Alot resolves not to give up her fight against her illness | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Alot resolves not to give up her fight against her illness | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Good morning, Ma. Good morning, dear. Ma, can you cut my
hair tomorrow? Are you sure, dear? I thought you wanted to keep
growing your hair out. I’ve thought about it, and
I decided I wanted short hair. I heard that
my hair would start falling out once I start
with chemotherapy. What are you talking about? Ma… You don’t have to hide
the fact that I’m sick. I already figured it out. I saw the test results earlier, and I did a bit
of research online. Dear… Ma. This is just cancer. You don’t have to worry
because I’ll be okay. I will fight on, I won’t lose
to this sickness. I can do this, Ma. – There we go.
– Be careful! Mind the IV drip! Sorry, guys, but I think I’ll make a really
cute guy with this short hair. That’s okay, Alot! I’m so tired of being
a heartthrob, anyway. Great confidence and all. So why do you get
dumped a lot, then? I only took after Papa! No, you didn’t, because
your mom said yes to me! Are you ready, dear? Yes, Ma. – Are you ready?
– It looks great! The haircut looks good on you! – Wow!
– It really does! – Let’s take a picture!
– Sure thing! Let’s take
lots of pictures, okay? – I look really cute!
– Let’s put that on her. It looks good, dear. I really like it. I was told that
chemotherapy will cost 100,000 pesos
per session. I’ll talk to my boss tomorrow. Maybe I can borrow money. Try to convince him, okay? We can’t postpone
Alot’s chemo session. I’m going
to the foundation office to submit
the necessary documents. We really need
all the help we can get. Mama’s on medication, too So that adds up. I’ll go ahead, so I can swap shifts with
Jed at the hospital. I’m off to work now, Ma. Gina. I just want you to know
that I pray every day for my granddaughter to
get better soon. Thank you. I’m sorry, but we’ve reached
our cutoff for the day. We can’t accept
any more applications. Please come back tomorrow. But I really
need to go in there. My daughter has cancer, and
I really need help. – I’m sorry, Ma’am.
– Sir.. – There’s nothing I can do.
– Sir, please. She’s waiting for me
at the hospital. Sir, please. I’m begging you. Just come back tomorrow. I’ve been waiting in line
since this morning, sir. I’m begging you, sir. Please give me a chance. I promise I won’t tell
anyone. Please, sir. If I let you in, I’ll have
to allow everyone else. – Come back tomorrow.
– Please.. Sir! Just relax, Alot. I can handle this. Ma, are you okay? What’s with the wig, Alot? Oh, this? My friends
gave this to me. Does it look good? Ma. What’s the problem? I’m okay. It’s just that
I didn’t make it in time at the foundation office. But I’ll come back tomorrow. Alot… It’s fine, Ma. Because I know God will
always take care of me! As long as I’m alive,
there’s always hope. That’s right! Well, in my case, as long as I have veins,
there’s always hope. I know you can do it,
Nurse Jenny! Sorry that my veins
are acting all shy today!

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  2. Ganito din sakit ng kapatid ko after 1 month na pag hihirap namatay siya..sobrang sakit diko man lang siya nakita😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Habang pinapanood ko to naalala ko yung kapatid ko na may luekemia din and namatay😭and then sumunod naman yung kapatid kong may microcephaly na namatay😭i love you both mga kapatid😭❤

  4. Super can relate sa struggles ng may leukemia. One of my best buddies died from leukemia this year after fighting for almost 2 years… 😞

  5. GRABE sakit akong dughan basta cancer.never in my wildest dream.abi ko sa libro ra nako mabasa ang mga tambal and ma experience sa patient.abi ko ako ang nurse, Ako ang mo atiman sa pasyente.igo rako maghatag tambal and atiman pero karon ako na ang pasyente, ako ang nka experience.😭😭😭😭😭

  6. San ito pagtuunan ng pansin ng gobyerno na hnd nmn mahirapan ang wlang kakayahan mahihirapan pa pumila mapagamot lng ang mahal sa buhy.

  7. During watching this video I’m crying in everyone is crying 😢 😭😭😭kanina rin namatay nanay ng amo ko cancer din 😭😭

  8. ito lang yung MMK epi. na hindi pa nagsasalita ung bida, ay naiiyak na ako!! grabeh ang galing galing ng mga casts. nakakainspire ung story.

  9. ang sarap lng sa pakiramdam na andyan yung pamilya mo nag susuportahan sa isat-isa sa panahon na may mga pinagdadaanan sila.

  10. See this video how “ALOT” brave enough, How jolly she is and How Strong she was.
    Grabe habang inedit ko to naluluha ako sobrang nakakamiss ka ALOT!

    #MMKKeepHoldingOn #SharleneasAlot #Cancervivor #Sept7

  11. grabe halos ganyan yung nangyare sa pinsan ko.. kakamatay lang nya nung august 27 at the age of 31.. nakatapos sya ng chemo nya mga after 2 days nanghina na sya hanggang sa binawian na sya ng buhay.. ang tapang nya din sabi nga nya sakit lang yan kayang kayang labanan, ako pa ba matapang ako.😭😭💔💔

  12. Habang pinanood ko ito, Hindi ko maano Ang nararamdaman ko lungkot at takot,..dahil my anak ako na meron ding leukemia

    He's 4 years old now. You can see my FB accnt..necelthan Castro..meron Bata SA picture namin..yan Ang anak ko.

  13. Sharlene as Maxine and Donny as Gab po please. Kayang-kaya po nila yon. Meron silang kilig factor, hindi matatawaran ang acting skills at may similarities sila sa GabXine lalo na ang height difference nila. Sana po mapagbigyan aabangan po namin to. 💜

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