Breast Reconstruction Surgery – DIEP Flap

Breast Reconstruction Surgery – DIEP Flap

[MUSIC] An incision is made from hip to hip around
the skin, fat, and blood vessels that will be used
to reconstruct the breast. The tissue is separated from the muscle
and removed. The skin is stretched down to close the
abdomen. The tissue from the abdomen is
transplanted into the breast pocket. Blood vessels from the tissue are
connected to blood vessels in the chest, to provide blood circulation
for the new breast. Small surgical drains are inserted for
your body’s natural healing fluid. This results in a scar on the newly
reconstructed breast, on the abdomen from hip to hip, and around
the belly button. [MUSIC]

7 thoughts on “Breast Reconstruction Surgery – DIEP Flap

  1. I had this procedure on October 26th, 2010. I was diagnosed on 1/15/10 with invasive and in-situ ductal carcinoma when I was 48 in my left breast. This procedure was the only thing my surgeons talked about for me since before my mastectomy. I also had a skin and nipple sparing mastectomy so it looks pretty good (except for the scars). This surgery is better than implants, as they often have to be replaced at some point in the future.

  2. Good animation to demonstrate the procedure. One advantage of a DIEP Flap over a Tram Flap, which directly harvests the abdominal muscle is that a DIEP Flap surgery leaves the abdominal architecture fully intact.

  3. The excellent news for ladies. You are able to improve your breast 2 cup in size by using an 'Unusual' Breast Enhancement techniques.

  4. this option is what some people choose because of having Breast Cancer!!! I think that I would rather be more natural than to have IMPLANT'S which can break and become LIFE THREATENING!!! However I hope whatever method you choose for your body make's you a HAPPY CAMPER!!! 🙂

  5. I had this procedure done 17 years ago at Johns Hopkins with no complications and I've been more than satisfied with the results all these years.

  6. What is the yellow thing covering the breast? To me it looks like the multiplied dorito that probably caused the cancer.

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