Bankart Lesion and Repair Surgery Animation

Bankart Lesion and Repair Surgery Animation

Sometimes an injury can cause the humeral
head (top of the arm bone) to come out of glenoid (the socket).
Most shoulder dislocations are anterior dislocations meaning the humeral head comes forward as
it leaves the socket. The labrum is a rim of cartilage that attaches
around the edge of the glenoid and contributes to the stability of the shoulder joint. Sometimes
the humeral head tears part of the labrum as it dislocates. This is known as a Bankart
lesion. The Bankart lesion can result in the shoulder joint becoming unstable and requiring
surgery. A Bankart repair involves reattachment and tightening of the torn labrum.
The torn edges of the labrum are removed to reveal fresh labrum.
Small holes are drilled in the glenoid to receive a special fixation device called an
anchor. Attached to the anchor are sutures which are used to pull the labrum back on
to the glenoid. This process is repeated until the labrum
is completely reattached to the glenoid. After the procedure the arm is placed in a
sling for a few weeks. Physical therapy will be required to regain shoulder motion and

10 thoughts on “Bankart Lesion and Repair Surgery Animation

  1. Very helpful video. It certainly helped me gain an understanding of the lesion and the repair surgery. I underwent this procedure and never completely understood how it was done. Until now!

    After being attached with the anchors, does the labrum begin to reattach itself to the bone?

  2. after i did an mra this was the result-
    anterinferior glenoid labrum and adjacent glenoid bony rim fracture-SUGGESTIVE of bony blankart lesion

    Tiny posterosuperior humeral bony defect-Suggestive of tiny hill sach's lesion

    i consulted my ortho doctor and he told me that i need to undergo this surgery its not like i dont want to but is there any other non-surgical way to cure this?
    and if i do the surgury will my hand movements and strength be like before?
    P.S-im a 16yrs of age a Very active sports person i Play basketball for my school and district and being 16 i still have a few years to grow so idk…… please reply back as soon as possible thanks 

  3. After taking the MRA scanning, the following result is came-*Cortical defect with surrounding marrow edema involoving posterosuperior aspect of humaral head likely representing Hill-sach lesion*Hyperintense signal along anteroinferior labrum with underlying cortical defect involving glenoid, likely representing bony bankart's lesion*No dilocation on present studyplease tell me which is major or minor and surgery is mandatory?

  4. Just had this done exactly a week ago. I can see a long recovery ahead of me – the immobilization and inability to drive is driving me bonkers. Also, not fun if you are allergic to every single narcotic medication and all you take is Tylenol/paracetamol.

  5. is it possible to tear these sutures if the person was to pick up something heavy
    and if so, would the person feel the sutures tear?

  6. Can the shoulder feel unstable the first week after surgery? Because I mostly just feel pain but I’ve felt 2-3 times some instability when i sneeze. Is that anything to worry about? Because the doctors said that the surgery went good.

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    Thank you so much!

  8. Great video! I had this done yesterday as well as reparing a hill-sachs lesion. Im curios with others result after surgery! How was the healing process?

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