7 thoughts on “Claire Scrubs In for Her First Surgery – The Good Doctor

  1. Love Claire so much! I'm so proud of her! This episode was great it made me smile and it made me very sad. The ending was depressing. Knowing Claire she will blame herself for her mother's death. I want Shaun to be by her side. Though I initially thought Claire and Melendez would make a good pair after season 2 I feel Shaun and Claire are perfect for each other. I hope they end up together!

  2. honestly wasn't expecting the ending at all, the good doctor has outdone themselves once again, Claire can't be happy for one second

  3. Please fix the streaming of the show. I have Dish cable service and last week half the episode was aired without any sound. And this week's episode is looking really weird. There is a black line going up the screen and sometimes the screen blacks out. It only happens with this show and this channel. Idk what's happening 😅

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