5 Common Fish Diseases And How To Spot And Treat Them

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and putt related and today I
wanted to go over with you my top five most common fish diseases and how you
can spot them so first off we have ik also known as white spots disease it is
a small protozoan that will attach itself to your fish
now when fish are first infected a lot of times you will see that they are like
rubbing up against ornaments rubbing against rubbing themselves down on the
gravel trying to basically dislodge the parasite they look very uncomfortable
fish that are infected with ick also tend to look like they’ve been sprinkled
with a bunch of salt like the named white spots disease suggests they are
covered in small little white specks now there are many different treatments
available that you can use as directed at all the different stores one of my
favorite remedies that I have found to be super effective so far has been the
new life spectrum egg shield now it only works if your fish will eat it the fish
that I have gotten in that were infected with it if they were willing to eat it
they were it free and healthy within a couple of weeks it is an alternative
option again though if your fish will eat it and it’s not super cheap and a
lot of times it’s harder to find so you might end up having to buy it online but
with the fish that have eaten it I’ve had 100% success rate with curing of egg
and not losing my fish so next up we have thin tail and mouth rot like the
name suggests your fish will appear like their tail is almost melting or fins are
starting to get frayed and their mouth almost looks like it’s rotting away
it looks like they’re just swimming around open mouth and it can make it
very difficult for fish to swim and eat now fin and mouth rot are usually caused
by either poor water conditions or if your fish got nipped then it’s going to
cause a bacterial infection which is what causes that rotten kind of look to
your fish now this is a bacterial infection that tends to come from poor
water quality or if your fish is getting picked on or maybe you even purchased it
that way this one is super easy to treat now there are antibiotics or you can
also use malefics to help with treating your aquarium I’ve noticed over the
years really just doing a lot more frequent water changes sometimes as
often as a water change every day along with adding a little bit of aquarium
salt seems to get rid of the disease just fine as long as it hasn’t gone too
far and third we have fungal infections now fungal infections tend to be pretty
obvious you’ll see what looks like white fluffy cotton appearing on your fish if
this is left untreated the fungus will continue to eat away at your fish and
this can also lead to secondary bacterial infections now products like
pima fix can help with the fungus and malefics can help if there is a
secondary bacterial infection now this disease similar to thin rot can be
brought on by poor water quality or the fish getting attacked by another fish or
even injuring itself on an ornament that is too sharp and should probably be
removed from the tank now number four is dropsy dropsy unfortunately quite
frequently is a fish killer dropsy is a bacterial infection of the
kidneys and quite frequently causes renal failure in your fish now dropsy is
often recognized as your fish is looking very bloated
and the scales begin to kind of spike up and have this sort of weird porcupinie
appearance to them now there are antibiotics that can be used to treat
this along with frequent water changes but unfortunately because a lot of times
it does end up in causing renal failure the success rate is not very high in
treating dropsy now number five is velvet similarly to egg velvet is a
small parasite that will attach itself to your fish fish will tend to become
lethargic and start rubbing themselves against things to try to dislodge the
parasites and they will start to get a rust like appearance all over their body
in severe cases you might also noticed clamped fins lethargy and labored
breathing in your fish one of the most common treatments for velvet is shutting
off the tank lights and covering the tank to put the tank in total darkness
along with raising the temperature of the water and using a copper based
medication velvet is extremely common amongst fish and typically pretty easy
to get rid of so what are some of the diseases that you’ve come across in your
aquarium and what methods did you use to treat it that we’re successful let us
know in the comments below because we love hearing all avails information and
experiences to help us all grow in our aquarium hobby well that’s all for
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