Dragon Ball Z Fan Becomes The Real Life Trunks

Dragon Ball Z Fan Becomes The Real Life Trunks

JULIAN LOUW: If I’m to describe how being Trunks makes me feel in one word… JULIAN LOUW: Powerful. MAN: This is really Trunks, y’all! This is nice. Dragon Ball Z all the way through. COMM: Three years ago, South Africa born Julian Louw started on a mission to transform himself
in his favourite anime character. JULIAN LOUW: Dragon Ball Z itself is one of the most intense, indepth anime cartoons I
have ever watched. When people see me dressed as Trunks, I only ever get wow faces, I absolutely
love it. I like Trunks a lot because I feel I am very much like him in terms of his character. JULIAN LOUW: I overall I just love his, his attitude, his charisma, his dress sense, his
hairstyle and the way that he talks. So I have got a lot of Dragon Ball Z and Trunks
memorabilia. Let me show you some of the things that I’ve got. JULIAN LOUW: I was very much daydreamer at school. I got made fun of a lot, I guess you
could say I was somewhat of a weakling. I kept very much to myself. I mean, Dragon Ball
Z itself, it was my escape. JULIAN LOUW: This little figurine over here, I’ve had for 12 years. Basically, he has
got the same dress sense that I like. The same hairstyle that I have always wanted and
he has just got that attitude and that swag that basically any teenage rebel would kill for. COMM: To complete his look, Julian follows a strict eating and exercise regime. JULIAN LOUW: To become like the Trunks, I start my day of with the most nutritionally
balanced, energetic breakfast possible. Over here is my supplements stash for basically
my training regime. JULIAN LOUW: This smoothie consists of oat meal, egg whites, blueberries, a little bit
of chocolate flavoured whey protein, chia seed powder, pure cinnamon and vanilla extract. JULIAN LOUW: All done. And so breakfast begins. JULIAN LOUW: I kept hearing people say that the look of the Dragon Ball Z character was
almost impossible to create and I thought I was going to make something impossible become
possible. JULIAN LOUW: Time to go train. JULIAN LOUW: Oh dude, what an awesome day!
MAN: Hell yeah! JULIAN LOUW: Trunks has got a very dominant upper chest and that’s an area that I pay
specific attention to three-four days a week. I added a lot of gymnastic training in, I
added a lot of ballet training for my alignment, for the flexibility. I went to parkour training
and I cut back a little bit on the weight training and focused more on full body calisthenic
training. It was a difficult process. JULIAN LOUW: I’m going to become this character and I’m going to adopt his facial expressions,
the euphemisms that he uses, the language he speaks, the way he talks. COMM: And it’s not just diet and exercise that Julian will be using to transform into
his idol. Today he is getting his hair dyed to complete the look. MIGUEL MATA: What’s up, Julian?
Good to see you, man! JULIAN LOUW: Good to see you, too.
MIGUEL MATA: Alright. JULIAN LOUW: I would say I spend a minimum of 5,000 a year to look like Trunks. MIGUEL MATA: I have never had anyone with this request before. You know, I like something
that’s a little bit more different than like the average day’s work. I mean, here in
Beverly Hills we do lots of typical blondes and perfect cookie cutter type of looks, and
mixing it up with like purple hair on a guy is pretty cool. JULIAN LOUW: Right now while I’m getting my hair done, I feel like I’m transforming already. JULIAN LOUW: I would say it was costly in terms of the time and the effort but I wouldn’t
have had it in any other way. JULIAN LOUW: I’m transformed. I’m exactly what I need to be. Thanks to everyone here,
thanks to Miguel. This is the real life Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. JULIAN LOUW: When I’m dressed like Trunks, I feel really powerful, I feel very charismatic.
I feel really cool and chilled and I feel like I’m really just to go and make people
overwhelmed and smile. I’m coming down here to Hollywood Boulevard to show off my Trunks
outfit and my hair. I wanna see what the fans’ and the tourists’ reactions are. MAN: You know who he is? LADY: Yes. MAN: Dope f*cking outfit! Can I get a f*cking picture? This is really Trunks, y’all. This
is nice. Dragon Ball Z, all the way through. MAN: No, no, no. Look at the sword! Holy sh*t… JULIAN LOUW: I don’t think you can look really any cooler, so the fact that I’ve
surpassed that in a human form, it really makes me feel like happy that I’ve stuck
towards a goal and I feel completely fulfilled.

100 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Fan Becomes The Real Life Trunks

  1. Work on yourself, stay determined, cosplay everyday, all in a healthy manner with a positive out look on your interests and life style? You do you, Trunks

  2. I'm of becoming c18 or Bulma. I looove Dragonball soooo fcking much! judge me idfc I have a Dragonball Tattoo with Vegeta's Gloved hand under it tattooed on my back. This dude pls teach me your magic !

  3. I mean if you're gonna go through all the trouble of dressing up, why not wear something more realistic looking? I would imagine his jacket was made of leather, even if its purple or blue or whatever… not like silk or plastic or whatever that is O_o

  4. Honestly, he's doing what he loves. And the fact that we're so amused by him, is why we're all here. He's not harming anyone, by slicing them into half like Trunks does with his sword. He can differentiate between fiction and reality. This is just cosplaying at it's finest. To those of you criticising him, he probably is richer, healthier and more broad minded than you are. To be able to stick to your passion, despite the opposition from the society, is a very difficult task.
    Ps: I feel the same way for Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. One fine day, I might just colour my hair red and by some decent costume to reassemble one of my favourite characters.

  5. I mean at first I was like Wtaf what a freak but it’s like as long as he’s happy that’s great thrn let him be happy

  6. sometimes you put on a costume and realise that it feels right, and you want to look this way all the time, and your normal everyday clothes feel like a costume that hides your real self. i know a trans woman who started out as a drag queen, and she realised that having long hair and wearing makeup and dresses felt like she was becoming her real self, and started doing it full time, and then transitioned.

  7. I'm proud he's doing it naturally……but….it's to bad trunks don't look like that anymore he's gonna need a whole wardrobe change equipped with blue hairdye

  8. This guy should make collab with peter pan guy xD I wonder how would they interact, maybe he make peter pan guy to visit gym more oftenly who knows 😀

  9. 0:28 listen my man DBZ is a good anime and "intense".. sure sorta but "most in depth" not really… did you even try watching Naruto, One Piece or even Boku no hero or any other anime made in more recent times for that matter? 😛

  10. This is an inspiration transformation though, not one of those creepy plastic surgery dolls.
    He got himself fit and healthy, brings joy to fans who see him, and works hard to achieve his dream.
    Seems like an awesome guy to be honest (with amazing hair).

  11. Mans really went in, hard work and all. Planned it and everything. It’s sick and I’m glad he didn’t do anything surgery wise it’s all healthy.

  12. There's only one person in the world that could make a realistic Trunks and that's a 20 year old Leonardo Dicaprio.😄

  13. Somebody get this man some better cosplay clothes, he’s already out in all the work he just needs better clothes if imma be real with you

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