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  1. Hi Tim. I’m really enjoying this 30day yoga practice. I’m not new to the poses so far but I have to say, I have never really been shown the processes to get to these stages. I usually just jump in and get on and through this, I feel I have weakened my wrists from doing strong poses and not warming up my ligaments first.
    So pleased I came across your page. You explain every thing so well and take your time, which in most cases, I usually I find hard it hard to stay focused connected but you seem to do this in a good rhythm. Many thanks.

  2. hi, thank you for creating this tim. I have also enrolled to your email subscription list.. But havent received any email yet. Its 8 days in.. This is helping me keep calm and peaceful, thank you!

  3. I love these videos because as a complete beginner I now know what to do each day instead of guessing which video to do first.

  4. Thank you so much for this. I started this challenger earlier this year but then broke my ankle, Im finally back into it and SO enjoying a deeper connection with my body and my yoga. This series is so great! Bring on week 2!

  5. I love this!! I have narcolepsy and trying to find a workout that isn't totally tiring for me is hard. This is amazing!!

  6. I've always either hated or was neutral towards the yoga classes I've taken in the past. I thought they were too technical or too slow. Your videos and this program are easy to follow for beginners like me, and you are technical and precise just enough. Your videos restored my hope that one day I'd be able to like yoga. Thanks so much for your work.

  7. excellent lesson again, i love how it gets more and more challenging! (but i shouldn't do my yoga exercise right after dinner… haha)

  8. Hi tim.. i m havin a blast till now!!! But when i stand on my hand and foot i keep shaking and sometimes i can t hold it but i keep tryin 🤣🤣

  9. The breathe pause at the end is kind of stunning to me – I've never been able to do it without feeling short of breath (& kind of panicky) until today. Thank you!

  10. This Day 8 yoga has been great for me. I find it very challenging and it really wakes my body up. I've done it a few times and I think I'll do it once more tomorrow and then do day 9 after day 8 three times because i think i have a lot to learn from day 8 still. Thanks Tim for this great workout.

  11. Amazing as always!!! I've never got so excited about a "online training" as I am now!! 8 days in a row!! Thank you very much!!!

  12. I'm sad becuse I always feel sleepy when those breathong exercise come. I supossed it's because I don't enough energy 🙁 How can I incrise it Tim?

  13. Hey Tim! I love your videos, this series is particularly helpful for working on technique. I wanted to get your input on a concern I had. I do Yoga in Vancouver, and in one of my classes, our teacher talked about the importance of doing a stabilizing pose in between say different back bends. So if you stretched the back in a cobra pose, before hugging the knees into the chest, there would be a small break or stabilizing pose before brining your knees to your chest. The analogy given was that going from cobra right into bringing the knees into the chest is a bit like bending a credit card too much either way -making it vulnerable to snap. (This was inferred to be the danger of what happens without a stabilizing pose). I wanted to get your thoughts on stabilizing poses and ask if that is something you integrate into your practice. Thanks for your time!

  14. Yeow! You stepped it up a gear there! I'm enjoying the strength challenges. My balancing poses are coming along. Loving the classes! Nice pace and clear explanations for a beginner. Thanks!

  15. So grateful, again…. noticed that my flow as improved while working as a massage therapist. And hey, at 53, I can use all the flow I can!!! Keep up the great work.. till tomorrow, Namasté 🙏🏼

  16. Hey Tim, love you classes so far, especially the slow buildup of intensity which is 'just right' 😉 ! I'm always confused when to inhale or exhale when going into or coming out of a pose. Is there an easy way to remember this?

  17. Staying with it, work is become less stressful thanks to these breathing techniques. Appreciate you!

  18. I did feel little stronger in the beginning but still couldn’t do the hand stand or the triangle I was wobbling

  19. Woke up to a stressful morning. After I ran my annoying last minute errands for my family, I cam back to do day 7 and day 8 of your yoga teachings. I feel a huge difference after doing yoga. So grateful! Thank you again for teaching us the importance of breathing exercises. LIKE

  20. Man I'm loving this series thank you so much, can I ask an odd question is that a real tan or do you use some kind of product to get that bronze like skin glow? Your skins great man

  21. Hey Tim. I've always wanted to do a 30-day program to get better at yoga. Yours was the first that made it feel possible. I really appreciate all the little tips and descriptions you give along the way!

    Question: I get wrist pain (likely as a result of my office job) when I do the chattarunga push-ups. Is there any alternative that will relieve my wrists, but still help me build strength eventually?

    Thanks and keep up the great work! Helen 🙂

  22. I've been doing yoga for a few years now and honestly never took the time to make sure my postures were correct, besides the one off chance an instructor came over to fix my posture during class. I honestly was weary at taking these courses, out of fear they would be too slow and not challenging. However, I can say I'm so happy I decided to take a step back and learn the proper postures. I've seen a dramatic improvement already! Since I've been practicing for awhile, I tend to do two of the videos a day (skipped day 7 and will return once I hit my 7 days). I'm looking forward to completing the 30 day challenge and am already considering purchasing the Headstand Course – something I have always been weary of trying, for fear of snapping my neck. Thank you Tim! I've never had an instructor that's been able to clearly define the posture while keeping the flow of the session. P.S. I'm aware I'm taking 2 year old courses and there's new 2019 courses available, however I tend to like the instructions from the teacher as they're doing the pose, as it seems to flow better for me.

  23. Hey, Tim. Thank you for these videos. They are very structured and progressive. I have a question, though. When I do the boat pose, is it important to have a flat back there as well or should the legs be straight? I don't seem to be able to do both at the same time. Any suggestions ?

  24. Hey Tim, I think you should enable or verify rather your channel for BAT contributions, i would like to support the channel, and that is the only way for me to do that. Just saying…

  25. I've gotten a lot better at getting into half moon more quickly and easily, but I still can't stay there for very long; even though my balance has improved, my hip locks and it becomes painful. 🙁

  26. I'm so grateful for your work and dedication in posting these videos. Your teaching is so wonderful and I have progressed monumentally under your guidance. Today I did Day #8 after flying 24 hours across the world and it did wonders for my jet lag and to clear my head. Thanks again!

  27. Oh Tim, I really like your teaching style, but I lost you in this video. Even with all the preparation, I can't do half of the poses. I'm soo rusty it's not even funny :((((

  28. Thank you for this Tim. It's remarkable how changeable my body is. Some days I feel strong and supple and some days, like today, I'm a shaky, stiff, sweaty thing. I'll pay attention to whats happening to see if I notice a pattern.

  29. 8 days in and I'm loving this 30 day challenge. I'm new to yoga ( I did a 2 month intro first) and then found this by searching "Yoga for Strength". I didn't think I would be able for it but taking it easy is the key. My hams/legs are still quite tight but I'm getting there. Thanks a mil Tim!!

  30. Amazing sessions Tim! im sticking to it and thoroughly enjoying it, never tried out yoga before, great stuff!

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