Antibiotic Envelope for Cardiac Implantable Device Infection Prevention

♪ Number seven. Antibiotic Envelope for Cardiac Implantable Device Infection Prevention. Pacemakers and defibrillators are lifesaving electrical marvels, but do not come without risk. Infections occur in 1-4% of cardiac device implantations and can lead to a 25% one-year mortality rate. Treatment costs average around $60,000. Until now, giving the right antibiotics right before the procedure was the best and only proven way to prevent infection. Despite this, infections continued to occur. The recent innovation of an implantable antibiotic envelope ensures delivery of two antimicrobial drugs locally in the pocket for seven days after implantation surgery. The week-long release of the drugs minimizes the risk of infection. The absorbable envelope received FDA clearance in 2013, but healthcare professionals were awaiting results from the landmark worldwide randomized RAPID trial. The findings published in March show a 40% reduction in major infections making cardiac implantable device procedures safer for patients.
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