Ear Infection Pain Treatment in an Adult | Auburn Medical Group

Ear Infection Pain Treatment in an Adult | Auburn Medical Group

Dr. Mark Vaughan from the Auburn Medical Group speaking on Otitis Media, or middle ear infection. Before looking at the infected ear, I want to show what an uninfected, or normal ear looks like. This is actually one patient we are showing. We are showing the left ear, with a normal, pearl-colored, almost translucent tympanic membrane or ear drum. You can see the bones behind it. The little ossicles as we call them that conduct sound. On the infected ear, in comparison, this is the other side of the patient’s head, in his other ear. You see that it is red, angry-looking, and bulging, and there is pus behind it. You can’t see through it, it is opacified becuase off all of the inflammation and the blood that is in the eardrum. We used to treat this problem, Otitis Media, (ear infection), with antibiotics, across the board. Usually Amoxicillin, because the organisms that cause it are susceptible to that antibiotic, or will be killed off by it. We have a lot of problems with that. We have the development of resistant strains of bacteria, and we also have problems with the antibiotic itself causing harm to patients. A certain number of patients will have allergic reactions, which can even result in death. Now what we do is go ahead, give the medicine for pain control, which can be Ibuprofen, Tylenol, or even ear drops for pain control. Then, sometimes doctors will give a prescription to be filled a day or two later for Amoxicillin. If the patient is not getting relief with just the pain medicine, and enough time for the infection to run itself out. Which it normally does. Please comment and like the video, and please share with your friends and subscribe. Until next time, this is Dr. Mark Vaughan telling you to stay in good health! *Auburn Medical Group videos are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition, and are not a substitute for visiting your doctor!*

15 thoughts on “Ear Infection Pain Treatment in an Adult | Auburn Medical Group

  1. I have a sinus infection , and the amount of pressure on my ears is excruciating 🙁 I have post nasal drip and I'm congested as hell 🙁 I was given cefprozil

  2. Do you do the same for children? My 12 year old has already taken two types of penicillin for two ear infections in one month (one on the right then another in the left)…should we also ask the doctor to just give her a pain killer the next time she gets an ear infection?

  3. As a kid I had chronic ear infections. But I was never given oral antibiotic for it. Just ear drops/time. We didn't use antibiotic as freely in early 60s. Why do we abuse them now?

  4. i recently had a bad reaction to amoxicillin that put me in the hospital. id never had a problem up until last year

  5. The reason we have a problem with resistant bacterias is because people go to the Drs and make such a song and dance about having anti-biotics for the most trivial infections etc,that years ago a Dr would have never given them for ….i.e, a cold etc. My Drs has a notice in their offices saying they will not prescribe anti-biotics for colds they tell them to go home to bed, take a couple of paracaetamol and don't spread the germs.

  6. What about a case of otitis media in which there is buldging and decreased hearing on the affected side?

  7. correct me if I'm wrong , but I thought a ear infection was viral and treating with antibiotics would not help the problem at hand ?

  8. My ears are both inflamed and hurting so bad. It has been about 4 days now. I work everyday, but was able to take 1 day off to go to the hospital. They gave me a Z Pack and said wait for my right ear to rupture. How do I get better? :/

  9. I had an ear infection in June and was given augmentin. Taking that antibiotic was a huge mistake. A couple of weeks later I had what I thought at first was a stomach bug. After a solid week of diarrhea I ended up at urgent care. TEN DAYS later they called me back with the results of the stool culture. I had C. diff. I'm still recovering. If only I had waited instead of taking that antibiotic I would have saved myself a lot of misery

  10. I have a middle ear infection right now. The pain is at 10. The right side of my face around my back cheek to my jaw line under my ear is visibly swollen. I am an adult male and I am on the verge of tears it is so painful. I think my ear drum ruptured earlier today because my ear has been leaking steadily for about 12 hours now. I can't believe something this painful can exist. I feel like the right side of my head is going to literally explode.

  11. I have had ear infection my whole life growing up and even now at the age of 34 I'm currently dealing with one. I've been on antibiotics, steroids and ear drops but nothing is getting better. Any suggestions? I don't feel like my doctor is really trying his best to help me. My son had tubes put in when he was struggling with them as well and he has never had one since.

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