Biologist: Religious Fundamentalism Could Be Mental Illness

a biologist says missus gonna cause some
controversy that religious fundamentalism could be
mental illness for a long time on this show we’ve been saying that the
line between fundamentalist religious beliefs and schizophrenic or otherwise disturbed
mental illness thai police is is a pretty blurry line and now and oxford
university researcher named kathleen taylor says that one day religious
fundamentalism may be considered and treated as eight curable mental illness you surprised even with your reactions
is offensive to you lose no uh… i’d just don’t know if if i would agree with that it seems
that if you’re a bit you’re boring andy something his drove into your brain
from day one right ito believing i wholeheartedly may not
necessarily be mental illness well let’s explore what she says further one of the surprises that made but more
to the surprises maybe to see people with certain beliefs is people who can
be treated someone who is for example become
radicalized to a cult ideology we might stop seeing that as a personal choice
that they’ve chosen out of pure free will and may start treating it as a sort
of mental disturbance in many ways it could be a very positive thing because there are no doubt beliefs in
our society that to happen a lot of damage and she says she’s not referring jester
obvious candidates like radical islam but he’s also including for example
christian beliefs that beating children is something that god is indicated they
should do we’ve talked about a lot of those stories that all of that could be uh… forms of of of a mental
disturbance the could be treated and i would go even further i would say what about the beliefs that repressed pre people’s ability to grow
to be creative tha to limit their kind of freedoms wet or or or to make them
want to limit other people’s freedoms based on these beliefs what do you think
baton about this analysis well i’d find a potential applications
of this uh… pretty distressing because you can then doesn’t foresee a time
where the government will determine that uh…
someone who is against the government and says certain things about it ll
including some people that we think are ridiculous like alex jones and other
people right and then say that we need to treat them uh… in some cases
against their will through so uh… i’m kind of concerned about the idea of
medical ising um… all of these uh… believes understand the idea that we’re
not talking about simple example religious people replied ma
fundamentalism right but i think when you apply it to other types of bullies
idon’t think will be so hot to think about the consequences yeah i’m sure there is some cases in
which uh… enough schizophrenia manifest
itself in the form of uh… radical our religious beliefs yeah but in other
cases i think it really is just stupidity and or indoctrination uh… invited says this could go in in
many different directions the argument that it’s just the way decatur de indoctrinated and brought up
couldn’t we argue that a lot of commonly accepted mental illness like for example
you know uh… deep depression or schizophrenic
these types of things while they may have a biological component severe trauma in upbringing ten
certainly bring al those conditions wouldn’t this be along those same lines maybe an hour is there is some some irony to the fact that for a long time fundamentalists have
been saying it’s gay people that are actually mentally ill and now not only
how we would not only are we confirmed that gay people art mentally ill we might actually defining some
information there are some there’s some theories that that it’s those
fundamentalist beliefs that might be a sign of mental disturbance there
something ironic that i think uh…

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