Abdominal surgery

let’s talk briefly about the six-pack
abs that men are doing what exactly is this so it’s a very popular procedure
for men they still want to look very masculine and so instead of causing what
I call the Jillian Michaels curvature for the women they actually want their
indentations back they want their the ripped abs back so what we do is liposuction the whole entire abdomen you’re assuming that they had them in the first place or sometimes we can actually create them again you have to choose the right person someone who is really overweight that’s not
gonna work for them right what we want to do is accentuate what they have
so we liposuction the entire area flat and then you can kind of feel the
inscriptions the divisions of each rectus muscle and we get very aggressive
in those inscriptions almost very superficial so that skin tacks down to
the muscle and it lasts yes as long as you maintain your your exercise and
eating habits if you gain weight what happens with liposuction when you gain
weight is you’ll gain weight and other areas that weren’t liposuctioned you may gain weight in your arms your legs, unproportionally the fat has to go somewhere correct

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