COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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  1. if you are a health worker … what if it`s winter, and u get simple cold or nose run, and u like lots of other people work in bars, supermarkets where are dozen of people .. and it would seem strange if u would wear mask infront of anyone cause Boss and ethitequet does not allow it ? oh shit … its like 60% people at current time in the northern countries

  2. Thank you! ❤️ I believe you and I believe in the good spirit of good scientists and doctors like Dr. Li Wenliang, RIP! Fuck conspiracy theories, its natural that mutations occur, lets not hate each other, lets fight SARS-CoV-2gether!

  3. The cure to the coronavirus is clued in , in the book An Elegant Defense, by Richtel. Jst heard an health administrator on TV 2-26-20 say that there is no cure because we do not understand it. You don't have to understand it to help the human immune system to take it out. The "Medzhitov scramble" AKA the infinity anti-body manufacturing machine within everyone's immune system, that occurs in the B cells, already has the right antibody especially in people who have survived it. Just a matter of using the MAB (Mono-clonal- AntiBody) cloning technique to manufacture the vaccine. Won't the IBM Watson be able to help ID the right B cells?

  4. DOES NO ANY TROUBLE TO HEAL THIS… <<<>> If to somebody is interesting this – In the year 2018 due the cancers died 35 thousands Danes. Such statistics… To this country("why they are dying – it is the perfectly ventilated land..?") in
    the beginning of the previous year gave a recommendation, how to heal the
    cancer (by the way – sugar diabetus also…). PREVIOUS YEAR'S STATISTIC THEY DO
    NOT GAVE, BECAUSE EASY TO SEE WHY..? They simple should be in the troubles to
    explain why due the cancers died 6299 persons up to August of 2019… ONLY… <<>>
    NOW… If do you wants to heal a coronaviruses – my recommendation is simple to
    scratch time by time a right abdominal side… <<>> It is te do not
    Truth, that human is weak against the coronaviruses… Is the another and the
    very simple reason – he is resistant in specific season… He is weak only, due
    the command to be resistant already now (nah… it is the too warm year this). Other
    nuance is human's synthesis with the nature in this… The questions of
    associate resistance's and his "composition", reactions to the fishes
    spawning season… So… Good thing is to think the carps (especially…does
    enough such "selection") as the trouble's reason. Be in the will
    "over their the condition's question… " in this an earliest
    spawning's year. Good Bye. Mindaugas Karalis P.S. If doctor will say, that
    necessary to do fully other – YOUR AGREEMENT, PSICHOLOGIC STRESS – this will be
    a reason only of complications ONLY… You can to heal this by the help of
    anabolic steroids (if chemical way is the basic to You), but an effect
    (conditional Your stability) will be the same…

  5. I don't wna say it's mostly due to the disguisting practice of the chinese eating raw bat meat in wuhan. But it's mostly because of that and their lack of hygene.

  6. What if the coronavirus was meant to be made for biological warfare. That's why Chinese authorities are scared to disclose some information.

  7. China must be stopped from having LIVE / WET MARKETS where animals are skined alive, or eaten alive plus live bears are kept in cages and have tubes inserted into their gallbladder (bear bile farming) so the Chinese can suck out bile which they believe have healing properties THIS HAS TO STOP !!!

  8. At 3:50, you left out the part of the virus ALSO being comprised of 4 different HIV spliced sections within it, to increase the infection rate up to 1,000. times? Yes, it was shown to be 1,000. more times infectious due to the HIV insertions and their "hooking" effect. It grabs on to the lung tissue up to 1,000. times better than SARS did, and allows the virus to insert itself efficiently and infect the host via their abundant lung ACE2 receptors. This can only come from a Bio LAB. I think that would be worth noting Dr?

    At 6:40, you under-represent the Ro potential of asymptomatic spreaders!!?! [email protected]?! Many cases show 10+ people infected by these asymptomatic individuals!! Are we still supposed to be fearing the flu instead?

    You also didn't mention the complication rate which is requiring an ICU admission equaling 15% of ALL patients? This data is from the latest study from Wuhan, including over 70,000. patients. This complication rate will increase the overall CFR (case fatality ratio) closer to 15% once the worlds hospitals are overwhelmed with cases and there are no more artificial breathing machines to keep patients alive. We both know there are VERY FEW ICU beds already, there are not 15% X 60% of the world population available, which is the current forecast of likely infections. 8 billion people times 15%, that's a pretty statistically important number to share Dr? And Wuhan is a perfect example of that. Their CFR is 4.4% due to it, and that is based on their "official" death toll, which is grossly under-reported. Wuhan has incinerated 1,200. bodies per day since January 10th, per Wuhan employee reports from their mortuaries. Now, Wuhan has received 40 portable cremation incinerators – crafted inside of shipping containers! Hmmm, wonder why?

    China is also beating stray dogs to death on the streets NOW, in fear of the dogs spreading the disease. There are horrific videos/pictures of this happening on twitter showing the bloody beaten dead dogs being thrown into the backs of trucks with bloody clubs which break their skulls apart, next to the dogs. Another point to mention as far as the grave seriousness of this disease as it is interpreted by China to do this, let alone lock down more people in their country than we have as a total population in the United States. These are both interesting stat's worth sharing, to give people an idea how SERIOUS this virus is, once it gets to their community.

    These are the stories you should be telling of the scope and impact of the coronavirus, not the history of the political correctness in their naming of it. It should be called the CvWBL-19. Cv for coronavirus, W for Wuhan and BL bio lab release. Let's face it. People need to worry a lot more about how to be prepared versus how the WHO created the name to save China face. The WHO is in bed with China, they pat them on the ass to the world, saying what a great job they did (as they hid the virus for weeks and killed their doctors who talked about the problem upfront). Those are the stories you should tell.

    RIP Dr's and nurses who spoke out upfront and since gave their lives on the front line's. Do not disrespect them sugar coating this video of the dangers we all face. May the persons responsible for releasing this virus rot in hell.

  9. Thank u so much….Best explanation including epidemiology , etiology and management
    Hope a good antiviral and vaccine gets developed

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