facial contouring you did. The saggy skin the appears after the surgery Just like it was said in the first question Appears 2-3 months after the surgery So you don’t have to worry about it. Thank you! Here is the next question. The question was sent by “Jejekim” (제제김님) Does any sensory abnormality appear after facial contouring surgery? It’s a very frequently asked question as well. Many patients worry about it even after the surgery. During the face contouring surgery it’s important to know nerves location. In case of lower jaw It’s here In case of upper jaw It’s here. As long as the big nerve line is not affected There is no need to worry about permanent sensory loss. Sometimes there are patients that experience temporary numbness right after the surgery. The increasing fat tissue presses small nerves because of the swelling So it can cause numbness. If you touch a patients like that with a cotton swab, They actually can feel it But not as clear as before. But it mostly happens between 1 and 2 week after surgery And naturally gets better as the swelling goes down. So if the surgeon doesn’t touch the large nerve line during the surgery There will be no permanent sensory loss So you don’t need to worry about it And because of swelling it might feel not like your skin And slightly numb But as the time goes by it will naturally recover after few months. So you don’t need to worry about it as well. Thank you! The next question. Is there any risk of getting dog-like jaw or secondary angle jaw after square jaw surgery? So the question is “I want to get naturally slimmer jaw, but I worry about it”. 5 or 7 of 10 patient who get square jaw surgery Ask this question. So they probably already know what dog-like jaw and secondary angle jaw is. There is a “Plastic Surgery Honey Pot” video about dog-like jaw and secondary angle jaw. You can watch it to learn more about details. Briefly speaking, The meaning of a dog-like jaw Is literally jaw that looks same as dog’s jaw. Dog’s jaw has no angles. So it is completely straight. Long time ago there was this kind of side effect if the bone was shaved a lot. These days we start bone shaving leaving natural angle under the ear So there is no need to worry about it. As for “secondary angle” jaw, bone thickness reduces and As it gets closer to 0 and naturally connects with the chin The “secondary angle” will not appear. So the conclusion is that if you surgeon is professional and experienced
00:05:37,500 –>00:05:43,200The side effect like “dog-like jaw” or “secondary angle” Will not appear. Today we had an ID’s representative beauty manager Lee Seo Hyun And genuinely answered questions about side effects That you were curious about. What do you think about your second shooting? It was very fun And I feel that our patients need videos like this. I definitely recommend it! It’s good to watch the videos before coming to the hospital I think you feel more relaxed than during your first shooting. It was fun Would you like to broadcast more? I don’t think so Stay tuned for new episodes with manager Seo Hyun in “Plastic Surgery Honey Pot”! See you in our next video! Bye!

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