Could your mental illness be for attention? Are you Faking it? | Kati Morton

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  1. it is really scary mental illnesses to share anyone but I was told my story to friends of mine and they said to me if I tell my own doctor or Gp they will give an injection or some sort off to making u quiet but I’m glad That watch it your video I will Break my silence and get help it A sap from my GP thanks
    a lot to ur great 👍🏽 device

  2. This really helped. I was diagnosed with a mental illness, and me abusive negligent parents said it was for attention, when it was really the aftermath of narcissistic abuse. I still have problems with attention seeking behavior because I've been forced to exist as an obscured speckle of dust in a world where everyone is self centered. I write because no one will listen to me talk anyway, but I need an outlet. I need to vent, and all I have is the public library and a journal. Next year, I'll make it my mission to manage those behaviors and cope with isolation.

  3. I remember reading this article once and letting it get to me, but I’m so glad that I have these videos to help me and make me feel better. Thank you Kati for everything you’re doing for me and countless other people ❤️

  4. Kati, idk if you’ll see this because this video isn’t exactly new, but if you or anyone else can help me, I’d appreciate it 🙂 so basically, this sounds really strange, but sometimes I want to have a mental illness. I have a strong desire to have something like DID or schizophrenia. But it’s not for attention, because I don’t really want any attention, I just don’t know the reason behind it. I’m also really strangely attracted to people with mental illnesses and it’s kinda scaring me lmao. If anyone knows if there’s a name for this, or if I’m just being dramatic, please share your thoughts 💗:)

  5. "You don't seem very depressed to me" (said to me by someone with a degree in geology).
    Oh well, that's me rumbled then. I'd have got away with it if it wasn't for you meddling geologists.

    Everyone who has never suffered with mental health problems is an expert on the subject and those who do actually suffer with such illnesses are regarded as the least credible witnesses on earth. Even getting medical people to listen can be hard.

    Things people working in mental health have been heard to say (in the UK).
    To a suicidal person with multiple previous attempts "there's nothing we can do for you".
    To justify not helping someone recently bereaved, homeless and penniless "we don't do emotional support".
    To justify providing only "signposting" (telling people to go somewhere else for what they need) "if we help people it creates dependence".

  6. Who the hell wrote this garbage?!?! I struggle with depression/self-harm every day (almost a year clean from my last cutting relapse though!), and it's taken me YEARS of therapy and pain to begin to understand the illness and recognize it when it bears down. And even then I sometimes fail at staying strong. Everyone is different. Everyone heals differently and expresses their need for help differently, but that doesn't make their hurt any less than someone else's. I know this was posted years ago, but thank you for this Kati!

  7. "it's all in your head, you just have to ignore it"… If I COULD I think I WOULD'VE! Do you think, I want to freak out and think I'm gonna every once a week?!

  8. Am I faking it if it comes back and leaves for a little bit and then comes back…? I feel so bad because I would feel like a bad person if im faking it, but I feel like it comes back and goes away and then comes back… I am so confused and sad and angry

  9. Today, for the first time ever, I've gained the courage to tell a professional about my feelings. I've bottled my feelings up for the last 2 years, but lately I've watched your videos on depression, and decided that I really need help. Guess I'm just proud of myself

  10. The fact that the writer of the post actually had the permission to post it is worrying. It's literally a post about how you should stop caring about your mental illness.

  11. I have did and have been trying to get my parents to listen but they won't even consider listening. Like I'm sorry losing a shit ton of time scares me? I just don't talk about my issues with them anymore because they shoot it down. "it's called hormones you'll grow out of it trust me I studied psychology" ummmm since when did hormones cause full fledged alters my friends know by name and dissociation and amnesia?

  12. Thank you so much for all your awesome videos you put out each week they are so enlightening and encouraging. Keep it up!!! Its a blessing for people especially if they don't have insurance to pay for therapy. Your wonderful! God Bless you for all the insight you bring to people and their own awareness into mental health.

  13. The reason I think mental illness as a whole is bullshit is because I can relate to the people that express their mental problems and I have experienced symptoms very similar to theirs but it depends on how you look at it. If I wanted to I could look at my symptoms and blame it on mental illness, I meet a lot of the symptoms. People that believe in mental illness refuse to think people can go through the same exact thing as them and have a different outlook on the situation and not blame mental illness. Unless we come to the same conclusion as them we DONT know what it's like and we don't understand! Yes! I do know what it's like!

  14. when someone goes to the doctor feeling stressed, depressed or anxious and the doc will tell you its genetic, you have a bio chemical imbalance in the brain and psychiatric drugs are going to fix it. Well you’ll be surprised to learn that the only chemical imbalance in the brain is the one put it there by the psychiatrist. We do not have any evidence that any routine mental health problem like depression, anxiety and even Schizophrenia has anything to do with a chemical imbalance. We can’t even measure one……where did this idea come up from? We know the answer, it was made up by the drug companies and the very first one was Eli Lilly (Prozac). He was sending his paid physicians out into the world to say that depression was caused by a chemical imbalance. The idea was that it would block the removal of serotonin in the active places called the synapse and that’s supposed to mean that you’re going to puddle serotonin, you’re going to increase serotonin. Well in fact, the brain doesn’t like serotonin puddling in its synapse and the brain responds by stop producing serotonin, less sensitive to serotonin. From the beginning it was a PR claim that people had chemical imbalances and that Prozac is going to fix it.

    People who have emotional problems, you and me, we do not have anything wrong in our brains. Psychiatric drugs are creating chemical imbalances in brains, they get into the normal brain and they change it. Whether its nicotine that youre smoking, alcohol that you’re drinking, caffeine. The drug is changing your brain and that’s why when you stop you get a withdrawal reaction because the drug has changed your brain.

    The drug cant be studied by showing that it corrects any chemical imbalances because we do not know of any chemical imbalances in the brain. The way a drug is studied is you find one that causes a chemical imbalance in the normal brain of a rat. It causes a chemical imbalance in the normal brain of the animal. It’s what all the psychiatric drugs do. They mess around in the brain, it’s a toxin in there and its changing things in the brain.

  15. Just remember that there ARE people out there that fake mental illness, or don’t fully grasp how bad a disorder is and think they have it when they’re experiencing normal things. If someone seems to bring up their “mental illness” so people feel sorry for them or constantly talk about it in a way that makes you feel they’re doing it for attention, you have the right to be annoyed. Here is this person who thinks it’s okay to feign a mental illness for attention even though they aren’t suffering from it. Also remember that if they’re doing something so drastic for attention, there’s probably another problem there, just not the one they’re claiming.

  16. When you are the type of person to say you are depressed and then go out drinking with your friends the next day. You are not depressed. You are an attention seeking or you don’t know what depression actually fuckin is.

  17. Sometimes my anxiety gives me anxiety. Like, what if i am faking my anxiety and i dont realize? This video gives me anxiety that might not even exist. What if i think i have anxiety but in reality im just a sociopath trying to convince myself i have anxiety. What if all of my friends know im "faking" my anxiety that i didnt even know that didn't exist…oof

  18. This may be nit picky, but I really hate it when I ask for help with my depression or I share that I have been struggling and people respond with “yeah, it’s that time of year.” Not every depression is seasonal! I have been depressed in the brightest days of summer and the dark days of winter both.

  19. If someone tells people online that they are suffering and have no one to talk to, and people offer help, and they ignore the helpers and pretend like they never existed and continues to seem lonely, are they faking it? I'm really just curious.

  20. I think articles and people like that are extremely damaging to people will mental illnesses. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and going through the process of being diagnosed with PTSD; however, in my darkest moments, I am hounded by the belief I am faking it. It’s very difficult to feel terrified while also detaching yourself and berating yourself for “faking” it.

  21. the Person who wrote the article probally is just really Angry at the People who romatisize mental illnesses … or at least i hope so because it seems a lot like it

  22. A hit dog gon' holler. 💅

    If the person with this "mental illness" is a female, Caucasian, and upper middle to upperclass…theyre probably faking it😆
    They want to be marginalized so bad. They want to be intresting so bad. Etc.

    Also, if articles like the one in this video "offends" this person… offends them because it applies to them.
    Again, a hit dog will holler
    Just sayin'☕

  23. "be better human… Just saying" this whole video made my heart so happy but this quote spoke to me on a spiritual level!

  24. I don't necessarily agree with all the things you said but bottom line – if people are desperately seeking for attention then there is some severe problem underneath it and you should kindly lead them into seeking help. They need to realize that they need real help, not just outside validation. But still, try some empathetic treatment towards attention seeking individuals as long as it's not threatening you.

  25. What I don't get is why they get so annoyed by mentally ill people looking for help online. I mean, if you hate the person, you can block /unfollow them if you cant feel empathy and they are filling your dash with drama. It's not like they are a coworker or something.
    That's what I do with the witch hunters in Twitter or the YouTube critics

  26. Thank you for reacting to this, stigma IS still a big problem. That's why I hide it – I can't get better from a diagnosis of bipolar 1, I'm stuck with it!

  27. i haven’t been diagnosed but i have a lot of symptoms of Pure O OCD . my mind has switched from what i believe was magical thinking to ROCD and even (the worst for me) POCD . i want to get help , but as soon as i made that decision my mind shut down and said “NO NO NO ! YOU ARE FAKING YOUR SYMPTOMS ! ITS NOT REAL AND YOU’RE AN AWFUL PERSON FOR FAKING PURE O OCD !” so i found this video and it’s helped me . i’m a little scared about going to therapy now because of my thoughts saying these things to me .. but i wanna do it . i know that something’s wrong . thank you for your videos .

  28. This is so validating! OMG I wish I was faking it. Like I really want to suffer. This right here is why I hate hearing the phrase "stop playing the victim". Who's playing, Yo! I once had a friend asked me what's my deal with my struggle was. This before I even knew or understood mental illness, I explained to her the 'lemons' of my life. She then literally told me to stop playing the victim. Immediately I felt ashamed to be me. Fast forward to yeeeeears later I had a psychologist state in the assessment he gave me that I "over reported symptoms and might be lying". I was in shock! I went into this assessment thinking I'm going to swallow my pride and be fully honest and open, only then will I get the proper help and support I need. Why would I lie about stuff n things I'm soooooo ashamed to suffer with. I pretended all my life that I was "fine" and at 32yrs I was completely overwhelmed with so many things I experienced and didn't understand that I had to fake didn't exist. SMH

  29. My eating disorder gave me attention i didnt want. I passed out by starving myself and i hit the table and got a black eye, so naturally people asked and i told only one or two people. Word spread and people asked me why i starved myself and this girl was talking abt weight and she pointed at me and said "well you are anorexic" out of the blue so i just sat back down a d kept quiet.

  30. Me: I’m always so tired no matter what I do, I hate myself, I’mTired of life right now and I was fine and now I feel like shit.
    My parents response: You’re a teen it’s normal to have mood swings and ups and downs.. that’s just life.
    Not what I’m trying to say I think it’s deeper than that

  31. I didn't dare to go to the doctor becuause I was terrified that I might just imagine or making my it up to gain attention. I was really paranoid and didn't trust myself at all, and hearing people say that "people fake depression" made me doubt myself even more, I was scared I was one of those who faked it. So it was very damaging for me those comments, even though they weren't directed towards me. I'm happy I finally contacted a doctor, because I was not okay at all.

  32. 9:45 you talked about how much practice it is to change behaviors. The last therapist I saw didn’t have that mindset. Hers was basically like “ if you don’t change within this year, we’ll send you to a mental hospital/asylum”

  33. I disagree with this video. First of all, the issue lies with self-diagnosis and exploiting your illness to others more than you try to tend to it yourself. You see this everywhere if you are a teenager like me; on Discord, Instagram, Reddit, etc. It’s tricky because there is a minority out there (like in all fields of anything) that are truly suffering. But, no doubt if you go to a high school or middle school, you know who I’m talking about. The people who demonstrate cries for help constantly and corner people with messages over the internet like, “I’m going to kill myself please help me” or “I’m sorry, goodbye”. Like I said, it’s hard to separate the real ones but I can respect the article for trying to address this issue. There’s no stigma against mental health being portrayed, only the call for self-awareness, anti-victimization and true clinical diagnosis.

  34. ok so i was always sure that i had bipolar and i went to the hospital and the doctor said i was close to being bipolar and i was to young to be diagnosed with it but my ex friend is giving me shit for it saying i'm making it up just because i haven't been diagnosed . how rude is this and should they self diagnose me with mood swings

  35. I have been in therapy for only 3 months collectively for more than one topic. A couple of weeks ago a ‘friend’ pressured me to go out on a get together for a few hours..And I had a rash of panic attacks and realized I WAS NOT ready for that. Now, I don’t know how to explain to my friend what happen and why I haven’t returned her IMs or texts. I feel horrible but, frankly, I don’t care. Now that I am sober and living a new life after my family died…I have nothing in common with her and would like to sever ties completely. Now what?

  36. Thank you so much for this!! It’s a comfort to hear this! That’s what I worry about when I post things about anxiety and depression. I totally don’t wanna come off as attention seeking.

  37. I started watching these videos back when I was temping. Right now I am between jobs and I have been between therapists for even longer. I'm trying not to lean too hard on my friends for things like this. I mean if I need a copy editor I know who to go to, but it is not always o.k. to put people into the role of therapist. While videos on youtube are not therapy these do help contextualize things. Well, some anyway. Others are more for people with different diagnoses.

  38. # 9 makes no sense. If you got into therapy and are on medication, you are 100% not faking it for attention because you have been diagnosed by a professional.

  39. I have these 2 Girls in my class and they are the #depressed Girls who will post stuff like that and Will say in front of the Class like "I struggle with depression and Cut myself and have anxiety"

  40. Mental Illness and wanted an Attention? This is a serious Topic. Why would somebody suffering from a mental illness and posted it online to get everybody attention? it is a Mental Illness, Maybe it is a symptoms of their illness not to get everyone attention. I don't post my problems online and try to get everyone's attention. I'm not attention seeking Bastard. I hate attention and making it a big deal as if it is a national issues. I Experience How it feels to be Humiliated online or on National TV and Im not doing this to get everyone's attention. I experience being Discriminated, having a stigma and being attacked and Humiliated On National TV or online. Why would i put myself in a Bad situations, Seeking attention of Those People who can never do something to help me? Do you think posting your Illness or problems online is an act of seeking attention? for what? Im not trying to get everybody's Attention. Ordinary People Cant Do Anything To Help me with my Situations. I will never post my problems or illness online just to get everybody's Attention.

  41. thanks this actually sorta made me calm down and feel better. i was really freaking out and on verge of tears (i havent been able to cry for months) because i feel like im faking everything and its my fault and i talk too much or not at all and aaa its wrong to talk but wrong to stay quiet but double wrong to stay quiet and aaaaa. but wouldnt saying youre a faker count as reverse psychology and tbh no matter how much i tried myself to not freak out itd come back to me thinking i was always the manipulative one. thanks for clearing up my thoughts kati. its so hard when i see people move on with their days, keep quiet and function i feel so pathetic.

  42. I think there is something to the article actually. You can be working on your mental illness or not working on it. People can use mental illness status as a crutch just like people use physical illnesses or people without mental illness just "having a bad day" – it happens and with the social media YouTube channels, it has become a problem for "attention seekers" – so yeah, when it really is mental illness we should be understanding but sometimes people lie.

  43. H E H E I M A M I D D L E S C H O O L G I R L W H O H A S A P E R F E C T L I F E Y E T S O M E H O W I H A V E D E P P R E S I O N A N D A N X I E T Y I M S O C O O L

    Like for real. Depression/anxiety are serious illnesses, and they are not to be faked to get attention. People who fake illnesses like these agitate me because some people ACTUALLY have these illnesses, and are bullied, put under pressure, having suicidal thought, etc. People who fake these illnesses also agitate me because they think that having them is “trendy”, but it really isn’t. If you fake depression, anxiety, etc, please stop. It’s not cool.

  44. Youtubers will literally say they have no friend when they do videos like SUBSCRIBE TO MY FRIENDS

    And say that their so depressed and they cut their selves


    Hey ! I'm depressed I done self harm at a young age because my parents are going through a tough divorce because my dad abused my mum!

    This is not to offend anyone

  45. hm, I've been wondering this.
    I have literally all the symptoms, and they affected me before I even learned about it.
    But there's always been a creeping feeling that I might be faking it, I'm not sure why.
    It's more of the things I do, like self-harm for attention.
    Don't attack me for saying this, I do it as a way of
    asking for help without asking for help,
    after doing that the thought of fake
    depression came to me.
    I feel like a horrible

  46. what if the attention thing is important? It could be because their parents or loved ones dont give them attention. Idk I just thought about this.

  47. My baby sister has bad anxiety she can even pay for her own stuff at the store without panicking and she's an asshole for not going to a party because she's panicking. Wow fucking wow.

  48. tbh i shar alot of my stories since i wanna talk about it but people says their fake and im doing it for attention but i just wannt alk about it.. im gonna join therapy

  49. It’s just so dumb. Society is telling people with mental problems or people wo are in a crisis to talk about it and if you do society is like „You just want attention!“, „People wo talk about suicidal thoughts don’t commit suicide“
    Why doesn’t society see the irony ?
    You tell everyone to talk about it and if they do theres literally no one there to help!
    I‘m so sick of all the Stigmas referring to mental health!
    (Sorry if there are grammatical errors English is not my first language)

  50. I feel so nervous and anxious because I have a therapy appointment next month and Im scared. Idk what to tell my therapist. Suddenly I feel like I faked everything.

  51. I don’t know if I’m depressed or if it’s just in my head. I’ve not told anyone I’m depressed just in case I don’t have depression. I also don’t want people thinking I’m faking it just for attention, because that’s the thing I don’t want. I’d rather keep it to myself so no one can make those stupid judgments.

  52. I have schizophrenia. I had very early symptoms and my dad ignored it and didnt allow me to get help when I needed it. It was brushed off as normal teenager behavior. He finally listened a little bit when I failed my first semester of college because I was having such a hard time. I didnt want to leave my room because I wasnt acting normal. I could hear things and VERY RARELY see things other people could not and sometimes i would react. Or I would be so depressed I couldnt get out of bed. Or anxious that I didnt wanna be in a room full of people I dont know. I was going to therapy finally in college because it was provided for free since I lived on campus. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and my sister found out and mentioned it to my dad. He finally thought it was a possibility but i had already left college and moved out to live with my mother in a different state. Now my mother is a great support system, but shes doubting I have schizophrenia because I dont experience full blown psychosis or certain symptoms everyday. Mental health is not something that is easy to understand, even with the most understanding people. Its so hard to talk about. I dont have therapy. Medication is cheaper than therapy so I tried that route and finding the right one was hard, especially since Im younger so they have to try the low end of things first. Its so frustrating.

  53. Sometimes talking about your mental illness can mark you as an easy target for people that may want to use, hurt, or manipulate you.

  54. "You're not trying to get better." As if we know what it is that we need to do. Mental illness can come with memory issues, confusion, etc. Sometimes we're too out of it to even do anything about it! I know I have days where I cannot even think. Tell me, person, who wrote the article, how do you suggest someone tried to get better on a day where they cannot even form coherent thoughts?

  55. I don't think it's right to fake depression or anxiety for attention. I myself have depression and anxiety and it's literally a living hell, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

  56. I go through chronic pains everyday because of my anxiety I can't help but to be depressed, every time I feel good or on top of the world, all it takes is a thought and I'm back to square one. No one should fake mental illness because it's a serious issue and not a joke

  57. I had a terrible therapist named Emily (like I hated her) she would ask me what time it was every five seconds, if you're reading this, yes it's me and I really hate you and you're the reason I'm scared of doing therapy now..

  58. I don't know about other schools, but my school constantly makes suicide, depression, anxiety, and ptsd jokes, it's really gross. And I get especially frustrated when they joke about it and then say how much they liked euphoria and 13rw like it just feels so gross

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