ADIXIA (LMSA): “J’ai trop abusé de la chirurgie, j’étais plus la même 💉” (INÉDIT)

I like to see you with no makeup on I think you look pretty ! Really? Yes That’s nice of you Do you still use cosmetic surgery? Because I know you used to like it No, I don’t really do that anymore, I stopped it all I got botox on my forehead And then got acne all over and at a time when I looked at pictures of myself before, I didn’t quite recognized myself So, I got a little bit scared Let’s say I overdone it So you think you looked deadpan? What did you dislike? Well I thought I looked very different Because in our former TV shows, You told us that you loved it It’s true that it was your whim! Yes, it was something new for me, so… I liked it To improve your looks this way I though it was nice and I overdone it and I saw a little difference I saw that I was changing, that I was no longer the same I was no longer the same So what’s happening now is that I don’t have anything left on my face I don’t have lip injections, no botox Nothing at all And I actually feel really good this way I think I went through a little depressive phase, so I needed to change Or, I don’t know, I needed to fill in something So you needed to prove things to yourself? Was it a race to perfection? I think it was in my mind, yes But I realise that I overdone it, really, I realise it And I feel good this way Natural, yes Is it why you stopped? Because you felt like you were losing control? Actually, my husband made me notice that he told me and then we found a picture of me at our wedding and when we married I was very natural and he said to me “Look how beautiful you were before” And it kind of… It shocked you? It shocked me a little, yes The “before”? Yes! That’s it! And so I told myself “ok stop, I’m done” It’s okay from time to time but I’m 24 so I don’t really need it I’d rather keep this for later when I need to rejuvenate And did you see the critics? Because you were very critisized because of this on the social media Plus you assumed it so franckly, it’s all in your honor
ADIXIA : Oh yes, I’m a girl who assumes it all! But there were many critics, did you see it? Yes, not all of it, but I saw it Because I’m really not interested in that But when I see certain critics on my social media… It’s true that I.. People made me react a little, still Even if it’s my life and people don’t have a word in it But it’s true that At a time, it was very noticeable, it wasn’t pretty So hum Yeah, it made me..- So, you’re done? terminado? terminado no more plastic surgery Back to natural Back to natural even if I still have some plastic *Laughter*

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