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  1. danvandhari milky sea are all just lies thats all about peneal gland and melatonin is called amirtham u can get lots of answer from "tamil cinthanayalar peravai" youtube channel

  2. Extra fact: Dhavanthri has a shrine dedicated to him in Lord varadarajar temple in the city of kanchipuram in the state of Tamil Nadu in India!!! People go there to worship and do some offerings to get cured of their medical ailments…and aliens ?? seriously?? Do you think divinely beings are aliens??

  3. If it is from westerners it's called innovation… If it's from India then it's called alien technology…….filthy westerners scientists

  4. When Indians do it . These western people say that it happened bcoz of aliens and when they do something it's not the case . Why???😡😡😡😡

  5. Modern scientists take just a leaf out of Sanskrit literatures and ancient India scriptures as though they are just a few ingredient for arriving at a theory… That's completely flawed approach and which is why you keep calling it alien.

    First of all the dictionary term of alien means an outsider… So you are an alien if you are not from this country… So basically you worked with an alien to do this theory… Right ?!!

    Time and space is interrelated… Modern science refuses to give in to agree with that… And unless they understand that fundamental part… It's going to be difficult and gets boring with all this jingoistic approach to exploring

  6. Why can't we digest the fact that ancient India was far more advanced than most countries on the planet?! Why do Western 'scholars' attribute this to a little helping hand from ETs?!

  7. Well Ancient Aliens proven that there is God which we have to believe, that makes me more strong believer to the divine being, thanks be to God to this film.

  8. All was good but when they connect dhanvantri to Alien, I was like hahaha. Its so amusing to see people with literally no knowledge about a topic but then they teach you about the same.

  9. Hi this is manish here from mumbai. I stay in thakurli near dombivli. Here we have a temple gaon devi mandir

  10. These people are always trying to prove and promote the concept of aliens to the world.. Guys why don't you just admit it that India was far more advance than you guys..

  11. Giorgio Tsoukalos looks like an idiot in his khaki coloured clothes, surfer dude jewelry and purposely fluffed hair. So staged. He makes a mockery of the entire ancient aliens concept. The dumb grin on his face and over dramatic reactions mixed with the dramatic music the history channel disgraced the information with as well…I just can’t.

  12. I never knew…the churning of the ocean of milk is actually the Milky Way…and I bet Andromeda, Perseus' lover, was named after the galaxy where she came from because she is an alien, and I bet extraterrestrial revisionist mythology is a myth.

  13. Why are the Indian fools in the video say they got it from Aliens or extra terrestial elements! Dhanvantari and shushruta both lived in the court of Chandragupta 2 of Guptan era.. Kalidasa, Aryabhatta, Varahamihira (considered newton of India thought it should be other way around) etc etc great scholars! West just can't digest the superiority of Indian technology

  14. Don't worry they people try to proof that,
    In entire world and in Indian culture every god is aliens, Everything is done by aliens,
    And in other religions as well in entire world only aliens are there..
    And they never make any episode on Jesus,
    But they make every episode on every single god or messanger in all religions in rest of the world.
    So u can understand their intention..
    Aur mha gandu chutiya kaaliya item es chutiyape Mai Iska proof dera h

  15. BTW: Why is my indian friend talking through his Noses… ??? Most Indians here Don't… !!!

    Is this guy an Alien indian who flew from the US… ? Funny guy… LOL.

  16. Praveen Mohan is definitely the number one person to talk to if you want to learn about anything in India! And other parts of the world as well! So glad you guys had him on this episode!! Please bring him back! He has so much more to share!

  17. Teri ma ki chud bhenchod jab dekho tab alien mak gand marate rahate hu hamrae maharishiyo aur devtao ko alien batate hu well i watched this video only for parveen not for bloody ancient aliens.

  18. India me koi kuchh bhi kare sab bhagwan ki kripa se hua hai, yahi kahte hai. Iska matlab ye nahi ki sab chij bhagwan ne diya hai, ye logo ki mehnat ka fal hai, par uske liye vo bhagwan ko dhanyawad dete hai. Abhi bhi indian scientist ke interviews dekhna kuchh bhi achive kare to bhagwan ki kripa se pura kiya kehte hai.

  19. Danvantri is not a human being. As per Hindu scripts, he came from milky ocean (may be milky way galaxy). He is no doubt, an extra terrestrial.

  20. The whole part of an angel stirring the water for people to be healed reminds me of a passage found in the Bible from John 5:4 describes a scene from the pool at Bethesda. The similarities are striking

  21. Don't make this as extraterrestrial things these were the vast fields on which the ancient Hindu were working on and there are many more even we have various written texts which explains all this and there were many more who came to these conclusions in ancient times in India then called bharatvarsha

  22. Stupid , these Cristian westeners are jelous of the fact that modern medicine originated in India. It is shame to call those Western people the father of medical fields , why they are not saying the discoveries of the west are from aliens… Stupid ; an alien giving medications to human illness….

  23. what if extraterrestrial were originally from India and once they reached higher vibration, living on earth became difficult so left to live on other planet… why always discredit India's wisdom even if you are trying to put forward ancient Alien theory, think about it… even the first alien contactee Billy Meier said he happened to contact alien when he was in India, doesn't that spook you?? why From Ram to Buddha all attained wisdom on this place??? why so many sages are said to be from India? why there is a hidden 4th dimensional world in gyanganj??? why??? it is because the Aliens that westerns call are the ancestor of this place who could not live with the earth gravity after raising the vibration so had to leave to some other planet.. even our ancient text book tells there were people living on various planets like mars, venus, saturn ans so on.. would your search be fruitful if you start focusing what if Aliens are our ancestors and not someone who come from some other planets..

  24. These European and American Christians can't digest the glory of ancient India and Hindus which is pre Christ .. according to them every thing started after Christ … Indian medical advances was sourced by knowing inner engineering of body by meditation and rigorous research not by any alien. we have Eternal knowledge from more than 25000 thousand years.

    like wise u people saw only one person Jesus or Mohamed
    but in india thousands and thousands of people came like this. they did many things and everyone in different ways. like medicine, astrology, Constructions, art, music(7 Swaram), dance(Baratham), fighting Technics , well being, Creating Languages, Creating a new way of Life style (Buddhism, Jainism etc…) , Kama sutra including creating a GOD Too… and so many things…

  25. I'm happy 😊☺️ becos the book istey there it never istol by the soperyor men farm uk they Calder inja they pot in mseyon

  26. Dear Praveen, can you clear the confusion among some of your followers as to why Urdu text was shown in your video instead of Sanskrit… thanks

  27. हमारा ब्रह्मांड इतना विशाल है ज़रूर एलियंस रहते होंगे दूसरे या फिर हमारे ही आकाशगंगा मैं । और क्या पता जैसे डाइनोसॉर उल्कापिंड के कारण विलुप्त हो गए हमारा भी यही हाल हो सकता है क्यों दोस्तों ? 😢

  28. 🕉Samudramanthan🕉😌🌍🌹🏵🌺🌼🌻🐟🐍🦚🐘🐎🐄🐢🍇🍎🥭🥥🍌🍍🍒🍊🥛🌋🏔⛰🌄🌅🌕🌑🌚⛈🌤🌪☄🔥🌈🔱🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐🛐 Om Namo Narayana.

  29. First,it was the Aryan invasion theory and now it is the ET invasion theory.
    The natives of the land continue to be sidelined

  30. This channel and this program is always targetting hindu gods and saying as aliens as they can't accept our knowledge and their worthless waste religion won't say anything for human development.🕉🕉🕉.
    Hate this channel.

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