Ab-Soul “D.R.U.G.S.” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I was using Mac’s studio. And I just kind of needed him to come in and
be Fergie and Jesus. If you’re watching this Fergie, come find me baby. Word, she’s sick. The acronym literally breaks down to “Don’t
ruin us, God said” It’s a quote I took from my last record with Lupe
on his last album, ‘T.R.O.N’. It was called “I Love Drugs” obviously at first. But then i was like ah yeah. The tone of it, I wanted it to be vulnerable,
I wanted it to be… you know, when we do these things, drugs or whatever is ill to
you, you think about what your mom would say. You think about what your mom would say. You know what I’m sayin? And I really wanted to stay in the mindset
of my mom is watching. My mom is listening. My father was killed about 4, 5 years ago. I didn’t know him that well. But I had father figures in place, luckily. My stepfather Clem. My grandfather Cletus. I don’t have this ill relationship with my
father. I get lit. So I’m wondering if the apple doesn’t fall
too far from the tree. You know, this goes back to Kendrick’s album. We wasn’t taught how to deal with this type
of money. It’s not taught in a class. Luckily we’re a family unit, to where I got
great advice on how to make sure I stay financially stable in the midst of all
this madness. You know I’m the fourth. I’m Herbert III’s son and if it wasn’t for
the…Absolutely! V for vendetta! I gotta have Young V. I’m poison ivy. You know what I mean? IV? The Roman numeral 4? And this is Young V for vendetta. This is going to be crazy. I would’ve had every one. I’m just being honest about that fact. I would’ve had every single one. Danny Brown. He’s the Adderall Admiral, writing the holy
mackerel. That’s Danny. You know how love can be a drug. Not necessarily just talking about controlled
substances. Addiction. Too much of anything can kill you type thing.

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