CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta performs brain surgery in Nepal

17 thoughts on “CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta performs brain surgery in Nepal

  1. This is actually what he went to school for. He is a Neurological Surgeon.
    Graduate of U of M
    Just because his reporting isn't top notch, doesn't mean he is not an excellent surgeon……..
    Good for him to go there and help, that was really thoughtful.

  2. The problem is there is no need to film it. WHY????? A life is at risk. How much Infection Control was involved with camera and crew. If this happened in this country it would be blasted as unethical. No need to film this! Yes he is a surgeon, but I bet in his heart of hearts he was thrilled to be part of, if not the story. "First do no harm"! I think using  surgery for a news story is DOING HARM! My opinion, we are all entitled to one. CNN would do ANYTHING LITERALLY ANYTHING for a story!!!!!

  3. I respect Dr. Gupta but if it is true then it's very bad. Just read a news saying he actually did not performed the surgery. It was done my Dr. Rajib jha from Bir hospItal ,Gupta was a second assistant during the operation(for observation only), for this fake news Dr.Jha had already given warning to gupta and he had appozised. I respect for the news coverage but publising a fake news for reputed cnn is not a good thing.

  4. He did not perform the surgery! He requested the actual surgeon Dr Jha to be there as a journalist of CNN not a doctor. Misusing the footage to be a hero when he's clearly not. He lost my respect and trust for all the reportings he had done in the past!

  5. mr gupta did you mention how you pursuaded medical team in bir hospital to be part of this surgery for news sake……and after a long you were given the permission to be part of surgery team as a second assistant……if you really are Dr. you should know that second assistants are there only as helpers not taking part in the actual surgery ….you were there just to watch……..BUNCH OF GLORY HUNTERS FOR NEWS SAKE………CNN why dont you inquire the legitimacy of the news before broadcasting……….

  6. if watching a surgery meant doing it …….i would be superman,spiderman,a doctor,a bus, a tyre,a microwave oven….but i am not and neither did you mr sanjay gupta perform any surgery……CNN broadcasting such fake news…….what if the authority were to file a case on this news????

  7. This is yellow journalism. Please do not do this for the sake of propaganda and coming to lights. Because of such journalist, CNN will lose its popularity

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