♪ (hard rock music) ♪ – “When did you change, Wendy? You’ve aged. I thought you’d never grow up.
I thought you’d never.” – I don’t know what this is.
It sounds like Peter Pan though. – Giving me some Peter Pan vibes. – The artist was once close
with Wendy and now, over time, they’ve grown apart. – This is mainly just about people
when they get older, they start to change. – Oh, okay. I know this song. – Chance the Rapper, “Same Drugs.” – “Window closed. Wendy got old. I was too late. I was too late. A shadow of what I once was.” This reminds me of a breakup song now. You grew out of me
and now I can’t be with you. – Obviously, it’s clearly
a Peter Pan reference. Peter goes to the window to get Wendy, and then, at the end, Wendy’s all old. – I was too late to talk
to you about stuff and now you’re gone
and you left me behind. – He was too busy having his own fun and now that he comes back,
she is, you know, in a different mindset. – When you hear that,
“a shadow of what I once was,” you’re not everything you used to be. – “‘Cause we don’t do
the same drugs no more. We don’t do the–
we don’t do the same drugs, do the same drugs no more. She don’t laugh the same way no more.” – Aaah! I know this song! Chance the Rapper, “Same Drugs.” Because it said: ♪ ‘Cause
we don’t do the same drugs no more ♪ – They could literally mean drugs, or it could literally–
it could mean their experiences that they shared together. – And when you’re with that person,
you just kind of feel high from each other in a way and maybe they
don’t get that same sensation. – I didn’t realize
what song this was! (laughing) (wheezing) It’s Chance the Rapper,
“Same Drugs.” He’s my favorite. – “Where did you go? Why would you stay? You must have lost your marbles.
You always were so forgetful.” – He’s looking for her now. He’s like, you know, I want you,
but where are you? I don’t know where to start. – “You must have lost your marbles”
could also mean you’re crazy. – It’s a reference to Hook, the movie where one
of the characters lost his marbles. – Maybe she’s forgetful
about the things he’s done for her and, you know, what he’s
put on the line for her. – “In a hurry, don’t wait up. I was too late. I was too late. A shadow of what I once was.” – “‘Cause we don’t–
we don’t do what we say we’re gonna. You were always perfect
and I was only practice.” – He’s basically still saying
I’m trying to come to you, but don’t wait for me. I still want you to live your life. – You plan something and you’re like,
oh, we’re going to do this here. Oh, or like a date,
but then when it comes up they’re like, nah, sorry,
I can’t do this right now. Overall, really sad song. – “You were always perfect
and I was only practice.” Now that part was what struck me. I felt that all in the chest area. – He’s talking about how perfect she is, and that he was just a stepping stone. – She was always perfect
in what she wanted and he was just only a try-out
to see if that’s what she wanted in life. – “Don’t you miss the days, stranger? Don’t you miss the days?
Don’t you miss the danger?” – The artist is longing for Wendy. – It’s sad, you know. You have these relationships
with people and then one day they’ll just be another stranger. – When you are close with someone,
or just anyone in general, a friend, relationship, and you feel
like they’re a stranger to you, that’s like the saddest thing sometimes. – “Don’t you miss the days”–
just, he’s asking her if she misses the time they had together. – We used to have good times,
and now you’re all ugh. And it’s not the same anymore. We can’t continue what we had. It stopped. Those are just now memories.
We can no longer be what we were. – “Don’t forget the happy thoughts. All you need is happy thoughts. The past tense, past bedtime.” – “Way back then when
everything we read was real and everything we said rhymed.” – That is a reference to, you know,
Peter Pan, you know, with Tinkerbell. When you get the pixie dust,
you think of happy thoughts and it helps you fly. – It’d probably mean if you
actually think positive at all times you’ll be truly happy. – A lot of people have
the fear of being forgotten after a relationship. She doesn’t want to be forgotten, or you don’t want to forget
the memories, the happy times. – “The past tense, past bedtime,”
he’s saying, you know, when he refers to the relationship,
it’s always, you know, in the past. – “And everything we said rhymes,”
the artist is saying Wendy and the artist
were in sync and just– they worked perfectly,
they were coercive and everything was great
about their relationship. – “Wide eyed kids being kids. Why did you stop? What did you do to your hair? Where did you go to end right back here? When did you start to forget how to fly?” – Why did you stop being a wide eyed kid? Why did you stop being happy? – Why did you stop believing? Why did you stop
having the happy thoughts? When did everything change for you
and when did all the bad times, all the bad things, start to happen? – To end right back here,
I think he’s saying that’s not a good place,
so she’s somehow, you know, brought herself back to, you know,
this negative place to be. – “How to fly” is meaning
to how to have fun and how to live. – It’s kind of coming into adulthood
and realizing, oh yeah, we can’t do these things anymore
because we’re not kids, and then kind of realizing, well,
those were good times. Why did we have to stop? – “Don’t you color out. Don’t you bleed on out, oh. Stay in the line, stay in the line. Dandelion. We don’t do the–
we don’t do the same drugs, do the same drugs no more.” – Don’t lose out on who you are. – She’s just letting her life go instead of, you know,
being full of color, just being dull. – Wendy is conforming
to society’s standards. That’s why he’s saying “don’t color out”
because you’re conforming. – Don’t forget all the creativity. Don’t forget all the imagination
and the believing that you had to fly. We don’t live the same life anymore. Where before we were very fun,
we had tons of imagination as a kid, but the older you’re getting, you know, the more structured you’re becoming. – Looking at the lyrics
and really thinking about it, I think the “whole
same drugs” thing is like– they’re not physically drugs, but just more about
their whole relationship. – (FBE) So, overall, what do
you think the song was about? – To me, it sounds like
a metaphor off of Peter Pan about growing up and just people changing. – Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be like everyone else
because they’re telling you to or you have to be a certain way. – They kind of just grew apart in age or he feels like they lost
their youthfulness. When you have an old friend
that you might have grown up with and you guys are best friends,
but then you realize we’re just different people. We can’t go back to that. – (FBE) Do you know
the song’s title and artist? – No. – No. – No, I don’t and I’m sad. – I have no idea. – No. I feel like it’s an indie rock song. – “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper. – “Same Drugs” by Chance the Rapper. – (FBE) It’s called “Same Drugs”
by Chance the Rapper. – Oh, really? – What?! I’m sorry. Chance? – No! Is it? I knew I knew this somehow. I love Chance the Rapper. I’m a horrible fan. – I’ve heard Chance the Rapper,
but I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song before. – (FBE) “Same Drugs”
is about Chance’s relationship with a girl from his childhood. He’s realized they no longer share
the same interests and love that used to bond them and he’s comparing the relationship
to Peter Pan and Wendy. He’s looking back nostalgically
at the time they shared. – I mean, that’s– yeah. That’s kind of what I envisioned on this. – This song can mean a lot of things. You can apply it to a lot
of different situations and a lot of different relationships. I like it. It has a good meaning to it. – It makes you think
about your own relationships a little bit, just going back, you’re like, oh yeah,
I don’t talk to this person anymore. Or like, oh, we’re not the same anymore. – That means something in it
appeals to people because I think we’ve all had someone
in a point of our life that you just can’t even talk to them because your conversations is like–
there’s nothing we can talk about. – Thanks for watching us breakdown
“Same Drugs” on the React channel. – What song do you think
we should breakdown next time? Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys. – Hey, guys, I’m Katie,
a React channel producer. Thank you so much for watching. Now take a chance on us
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