Can Boric Acid Suppositories Treat a Vaginal Bacterial Infection?

Can Boric Acid Suppositories Treat a Vaginal Bacterial Infection?

The following program contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. I’ve heard boric acid suppositories can actually work for certain vaginal bacterial infections. Is this true? Actually, this one is true, it is! So she specifically asked about bacterial infections and sometimes when someone has recurrent bacterial vaginosis, also known as BV, we will give them boric acid. So we know that BV will cause women to have this fishy, white vaginal discharge and it’s because the balance between the good bacteria and bad bacteria is off in the vagina so it messes up your pH. Now I will say this is not first line treatment. We typically just do an antibiotic but if you have what we call recurrent BV, which is when you have three or more documented episodes within 12 months, then we may do the antibiotic plus we’ll try the boric acid. But if you purchase boric acid, remember that you can die if you consume it orally so make sure you keep it away from kids. So you can have it in a couple of different forms. It can come as a suppository or you can use it as a capsule but either way you’ll get this applicator and you just insert it into your vagina and it should help your pH. So I normally tell you not to feed your vagina, but when I do tell you to feed your vagina I recommend boric acid. (laughing) There you go! So there’s an exception to every rule. (clapping) Travis. The most interesting OBGYN in the world. (cheering) Oh dear.

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  1. Yes this works! I just started using it and that uncomfortable feeling we women get when we have either bv or a yeast infection is completely gone! Try for yourself. Many women have tried garlic etc and it didn't work or it provided very little relief. I was one of them, so if you've tried them all and want to try something different then try this

  2. This in all honestly WORKS!! I’ve been using it for years and it’s WAAAYYY better than those nasty antibiotics prescribed!! And it prevents it from coming back! Again it has been working for me with no side effects what-so ever other than when it leaks 🙄!

  3. An update boric acid started working in less than 24 hours within 2 days my symptoms were completely gone I’m amazed and I plan to keep a bottle at all times I used 600 boricap from Amazon it was 13 bucks why aren’t more people talking about this

  4. So drinking it will kill you… But shoving it up your vaginal cavity where your liver can't process what's absorbed? How does that work?

  5. I suffer from bv every 2-3 months… i get treated with flagl metrodinazole but it still comes back…. doctor says change ny diet but i dont eat green vegetables and dont eat fruits or drink water 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. I got BV (Bacterial vaginosis) for 5 years, I went ahead to try boric acid suppositories for the first time and bought different brands from Amazon, but only one in specific really helped me. After my period my ph would get thrown off every time & cause me to get bacterial vaginosis. HealthFare Feminiva is heaven sent!! I saw results in one night and it also came a few days early. It's amazing and I've personally referred all of my friends to it. It doesn't get better than this 100000000/10 recommend! Works fast & efficient.
    The price of the product is really amazing also, of course, a better deal. Just wanted to share here the nice results that I got with boric acid, finally something that really helped me! let me know if you need any help or have questions about the use of boric acid suppositories! I just want to help all the ladies!! You can find HealthFare Feminiva on Amazon, thank you!

  7. Can someone help me! I’ve been diagnosed with bv since February its now may and its still here and nothing have worked for me. Antibiotics (3x), boric acid supplements, etc. those didn’t work for me. I dont have the smell or discharge but a itch! Its so uncomfortable and i want it to stop, any advice?

  8. Also be sure to take a multivitamin with probiotics every day. I always take mine and have not had a yeast infection/bv since I was pregnant 13 years ago.

  9. Even if you had no sex you still can get the infections from laundry detergents and sweat, tight pants thongs and tights and bath tub soaks not fair

  10. All I can say is this stuff is a miracle in a bottle. Dam I can't believe this stuff really works. I mean NO SMELL AT ALL

  11. This audience is very expressive to say the least. Boric Acid has been known to work just make sure to educate yourself on all of the risks and precautions.

  12. Why thumb down this video? Really like to no these people's thought process cuz like wtf it was nothing but educational and useful information

  13. I never heard of boric acid until 2 days ago. I have had recurrent bv and yeast infections and antibiotics weren't cutting it. I used one yesterday and I'm already seeing improvement! I have no idea why my OBGYN never once mentioned it to me before!

  14. Aussie ladies, if you jump on ebay and have a look at the little blue jar of boric acid pessaries… oh my god I swear they saved my life! Best thing ever

  15. I personally wouldn’t use it because Boric Acid is also a roach killer…..not trying to poison my ovaries…but to each his own

  16. They're being immature cause they're hiding the fact that they have that problem. Come on y'all. We are adults here. Seriously.

  17. Doctors be like : I really want to help you , we don’t lie it’s called not telling the full truth. We care about you so much we want to see you keep spending to come up here than to use what I know will cure you for good ☠️

  18. Very true and its good for yeast infections as well
    Antibiotics actually cause some women to have yeast infections
    Buy the naturalblast on amazon

  19. The audience solidified for me that women rarely, if ever, talk to other women about vaginal hygiene, products, tips or tricks. The level of immaturity in that room is extremely puzzling because most of the women looked to be 30-50 years old.

    In my speculation, there is probably a HIGH RATE of women in the world with BV, a UTI, or a yeast infection struggling to properly treat them.

  20. I've been so frustrated with my vagina. I usually use oral meds to fight my chronic BV. And then about 40% of the time that course leads me to a yeast infection. My doctor finally prescribed boric acid (which is like $45 for a 6 month supply…is that the going rate?). She stressed not ingesting as it is very dangerous. She advised that I use it a couple of times a week. I am admittedly very nervous about it. I hope this question isnt dumb but since it's dangerous to ingest, is oral sex unsafe while using it? Also, have people had any experience with steams? Or how about Vitamin C vaginally? Any information is helpful as I am so ready to trade in my vagina or sew her up! 🤭

  21. Ladies,

    Boric acid is poison. It can cause cancer with long-term use.

    You can use fresh, raw garlic as a suppository. It serves the same purpose. Plus, it's way cheaper, it's way easier to get and it won't make you sick or kill you.

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