99 thoughts on “5 Awesome NES Facts! — Fact Surgery

  1. A lot of these statistics aren't readily standardized or operationally defined so they aren't really "facts" unless they are irrefutably true.

  2. ….how do you know how many shots are fired in duck hunt or how much air has been blown into a game?…. that is complete random guessing!

  3. How about the NEW screwed up Alienware console that they just released! And I've been knowing them since 2005! It doesn't take someone like me long to catch up on this type of stuff it literally just takes me seconds.

  4. I just bought one of these babies not even a week ago. Despite only having one game for it, it's a joy to play.

  5. This is it? Really? There seems to be a common thing here… Number about unit * units sold, compared to something else.

  6. So this video won't load, I then go watch two live streams, read 30 articles, and watch a few more youtube videos, and it still won't load!

  7. 2kb video ram
    and yet they managed to fit a game like Dragon warrior 4 onto the nes
    wonders never cease…
    which reminds me
    check my channel for the dragon warrior recordings

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