Dr. David Sinclair’s personal dosage and supplementation habits

Dr. David Sinclair’s personal dosage and supplementation habits

– [Dr. Patrick]: So you mentioned supplements,
you take a gram of resveratrol… Sorry, not a… Yeah, a gram? – [Dr. Sinclair]: It is a gram of resveratrol,
whatever I pour out into my yogurt. – [Dr. Patrick]: And about a gram of nicotinamide. – [Dr. Sinclair]: And NMN. [crosstalk 01:04:29] – [Dr. Patrick]: And that’s also in your yogurt
as well? – [Dr. Sinclair]: No, I can just take that
as a capsule in the morning, down it with a cup of coffee. And that’s a pretty big boost, I find, physiologically,
those three things with caffeine included. You can ask my friends. Sometimes I have to temper it a little because
I’m like a mouse on oxygen, running around the cage a little bit too much. But it works for me. It helps with… I believe it helps me with jet lag as well
or a lack of sleep. I’ve got three kids, so sometimes I don’t
sleep well. I know you have a young one, so you know what
that’s like. – [Dr. Patrick]: Thankfully, I’m starting
to sleep well now, but sleep is really important for aging as well,

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  2. Where does one obtain 1gram capsules of NMN? I've researched widely online – I have no lab access, and look for sources made with GMP quality, which narrows it as well. The largest capsules are 250 mg., meaning to get to 1000 mg./1g. you have to take 4. The alternative is to buy the powdered form and measure out a gram, which is what I've been doing, along with measuring out a gram of the resveratrol, and mixing both in with yoghurt. Please comment on where one might obtain the 1g. capsules.

  3. I found it interesting (as stated in the full video) that some of these compounds are so sensitive to light and heat. It would seem that buying these supplements online should be done with care.

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