Cholecystectomy | Gallbladder Removal Surgery | Nucleus Health

Cholecystectomy | Gallbladder Removal Surgery | Nucleus Health

(opening music plays) NARRATOR: The gallbladder is a pear-shaped pouch underneath your liver. With the liver, it attaches to the small intestine through a series of tubes called ducts. Bile, a substance made by the liver to break down fat, is stored in the gallbladder. When fatty food from a meal reaches the small intestine, the gallbladder releases bile into it to help digest the fat. Cholecystectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the gallbladder. It is usually done when there is evidence of gallbladder disease, such as gallstones… …or polyps. It is also done for biliary dyskinesia, which is a condition where the gallbladder doesn’t work properly. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy requires only small, keyhole incisions through the abdomen, known as ports. To reach the gallbladder, the surgeon will insert tubes called trocars through these ports. One port is usually located at the navel, or umbilicus. Carbon dioxide gas pumped through the umbilical port will inflate the abdomen, so its contents can be viewed more easily. Next, your surgeon will insert the laparoscope through the umbilical port. Images from its camera will be transmitted to a video monitor in the operating room. Using instruments passed through other ports, your surgeon will grasp the gallbladder, clip off its main artery and duct, drop it into a specimen bag, and remove it through one of the ports. After the laparoscope is removed, a port value will be left in place briefly, to allow all of the carbon dioxide to escape from the abdomen. The incisions will be closed with sutures, followed by skin glue or skin closure tape. If there are complications with your laparoscopic procedure, your surgeon will switch to an open procedure with a larger incision.

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  1. தமிழ் மொழியில் வந்தால் நல்ல முறையில் புரிந்து கொள்ள முடியும்

  2. I had this done a few months ago. It was nothing at all, no pain and quick recovery. I had to spend a week in the hospital before the surgery because my pancreas was infected from having gallstones blocking stuff. First they removed the stones through my throat, that was terrible. They use a local anesthesia for that and you're not supposed to feel or remember any of the procedure but I felt and remembered every bit of them sticking a huge tube thingy down my throat and removing the stones.
    I was also not allowed to eat for the week while I was in the hospital awaiting surgery. Nothing, not even a glass of water. Only IV fluids were allowed. That part really sucked.
    The openings they made healed up nicely and other than the one in the center of my chest are unnoticeable (I tell people that's where I got stabbed in prison).
    If you're watching this because you are about to have the surgery or think it might be an option, don't be worried or scared of it. I hate going to the hospital and frankly am terrified of surgery but this was nothing to be worried about at all. The waiting is the worst part. Once they wheel you into the surgical suite and put the mask on your face, it's done. You wake up and it's like nothing happened. They'll give you pain medication if needed but I really didn't. The actual surgery takes about 30 minutes total.
    They'll keep you in the hospital till they're sure you've stopped bleeding and have had a bowel movement.
    I had bleeding issues but the doc fixed the incision with some tape. I didn't poop but lied and said I did, they let me go home the same day as the surgery. Pooping happened once I was home and had actually eaten something to poop!

  3. i removed my gallbladder through laparoscopic surgery.there was alittle pain after surgery.after two days i was able to move without any pain.after 1 week of eating watery foods i started to eat everything i wanted and it had no pain and bad feeling in my stomach. don't listen to negative comments.i have absolutely no problem.

  4. I'm having alot of pain lately 🙁 Doctors did an ultrasound and found gallstones, but im still waiting to have an appointment with the surgeon. How is the before and after surgery? How did you guys feel? Is it worth it? I'm scared 🙁

  5. Had mine removed almost a year ago. Had a 1 inch stone in there. I was terrified to have surgery, but it was so fast and the recovery was so easy. Luckily mine wasn’t infected or anything so it went as smooth as possible. I was discharged just a few hours after surgery and stayed home from work for a week, but I honestly could have gone back sooner because I recovered so fast. If you’re nervous about having this surgery, don’t be. It’s completely routine and SO many have had it done with no issues.

  6. i had this done this week! still sore and hard to move around but i can very well take care of myself. my only issue is i am /terrified/ of eating fatty food because i was told i'd get diharea real bad after doing so…. which doesn't seem to be the issue as i'm having it no matter what so…. i find that it's hard to find foods i like that are low in fat or no fat. yawning/sneezing seems to hurt. and my left outer thigh seems to be going numbish but had looked it up and seems that maybe a nerve could've gotten knicked and is currently healing itself. I have a follow up appointment in a few days so i will definitely mention it to them then. kinda sucks having something so "life changing" near your birthday and valentines day eh?

  7. I just had my gallbladder removal surgery 5 days ago. The first two days are the hardest. I'll say I really didn't feel a lot of pain because I stayed on top of my pain medication. I was just really sore. You will not feel any internal pain. Well at least I didn't feel any. Just pain and soreness on the incision area. The recovery is really fast. Day 5 and I feel good! After day 4 I no longer needed my pain medication. Just walk and move around every two hours.

  8. I had to stand 2 hoursr after surgery because the nurse had to put new sheets wow!! That was the worse pain i couldn't even walk i wanted to faint because the pain was so painfull

  9. This was not fun. I remember that like it was yesterday. I was out of school for 6- 1 year. To get it done.

  10. I had mine done yesterday. When I woke up I was a little sore from the incisions. I dont have any problems after day 1 and I can eat normal. Coughing hurts a little but holding a pillow helps. Make sure your surgeon team are experts.

  11. I had mines removed last month, and honestly I was so nervous but there wasn’t much pain. I had two previous c sections which were far more uncomfortable. I literally walked around the mall after I left the hospital. I was scared to get trapped gas. It’s just a tender, sore type of feeling. The Pain was bout a 4 the day after. I only took the pain medicine at night to help me get comfortable to lay down.

    Honestly if you’re getting this surgery don’t be nervous it’s not that bad. Depending on your anatomy they can remove it from your belly button. However if they have to remove it right where the rib is then that’s another story.

  12. Got mines done today so far so good just very very sore. I just pray I don’t have any future complications. My surgeon said everything went great so I’m thankful just a little of a hypochondriac 😩

  13. My father had this kind of surgery but when he went to his regular check up, he was diagnosed with a cancer stage 4. Please pray for him.

  14. I had mine done twice! Folks, listen up, when they remove the gallbladder, the typical cut off line is not close to the main bile duct(as cutting off that duct requires a major surgery fix and at least one month recovery). So surgeon typically left 1/10th of gallbladder attached for obvious reason. Meaning there are possible stones left in that 1/10th sac(that was 6 years ago). So I got virus infection through bad eating this year, the 1/10th stone started to push through the main duct and pain again. I had to do it again. This time, due to the proximity of the main duct, it had to be done by a senior and more experienced surgeon. The 2nd time is definitely tricky as there are old scar tissues around(which surgeon cannot easily see it). But I got lucky, because I was slim, there wasn’t any fatty tissues around, surgeon was able to identify the spot, I was in and out under 1.5hr. Fully recovered now. Eating healthy and no more greasy junk. I want to share this so that my fellow gallstone patients are aware of this potential re-surgery.

  15. mujha koi Fark nhi pada- 25mm, 29mm 4mm 7mm ki patri thi, Sab try krna ka vaad maina last me ik Our Ayurveda ki dawa li 2800rs ki tab 2 months se sab nikal gyi,

  16. I’m having mine on the 19th and I’m nervous I have an overactive gallbladder no gallstones and I’m nervous as hell

  17. The surgery isn't too full on. I was in the hospital for 2 days. It's been a week and I already feel better. The pains are nothing compared to what you feel when you have a gallstone attack. The drugs they use to knock you out may render you impotent after you wake up an you might have troubles passing urine. If that happens they'll need to use a catheter (it is common for men). When they send you home you'll Just want to avoid anything too fatty for about a week to 2 weeks so you don't have nasty diarrhea.

  18. Bro I just had this done, if anyone is looking at this and is abt to get it done, just want to let you know it doesn’t hurt

  19. honesty it’s so worth it to get removed. the unbearable pain of having stones and excess biliary is far worse than getting cut open

  20. Just got my gallbladder removed yesterday it hasnt even been 24 hours yet. I woke up in pain couldn't open my eyes I guess because the anesthesia.
    Started panicking & crying but calmed and went back to sleep. Woke up again and started panicking and crying and was back asleep then i was woke by a nurse saying did i need any medicine for the pain and i got that.
    Surgery was really fast less than an hour long . Surgeon went through my belly button and pulled my gallbladder out through there. Which im very suprised about because this one surgeon he said he was going to put 3 holes so make sure you find a Surgeon that's going to do less holes meaning less pain. Im starting to feel better now but belly button still hurts will
    Update soon💙

  21. My father has to get his gall bladder out at the end of this month. I hope all goes well when he undergoes this surgery.
    EDIT 8/28/19: Dad has gone through the procedure just fine, and was out the same day he underwent the surgery. He is currently at home resting.

  22. I had this procedure 2 days ago, and the most complex for me is the post pain connected to it. Stay encouraged, and f/u on your discharge instructions.

  23. I had my gallbladder taken out when I was 16 Bc it was blocked and it was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life and my first surgery I’ve ever had.

  24. Gallbladder(stone) shrinkage doctor said not possible to remove thourgh laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
    what should i do??
    Is there any other methods expect open surgery.

  25. Once When I Was 6 Years Old I Had My Gallbladder Removed I Woke Up After My Surgery I Didn’t Remembered Anything And I Was In Pain After My Surgery And I Was Vomiting A Lot After I Had Gallbladder Removed After My Surgery I Stared Vomiting I Had Stones In My Gallbladder Was Blocking My Stomach So I Couldn’t Poop I Was Having Abdominal Pain And I Thought It Was Kidney Stones But It Wasn’t Kidney Stones And I Had An X- Ray It Was My Gallbladder Was Full Of Stones Was Blocking My Poop In Painfully Abdominal Pain And I Literally Started Vomiting Badly And I Was Hospitalizated For 6 Days. And My Classmates And My Family Came To Visit Me At The Hospital And I Was Happy To See Them All Here With Me And I Had To Missed A Week Of School Because Of Hospitalizations.
    And I Wasn’t Allowed To Eat Anything For A Week And I Was In The Hospitalized For 6 Days And All I Can Just Drink Water And Ginger Ale And Three Days Later And I Literally Just Started Vomiting During Hospitalizations At The Age Of 6 Years Old And I Had Pepsi And I Had To Eating Through A Tube Of Liquid Food Only (No Solid Food) And Four Days Later I Can Go Home From The Hospitalization And I Went Home After My Hospitalization I Didn’t Remembered Anything After Hospitalizations And Surgery And I Was Nervous Before My Surgery And I Didn’t Remembered Anything And I Didn’t Recognized Nobody I Went To Sleep After Hospitalization And I Was High After My Surgery And I Can Eat Soild Food Again And Now I Can Eat Whatever Want And I Woke Up After My Surgery I Had A Really Bad Sore Throat And My Bellybutton Was Really Sore And I Started Having Diarrhea And Vomiting And I Had Stomachaches And Headaches And Sore Throats I Had To Take Medicine For Stomach Pains And I Was Feeling A Lot Better. Three Days I Was Allowed To Back To School And Went Back To The Hospital For 7 Years For A Other Hospitalization Because I Had My Appendix Removed On (January 29 2010) In Hospitalization For 7 Days. And I And Three Days Later School Is Out For Summer And Had Missed The Whole Summer Because I Was Still Stuck In The Hospital Of Hospitalizations. Now I’m 15 Years Old Of 2019 That Happened On (June – July- August Of 2010) (I Was 6 Years Old) And My Appendicitis Surgery I Was In Hospitalizations For 7 Days That Happened On (January 29 2010) And I Swallowed My Tooth I Was 6 Years Old I Was In Hospitalizations For 8 Days On (November 27 2010) And I Swallowed A Penny I Was 5 Years Old I Was In Hospitalizations For 9 Days On (December 8 2009) I Was 10 Years Old I Had My Tonsillectomy Surgery I Was In Hospitalizations For 4 Days On (October 29 2014) And I 14 Years Old I Had My Armpit Surgery I Was In Hospitalizations For 5 Days On (January 13 2019) I’m 15 Years Old I Had Leg Surgery And I Was In Hospitalizations On (May 30 2019) I Was 13 Years Old I Had My Ear Surgery I Was In Hospitalizations For 3 Days On (January 23 2018) I Was 7 Years Old I Had Nose Surgery I Was In Hospitalizations For 8 Days On (March17 2011)🤕😷🤒👩🏼‍⚕️👨🏻‍⚕️🏫🚑🚨

  26. Hi everyone .i ben diagnose gallbladder polyp 3 years a go.i have problem with my stomach I git constipation and my stomach very crumping and pain I Ben to the hospital to check my gallbladder it’s 4:5 mm its stay same but I have problems dhe Doktor in hospital it’s say it’s fine when I’m ill .i want to remove because always tired and ill.anyone cane advise about dhe gallbladder polyp thank you

  27. I would like to know my doctor said you had gallbladder. sometimes it’s difficult to breathing do you think it’s cost for gallbladder

  28. Rolling my eyes since now I am told I need to do the procedure. Of course doc told me everything will be okay.

  29. I just got this surgery done 2 weeks ago, I only had 1 gallstone so I may not have had it as bad as others but it was the best thing I ever did! Recovery sucks but it’s very short. Good luck everyone!

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  31. I am 23 weeks pregnant and I just had this surgery done yesterday. My babys is okay and i am recovering. It is painful after surgery for sure

  32. It says you need a gallbladder removal surgery if you have:
    -Gallblader Disease (Gallstone, polyps)
    -or gallbladder dont work properly or it is known as Biliary dyskinesia.
    I dont need to remove mine because it works fine and normal.

  33. Mine was removed a year ago. If I had known what I know now, getting my gallbladder removed was my last option. I’d try natural/herbal medicine or I’ll see a Holistic Dr who’d try to heal you first before taking anything from your holy body. Because of what happened to me, I became more knowledgeable about so many benefits of plants that God made us as food and medicine. Do your own research before the conventional Drs scare you that you need to do surgery ASAP…

  34. Jesus people, just do a gallbladder flush. You need your gallbladder to digest fat, who wants to be have to take ox bile their entire life to digest fat. I had 100s of stones come out on my first flush.

  35. I have gallbladder stones (few millimeters) and the doctor suggest surgery. Has anybody removed the stones without surgery? Any natural cleaning? I read some stuff in internet. Im so scary to remove the gallbladder. Millimeters stones i think it might have any option to remove without surgery..

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