Depression is an Illness, Not a Weakness

Depression is an Illness, Not a Weakness

depression is an illness it’s not a
weakness or some fault of your own that’s what I’m gonna be talking about
today hi I’m dr. Tracey Marks, a psychiatrist and if you’re new to this
channel I talk about mental health and self-improvement and if that interests
you click Subscribe. It pains me to see people come to my office and start to
tell me about their depressions and symptoms and say that they just feel so
weak or they feel like they’ve failed worse yet they have other people telling
them you just need to get it together in fact you might be thinking that yourself
why can’t I pull it together I don’t have a reason to be depressed well right
you don’t have to have a reason to feel depressed anymore then you don’t have to
have a reason to have diabetes or high blood pressure I use those two illnesses
because they’re they’re similar in the sense that they both have a biological
process that goes on but there’s still external factors that can affect them so
for example if you’re borderline diabetic or borderline high blood
pressure you may be told to lose weight or cut back on your salt and then maybe
you don’t need medication and that might work for a while it might work
indefinitely but eventually at some point you still may develop the disorder
and no one’s gonna fault you or most people probably are not going to say you just
need it to pull it together or else you wouldn’t have gotten that high blood
pressure. Some people it doesn’t even matter genetically they’re predisposed
to it similarly with depression there’s a
genetic component that makes people more at risk of developing depression if they
have a relative with it and similarly there’s environmental factors that may
influence them getting depressed or even trigger an episode but even in the
absence of any kind of trigger you can still develop depression
at the height of your career at the top of your life everything’s going
perfectly and you drop into a depression why does this happen?
The term that probably has become cliche at this point as chemical imbalance well
unfortunately even though that’s overused it’s true the main three brain
chemicals that affect your mood are Norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine
those are the three brain chemicals that have been associated with mood and that
is why medications target these chemicals so what happens is you have
drops in your levels of serotonin norepinephrine and/or dopamine and when
this happens you have changes in your brain remember your brain is an organ
just like your liver and your kidneys so if your kidneys malfunction you’re gonna
have trouble with your blood pressure well your brain controls pretty much
everything it’s it’s your central processing unit so if the part of my
brain that controls say the left side of my body my motor movement my ability to
lift my arm like this then if I say have a stroke and that’s not functioning
properly that part of my brain then I’m either I’m gonna have weakness or I
might even be paralyzed on this on this left side but what if the part of the
brain that is not functioning correctly is the part that controls your emotions
because your emotions are controlled by your brain as is everything in your body
well if that’s not functioning properly then you’re gonna have poor emotional
regulation make sense but I think when it comes to emotions we just it’s hard
to wrap your mind around and no pun intended the fact that your brain
controls everything and that so things that are emotional or also also come
from an organ that has to function correctly
and we’re human beings and our bodies don’t always function correctly I think
where it gets harder to buy in if you will to the idea that depression is a
medical illness is in how we can have days where let’s just say you’re in a
funk or you feel sad and or something bad happens you lose your job or you
fail a test and you feel bad for a day or two and people will say I’m depressed
and it’s hard to separate that or see the difference between that and the
actual illness of depression the last thing I want to talk about is how long
does depression last now it used to be and I used to say this all the time
based on prior editions of our diagnostic manual that the typical
episode was about nine months I did some reading to catch up to make sure I’m
still hurt with this video and saw that now I see numbers like five to six
months regardless it’s several months this is not something that just lasts a
couple weeks couple months and then it’s gone however some people can start to so
that five six months is either with or without treatment so if you did nothing
you could be depressed for five months and then start to and just kind of get
better on your own that’s not a great idea though because
there’s this concept called the kindling effect kind of like kindling with
firewood where the more depressive episodes that your brain experiences
with no resolution the more the more likely you are to have future episodes
and episodes that are worse some people can develop chronic depression where
their symptoms last as much as two years or more so they don’t really have a nice
period of remission they just kind of stay and this low state of either really
really depressed or not that bad but still a little depressed if you get
depressed will it come back well the answer is probably so the newer
literature says that if someone wants someone recovers from a depressive
episode you have a 50% chance of having another one within a year and then you
have an eighty five percent chance of having another one at some point in your
life it could be five years from now it could be 20 years from now of course the
longer you go without the greater or the less likely that you’ll have another
episode there are some people who maybe every
year or every couple of years can just keep having episode so the moral of that
story is that it is a recurring illness it’s not something that gets cured per
se. You could be in the minority of people who have an episode and it never
comes back ever again and wonderful if that’s your case if it’s not you’re in
the majority of people and there are millions of people who have depression
and you just don’t know it because they don’t want to talk about it that’s a
whole nother video at any rate it is a recurring illness and it can be treated
and in fact it’s better for it to be treated properly because of the kindling
effect and the greater chance of having episodes if you go untreated for a long
periods of time next time I’m going to talk about the symptoms of depression
how can you tell if you’re depressed yes we have a list but sometimes they don’t
always look exactly like that list in fact depression isn’t always sadness
sometimes it’s anger so stay tuned and thanks for watching

98 thoughts on “Depression is an Illness, Not a Weakness

  1. Dr. Marks, I love how you so clearly present such a complex and difficult topic. People fail to realize we are one big chemistry set walking around, and things can get out of whack. As complicated as the systems are, I amazed we get around as well as we do. It's pretty miraculous as far as I'm concerned. Very interested in your follow up videos.

  2. Nice video. I love the info from your videos. The only suggestion/request would be to make more videos on how to help these symptoms and help with depression. I see a lot of videos on YouTube about how to tell if someone is depressed, but not that many videos about how to help with it. Thanks for making great content every week, I appreciate your hard work:)

  3. Hi Dr Tracey,
    My Date of birth : May 6 1988.
    First time, I faced severe shift in my mental tendency on February 3, 2004 Evening time. I was only 15. I could not explain the kind of tendency in brain. I lost interest in doing the activities that I was interested. Unintentional Suicide thoughts and feeling of not capable of doing anything. It lasted for 9 months.
    The same got repeated in 2005 September for 6 months and 2007 January for 4-5 months and 2008 February for 3 months and 2008 December for 4 months and 2010 November for 4 months. After this, I got in 2013 August for 5 months where I felt it severe because of the long gap. Two to Three heavy Suicidal Tendency and lost interest in doing activities, unable to love the loved ones. This is the first time I have went to see Psychiatrist. So, it took 9 years for me to tell myself out to everyone and Doctor. Because of my improper explanation, he felt its OCD. I did not use any medication. Then again I got in 2014 August.. this is the time where I started self counseling.. I wanted to take Spiritual path.. This helped me almost 90%. It lasted for 6 months. It came again in 2016 for 3 months and 2017 for 3 months. But I am able to control it with my Spiritual Journey. Now I planning to treat if I get the episode again.

  4. I just wanna share this…
    Last session with my doctor, I ended up insulting(well she wasnt downright mad, just… looked and sounded irked) her because I disregarded depression as a medical condition. I told her I was embarrassed by it and I didnt like talking about it. And she said, if you think it isnt, then our session and my profession shouldnt even exist and it's useless. That she's a doctor for reason, there's science and a study, and they exist to help this part of health. Fast forward. Im slowly accepting my condition.

    Just a little background on me:I have subclinical hypothyroidism (my mom and grandmother has clinical hypothyroidism) and I had an uncle who had depression commit suicide last year and I also have a cousin who has bipolar disorder. Who knows, maybe there's more in the family but was never diagnosed.

  5. Hi Dr. Marks, my name is Caroline and I live in Australia. I have just discovered your chanel and wanted to thank you – it's very educational and helpful. I had a question, would an MRI scan of the brain show up any anomalies or give indications of mental illness?

  6. Ω♆♀ Bonne après-midi ~ Dr.Tracey ~ I really enjoy all the information that you so eloquently parlay for those of us interested in gaining more knowledge.We can have a discussion,however i would never argue with you, you already know why.♂👨🏾✌🏾 ( don't you ) ?

  7. THANK YOU for making this video, I've been called lazy many times, been told to "straighten out and fly right", to "just get over it", to "just try harder" by so many people. After many years of professional treatment, diagnostics, and analysis, it's very clear that I have severe, treatment-resistant major depression on a seasonal cycle (worse in the winter, better in summer) that is resultant from multiple physical and neurological pathological alterations. It has always boggled my mind when someone calls me lazy, because I work very hard every single day to take extremely good care of my body and mind, spending 6-9 hours exercising, meditating, getting sunlight exposure, self-monitoring psych. variables and graphing them, taking medications, and many other time-and-effort-intensive tasks to adequately prevent and deter onset of major depressive episodes (which can last for months to years). I've never seen someone call a cancer patient "lazy" or to "just will yourself out of your illness". More people need to understand and accept that mental illnesses are not just "laziness" or a "bad attitude", there are measurable physiological differences and complex pathophysiological processes going on.

  8. A have had mine for 5 years but it has gotten worse over the last 3yers .My anger is really bad as well now and a get anxious a lot about silly things but a am now getting to the point that .Some times a just don’t want to go out a just want to stay in my flat .Then other times am happier out of my flat a struggle with it so much a also have a very stressful home life as well a have children with special needs and that puts a lot of strain on me as well .A have very un sim pathetic foster mum as well.Am now wondering if a have personality disorder as well .One minute am fantastic next minute am low and grumpy and angry and just want to be in my own .😢

  9. I've been battling depression since 2001. My triggers are being mistreated by people. I've recently learned it's called Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria. People make me suicidal and I have what I call a meltdown. I've got so I keep away from people.

  10. I dont get how can you be genetically predesposed for depression, there is no gene for depression theres only life habbits that you copy from your parents or broder family or friends etc. You get depressed when you make bad life decisions or have bad life habbits, not by genes.

  11. Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!! for giving an easy-to-understand overview of what is a complex condition! I wish this were required material for medical professionals as well as families and friends of those who suffer from depression. I say this because there are members of my own family who are medical professionals (not doctors) who don't believe that Major Depressive Disorder is a valid diagnosis! Unbelievable in this day and age, you might think, but there are still some who dismiss depression as a temporary thing and that sufferers should just "get over it."

  12. People please remember let us put our faith and belief in God even though it feels hard. Doctors can't really tell us the truth. Depression is not a life time issue if we believe in God. We will be ok

  13. During my benzo withdrawal I experienced the deepest major depression episodes with intense suicidal ideation . I had never depression before . It was one of the most terryfing symtom . I feel so bad for anyone going in this darkest place . I wish all heal soon 🙏🙏🙏 with the help of doctors and God !!

  14. Of course it's a weakness. Illness and weakness aren't not mutually exclusive. If we can call depression an illness, we can compare it to other illnesses. If I get the plague, the symptoms would weaken me. The key word is weaken. It would cause me a weakness. If you were strong and immune to any kind of weakness, you would be immune to distress. But depressed people suffer. They live with distress (which is a condition of any mental illness). They are weakened. They live with weakness.
    The problem is not to call it weakness, but to blame people for that weakness, it's to add a normative sense to the word "weakness". Like for any weakness, we should be compassionate. Compassion is toward the weak, not the strong.

  15. There is no science based evidence to support the disease model of depression. Diabetes and blood pressure are faulty comparisons. Genetics are not proved either. Plus having a gene does not mean it will ever be expressed. Chemical imbalance—NO EVIDENCE. This is pretty much accepted by research. The director of NIMH is getting on board. It is only a matter of time before this video will be laughable. Until then, read "Anatomy of an Epidemic" and look at what the Cochrane Institute are endorsing or debunking as far as research. The long term use of SSRIs damages peoples lives. They should not be prescribed until there is reliable research on how to come of them safely. Medication should be the last resort. Unfortunately, it is much cheaper to put people on medications than to offer intensive treatments. I really hope you take another look at whether you are helping people by believing and promoting ideas that are being discredited. Have the courage to take a look at your own limitations. Every human experience has a physiological component. Does my suspicion about my neighbours gossip make me paranoid? The DSM might say so. When Dr. Peter Gotche confronted a prominent psychiatrist on conclusions based on published studies, the person flat out denied the existence of any studies. Sounds delusional, doesn't it? People with depression deserve to be supported and treated as whole human beings. Not pathologized and treated as children.. But you probably think it's ok to medicate children with antipsychotics, too…

  16. Are there actually people who are not depressed, with the actual illness of depression? What I mean is, I have struggled my whole life with depression and anxiety, and I do often feel weak that I can't get my life together like so many others. Do they not have depression? I don't even know what that feels like. Even in times where I am thriving, I never stop having some anxiety and depression. Am I just making this up? Am I making life harder on myself? What is wrong with me? I don't understand how normal feels. I wonder if everyone feels like I do, but they hold it together and are able to look their best, have a career, a clean house, exercise, etc., etc.

  17. Dr Marks I remember when I got a wave of depression that hit me hard and fast. It was my first episode. Doing well now with my Doctor's care. It surprised me how fast depression came on.

  18. I’ve been suffering from anxiety and depression ever since I was a same child. Sooo over 20yrs I’m pretty sure I was born with it. So does my babysitter when I found out she was born with it it was like confirmation for me I noticed something was wrong me when I was 5yrs old but there are other factors too.

  19. Thanks for the video Tracey. Are you familiar with Johann Hari's book "Lost Connections"? I like his ideas, it talks about how environmental factors are the main problem causing depression. Personally, I feel like this society/economic system promotes separation from one another. Competition is rewarded and encouraged more than cooperation. We are under constant pressure to pay the bills and make sure we have a roof over our heads. I find it silly how we can build supercomputers and send robots to Mars, yet we can't figure out how to give people their basic human right to home and shelter. I think technologically we are doing well, but socially/humanity wise we are far behind and we need to catch up in this area. In hunter-gatherer days to secure your shelter I imagine all you would do is gather the natural materials, build it, and you are done, it would maybe take a week or two. Today you have to work for 20-30 years to secure yourself shelter, and if anything should happen to you while you are beholden in debt to the banks during that 20-30 year period, you lose everything, it makes no sense to me. This is just one example that I think contributes to mental illness and I feel like band-aiding and silencing the problem with drugs isn't the solution.

    Also, I like the science on "Blue Zones", showing how having a good diet, community, social connection, family and exercise can prevent many diseases, including depression, and I think the way the society/economic systems are set up need to promote the flourishing of these basic human needs, not hinder it like it currently is. I feel this blue zone science shows how much our environment affects us. Also, as another example, the science of epigenetics shows how our environment affects our biology as well, in a positive or negative way depending on the conditions. That's why I feel we need to work towards societal/economic changes rather than band-aiding and silencing the problem with drugs. I feel people today should turn to each other, rather than a pill. Also, I am alarmed at how antidepressants can cause people to become even more separated and less connected to others by decreasing their sense of empathy for other people and desire to help others in need ( ). Thanks for listening and thanks for the content. Sorry if it was a bit of an unorganized ramble, just wanted to get my 2 cents in.

  20. I am from Iraq and I have been dealing with depression all my life. I moved to the USA in 2014 and I started feeling better by having more hope. However, during a huge mental breakdown and depressive episode I made the mistake of returning to Iraq. Now I can’t even return to the USA. I’m very very depressed in Iraq that I haven’t left my room in past six months. I can’t move back to the USA and life standards in Iraq is so poor.

  21. Hiya Doc! I like your videos – more information can only be a good thing and maybe an easy way to parle into an topic of discussion that may be otherwise difficult. I was wondering if you've discussed chronic pain specifically in any of your videos. If you have already and I didn't find it, please forgive me; but if you've not, would you consider it a humble request?

  22. You have a gift for communicating and simplifying deep and complex concepts and information so that the average non-mental health professional can understand it more easily. Great stuff!

  23. Dr. Marks,
    Your videos are manna for a weary soul. I have only recently begun my journey to recovery, and you are helping me find the vocabulary to describe and process my experience. I went through a series of losses starting with my father 3 years ago at the age of 24…then 3 months later, a beloved long-standing job from not being able to function….then 2 months later, my other full-time job I had held in tandem with the other (then subsequently, the ability to personally be in the presence of my spiritual community, as the position was at my synagogue). I decided to go back to school after a hiatus from conservatory, where I was training to be a concert pianist, to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a Rabbi, and yet again, could not function. I floundered until my grandmother (with whom I was extremely close and functioned as a second mother to me in my formative years), passed after months of live-in care provided by my mother and I…. And then, finally, my mind packed its bags and took a bus out of town. All of this, of course, being only my fault….so I thought. The depressive mind may well be OJ's only rival in the degree and nuance of lying it can do to its unassuming victim and witnesses, and as Emily Dickinson put it, "…I dropped down, and down – And hit a World at every plunge…"; my bed became my companion and demon for the next year.

    The process of recovery is full of pitfalls- sometimes 2 steps forward and 1 back….sometimes 3 back… sometimes 3 forward, and none back. But those steps- each of them- are sacred to me in their own way. Each has taught something. Getting the right medication was a struggle of its own, but not as bad as certain anecdotal culture made me believe…picking up the fragments has been harder. The anxiety of revelation when you 'wake up' as you feel the depression lifting and you begin to feel again has been even harder still… But I have the vitality to continue on in life again, and recognize the little miracles and beauties of mundane life. I will probably never feel consistently happy…nor would I probably want to. But I feel human again, and that is one of the greatest gifts I could have ever asked for…perhaps second only to the extraordinary connections I have made with other people also affected as I have begun to open up with the newfound knowledge about my depression.
    You, too, are a gift. Thank you for your insight, certified badass-ery, and hair ON FLEEEEEK. I am unashamedly your new #1 Fan.

  24. What upsets me about Depression is that it's a problem that no one knows how to cure and so people try to distract you from the bigger issue at hand.

    I like to compare it to a house fire.
    Everyone points out the pretty little details of the house (i.e. the cute little shutters, beautiful rose bushes, etc.) While failing to see the larger issue: the house is on fire!
    Distraction is fine short term but if you don't deal with the larger problem it's catastrophic and fatal in the end.

  25. Thank you so much Dr. Tracey!!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to make this educational video! It's so reassuring to know that it's not a weakness, rather it's an illness. Thank you so much once again!

  26. I don't know what I have. I feel "depressed" i.e. low and sad and like there's no point to life, often numb and tired or bursting into violent sobs and having to talk myself into getting up and going to work. Sometimes I'm tormented and in pain or low and in pain. In general I just wish that I had never been born because life doesn't seem to be worth the pain and the work.

    About a year and a half ago I finally went to a psychologist after feeling this way since my teen years with no end in sight. I went to two sessions and then stopped. I told him that I can't really identify a major reason why I feel depressed at this point in my life and he told me that depression is caused by stress so if I'm not stressed then I'm not depressed. He asked me no questions about how I was feeling. He had me fill out a form checking boxes with adjectives that I thought described my personality and then he gave me paper and told me to write down what he said. He spent the entire hour giving me one line quotes from his book like "The day is moving on so I have to move on with the day" even though he hadn't asked me if I was hung up on anything. I felt like he was telling me that I just need to keep a positive attitude. In the second session he asked me questions about myself like "Are you someone who likes to follow rules?" and he kept congratulating himself when I answered according to his "prediction". He literally kept saying "Man, I'm good!" He talked for 99% of the sessions. He didn't even ask why I think I'm depressed so I could tell him my symptoms.

    I felt like the "expertise" he offered me was no more insightful than what I could have got from a random person. I haven't tried any other therapists since but sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking there's no point to life and nothing to hope for and I'm 28 years old.

  27. what is your suggestion about the use of Psychedelics such as Ayahuasca or MDMA for healing trauma which caused anxiety attacks, panic and depression.

  28. I am an addiction counselor or social worker helping people with their addictions. So, I want you to let you know that I used your videos to educated people and I invited them to view them all so that they can be aware of their own behaviors and be able to understand others behaviors as well. I am grateful for you and your work! Please know that.

  29. What causes those emotional areas of the brain to not function properly? A friend starts to cry when experiencing true kindness from others.

  30. Hi, been fighting depression for 14 months now, sometimes I think I've got it beat then it comes back. I've got professional help and try to do what they say. This problem started when my wife of 22 years just disappeared one morning, I saw her once when she came to gather her stuff. There is no misery like depression and it's frustrating when people offer solutions such as, "Get over it!" or "If you just commit yourself you can pull out of your funk." It's not a funk, it's in my fucking head and is hard to overcome.
    Thanks for the video.

  31. respected doctor I am gagandeep from India…I am a teacher by profession…I am diagnosed with depression from last 8 years…now I am 34 years….since then I am on antidepressant…no one in my family have it… my father who used to drink a lot of alcohol when. i was a child…the atmosphere of my family was very bad at that time….he used to maltreat me….now he has passed away…i also have episodes of hypomania….and depression.. doctor what can I do to get rid of these medications…they have many many side effects…please help..

  32. Hi dr marks, i was wondering if you could do a video on depression and sensory overloads. I have struggled with depression for years i dont have asd but i find that i can often get extremely irretable to certain sounds or too many sounds or even if there is just too much going on. I suffer with anxiety as well and find that when things too much and im in a situation i cant leave (for example when im with lots of people) i tend to pick at the skin around my finger nails (sometimes without even noticing until they are bleeding). I have read sensory overload can happen with depression but there just isnt much information there to understand it properly. Thanks

  33. i'm on my fith and im only 10 my signs are deep deep sadness or angry or thinking of killing or self harm and this my first episode

  34. My trigger is not job loss, death of a loved one or financial crisis. my trigger is a life BIG stressful events that nobody wanted a confirmation from my family so i don't receive a family support. my case is different and isolated from ordinary individual seeking for a psychiatry. it is understandable, normal and natural for me to seek a professional help. because for me my life is precious and I'm valuable. Family can't understand why i'm still unemployed because they can't provide jobs for me. There comes a point in our lives that you realize that you are helpless and can't do anything about your situation and no sense to fight and the best thing you could do for your own self is to forgive in able for you to have a peaceful mind and a healthier mental well being.

  35. How do I best manage my depression while getting therapy? I currently exercise, talk with friends and family, pray/meditate, and aim to get a good night's rest. However, I still find myself feeling down. Any meaningful advice is welcome.

  36. I dont know when it all started but I've been battling depression for years now. Ive been giving hints to my parents and family that I have it because I want to be saved so I want to ask for their help. But when I do, they just shove the thought away and never ask for more. So I told myself Im going to ask for medical assisstance when I get a job after passing my boards but lately its been getting bad since I failed it and its just worst when my mom said that maybe I didnt review as hard and kept on comparing herself to me and when I look at my dad, his eyes will always tell me that Im a disappointment. Then he'll say stuff that would trigger my emotions so hard I would want to kill myself.

  37. Thanks Dr. Marks! Life long (self diagnosed) chronic depression. I was looking for a vid that I could share with those who do not understand. I just recently had a conversation with a friend who said it wasn't a thing, and the best I could explain it was that it was like trying to describe colors to a color blind person, or sex to a virgin. I especially like how you differentiate the common "I'm Depressed" from the clinical use. Much like people use the common use of the word "Theory" to mean it's just a guess, and then apply that to the way it's usage is in science.

    As a side note, I have never seen a posting where the poster had SO MANY responses to the comments! So much respect for that. You truly care. That, plus the time you put into producing your vids… "Faith in humanity restored" I needed that!

  38. Can you talk about how depression can mimic other disorders and his versa (like the relationship between thyroid and mood)? I love how you explained the climate and the weather in the BPD and Bipolar video.

  39. I feel really sad and have lost interest in everything. The mornings are the worst with the feeling that there is no reason to get up. I cry a lot and feel so lonely. I lost my loving partner of 28 years 9 months ago to cancer and obviously that is the cause of my deep sadness/ depression. I don't know what i'm going to do as i feel so lost. Thankyou Dr Marks for your video.

  40. I thank you for taking the time to care and help break the stereotypes that a marginalized community faces. Many thanks.

  41. A few months would be bliss. Ive been depressed for 15 years and im absolutely sick of it. I would do anything to have a life. I would eat poo if there was a theory it would work. Well, except I can barely stay awake for long enough to do anything… Even eat 🤔😂💩
    My medication fixes everything except the hypersomnia. Anything I can do for that?

  42. How to.treat maam i have anxiety ,but now i think im depressed evrytime arguing my wife. And i saw my body there is no.more muscles

  43. Menopause made depression really bad i was depressed for over a year and i felt ill and so so low meanwhile lost job i loved as shop closed down and i started new job where i hated it and the boss was a bully life was so bad! but im on medication now and feel a lot better. But i have suffered with depression all my life my mum suffered with it.

  44. Hi Dr. Tracey, what can I do about depression due to loneliness? I put a lot of effort to meet people (despite anxiety), and the lack of connectivity has driven me into a deep depression. I keep trying again and again but I can't relate to others. I'm a black sheep in a foreign country. I'm on antidepressants, but I'm sure there's another way? Thanks in advance

  45. Do you think depression is one illness or two or more illnesses with overlapping symptoms?

    I've had depression on and off since age ten. I was ten years old in 1982. Back in the day if you looked up up depression in a self-help or medical book it would tend to be listed twice.

    As a sufferer you had to decide if you had neurotic or reactive depression or "psychotic" or endogenous depression. Endogenous depression was similar to depression "with melancholic features" as they label it today and bad cases of this, so they said, were prone to developing depressive delusions or horrible hallucinations.

    When you read about these two types the differences seemed quite clear cut, for example sufferers of "manic depressive psychosis" as they used to call it were supposed to get endogenous type depression. Reactive depression was supposed to be more associated with anxiety disorders. In my experience this isn't true and almost any combination of symptoms is possible.

    I know nowadays they talk about other subtypes, for example atypical depression.

    Do you think these subtypes represent separate illnesses or are they types of one big illness that manifests in different people in different ways?

  46. I have had dysthymia with episodes of major depression since I was five years old. I am now 59. I've always felt that "I am Depression" rather than "I have depression." I've recently hit upon the concept of "overidentifying" with depression and it's really rocked my world. My therapist and I are going to delve into what that means, and I'm very hopeful. Thanks, Dr. Marks!

  47. Since my depression could come from a decrease in serotonin or another mood chemical, wouldn't it be better to test me for which one is low rather than giving me an antidepressant that covers the chemical I msy not be low in?

  48. HI doctor its has been i have chest pain 100 times i had done ECG blood test 5 time echo and 2 times tmt test all came fine… but every day i am fear i have heart attack i feel every symptoms of heart attack jaws pain left aram pain chest pain sweating. i rush to ER but test came back normal.. pls help me what can i do

  49. As i see it around me, it looks like many people get medicated for vague reasons, just to numb down their financial, relationships issues. That is why i think it became such a controversial issue. And on top of it, nobody knows how SSRIs work – they just prescribe it by trial and error 🤷

  50. Can you confused depression with loneliness? I’ve noticed as I’m getting older and living alone I experience a lot of moments of my mind wondering. Or I’ll have dreams and wake up feeling depressed.

  51. Although I knew this I definitely needed the remember. Society programs us to thinking you are weak or broken if you have a mental illness and that we can just "think our way to happy" is a misconception. Yes positive thinking helps overall but people who have mental illness need to seek treatment because it's so important. Seeking treatment is strong. Admitting you need help is strength. I'm ready to take control of my mental health and get help. Thanks Dr.Tracey for all your continued support through these videos and correspondence. 💜

  52. Depression is a violent, painful disease. And it's particularly insidious because, unlike Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, the trauma is imperceptible.

  53. Depression is a natural emotion….sad is the opposite of happy, it is a emotion your brain needs when you are sad and crying is a release and necessary to releasing stress….example babies cry to alert you they need help. And doctors live to prescribe antidepressants and those chemicals cause you to flatline ….and when we are overly stressed you need help to organized your life

  54. Hi Tracy. The video works now! Can you please make some videos about Major Depressive Disorder with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, I have them both which is apparently pretty common. Also, I see my GP every 6 months to get a new prescription, so I get my meds reviewed frequently. But I am wondering if getting a referral to see a psychologist can be declined, if I have demonstrated that I understand my illness, my symptoms and how it affects me. I've had a few sessions where the doctor would state that they would like me to see a psych, then by the end they'd decline. I go to the same medical centre so they would see that I have responded well to anti-depressants in the past. Would this be because I wouldn't benefit from it as much as other patients because I understand it and have a supportive environment, or would this be laziness to write paperwork?

  55. I struggle with depression for a long time this is a horrible thing to deal with especially people who dont understand what u going through sometime I feel like disappearing 😪😪😪😪

  56. Dear Dr Marks, thanks for this video. It'd be great if everyone
    understood the difference between mental illness/disorders and lack of
    willpower/strength. BTW, is anhedonia treated with antidepressants too?
    I've read it may have causes different from depression (although they
    could be related) and that antidepressants don't work. Are there any meds
    that work well to treat anhedonia ? Thanks!

  57. I there a way to tell whether you need serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine more in the brain, based on your depressive symptoms?

  58. Doc what antidepressants raise the level of dopamine? I'm taking Cymbalta and it's holding pretty good but I'm still not happy at all plus I'm having problems with the medical facility where I'm living at they don't treat me right all these young doctors complaint to the hospital you know the local hospital here that runs everything get me an internal medicine doctor to see over 50 55 60 years old I don't want no student doctors or doctors in their 20's 30's or 40's they don't know nothin it's like they got the medical license out of a Cracker Jack box I ain't afraid to tell them to their face and I will if I have to I've already threatened to call the Better Business Bureau if I don't start getting treatment better and getting better Medical Care! And I hate wasting taxpayers money on my care with my Medicare seems like they're seeing me and pushin me out & billing my Medicare for payment sometimes I feel like callin Medicare and tell them to deny the payment to that dr.! In the beginnin doc I was diagnosed with dysthymia I was told it's a long-term low-grade depression but 1996 late 96 I got to a good psychiatrist and she diagnosed me as bipolar.

  59. See a professional therapist, okay I did for a couple years. Cost me an absolute fortune $$$$ and was completely useless. The therapist actually agreed with me that my life sucks. Tried meds, helped a little bit.

  60. i have depression everyday since always, i have a few hours or minutes of happiness mixed in what i'm trying to say it's a moment to moment thing & yes alot of anger mixed in too

  61. You are a wonderful up to date on the latest psychiatrist. I really learn and enjoy your videos. -Noel C. New York City.

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