So much is going on right now it’s a lot.
Hey everyone i got an email this morning asking me to make a video on this article
that I linked down below if you get angered easily please don’t click on it
I want everyone to have a positive day but i want to discuss this article and
some of the things that were brought up in this article at first glance when
you turn onto the article you see a picture of another mental health
youtuber and so at first i thought oh my god did they write it did you write this
article um no I did some research to find where
that thumbnail came from turns out that they were making a video
on a different type of mental disorder where people actually do fake their
mental illness I don’t believe that this article was based on malingering or
factitious disorder. I believe it’s just for the average person with mental
illness um and the author has no idea that these other mental illnesses exist so today i want to respond to 10 signs
your mental illness is for attention I’m going to be looking at my iPad as
well as the actual article on my computer so i can give you the best
experience let’s do this so the article starts off
by saying that in today’s society teenagers are trying to do things that
are trying to make them more and more popular on the internet and one of the
ways of the trying to be more popular is by faking a mental illness to get
attention they also go on by saying that if you
really have “a real mental illness” you are still faking it to a certain extent
this author is going to me 10 ways to figure out if I am faking my mental
illness for attention so let’s let’s read this your definition
of illness change all the time one day depression means you can’t get
out of bed or tie your shoes or pay bills the next means you want to stay home and
watch movies the next it’s not that serious your definitions
change all the time depending on context and how sick you are I’m going to be responding
to this article as if we’re talking about depression because i can’t
generalize their findings by any other mental illness I
feel like this author is talking about depression so let’s talk about depression there’s a
big misconception of people who have MDD major depressive disorder people feel
like if you have this diagnosis that means you were depressed all of the time
and this is a huge misconception. A person can have a good day and have the
strength to get out of bed do normal daily functions but they could also have
bad days which they can’t get out of bed they can’t bathe themselves they can’t
wash themselves they can’t call you they can’t do these things because of
their illness because mental illnesses are illnesses it’s not that they’re trying to change
the definition of what their illness what their depression is it’s every single
day different symptoms are popping up and you really don’t know which day is
going to be good and which days not going to be good you’re constantly sharing shit about it
on social media every time someone writes a powerful
essay on whatever website about their struggle with their upper middle class
anxiety you share it you share how to date someone with blank you share seven
things only people with OCD know it’s your whole identity and you’re
constantly reminding people that you are sick and brave and in a permanent
struggle against the world I feel like I fall into this category because I post a lot of
mental health stuff on facebook on Instagram but that’s my job that’s what
I love to do i have a lot of friends on facebook who suffer with anxiety who suffer with depression who suffer with all these things and share articles but that doesn’t
make them less have a mental illness I don’t think there’s anything wrong
with sharing articles sharing video sharing things about mental illness
because the more we share these things the less stigma are going to be around
them and the easier it is for people to reach out and get help to talk about
mental health there’s no shame in sharing these things
have you ever thought about this could be the only way that they can share
about their mental health or mental illness without being upfront with the
people that love them with people who care maybe people with these mental illnesses
just want people to know about them want people to care about them want people to
understand and that’s why they’re sharing there’s no shame and sharing these articles on
facebook on Twitter on Instagram there’s no shame in this I think it’s amazing
you listed it in your bios if your bio announces from the get-go that you have
depression before you even mention i don’t know a job or hobby or an
accomplishment you need help and not in the lexapro department in that you have
nothing interesting to say about yourself besides a disorder department I somewhat agree with this statement now
please don’t get angry with me i do see an Instagram a lot of tumblr lot on
Twitter um a lot of my followers in their BIOS say depressed girl lonely
girl suffers from depression anxiety to dalala they don’t really say anything about
the personality their interests or hobbies the things that they like to
do they just talked about their depression and I totally understand that I feel
like we shouldn’t be labeling ourselves because then that means we’re giving in
to our depression and anxiety whatever we have we should be not focusing on the
depression on the anxiety and we shouldn’t be labeling ourselves as a
depressed girl depressed boy we shouldn’t be doing this because that
means we’re giving in and we’re giving up still that doesn’t mean that we are
faking our mental illnesses or we’re doing it for attention again maybe it’s
a cry for help I know when I was younger I did the same
thing that you are probably seeing online right now because I needed help
they wanted help i wanted to find people just like me so I knew I wasn’t alone
talking about mental illnesses for attention isn’t necessarily wrong maybe that person needs attention
because they’re not getting any attention at home at school or from
professionals so if you see someone who’s on Instagram on Twitter on
Facebook whatever and writing these things and I’m depressed I have anxiety and labeling themselves
maybe reach out to them and try to figure out how looking at some help number four I do not like at all you use
it to be ***** other people if you don’t call them back it’s not because
phones give you anxiety it’s because you’re ******** if you don’t show up to a friend’s
birthday party and it’s not because you are bad in social situations it’s because you’re a **** you take your stress out on
your significant other constantly for no reason it’s not because you’re depressed
it’s because you’re ***** mental illness although convenient is not a catch-all
reason to treat people like **** Again there are good days with mental illness and
their bad days of mental illness some days I can’t leave the house
because I have so much anxiety and so much fear of leaving the house of
driving my car that I do not want to leave and some days I want to run around
I want to go out there I want to be with people if you see people whom say that they
have anxiety about going to a party maybe reach out to them and say how can
I accommodate you to make you feel more comfortable at this party so you can go
can I be a support system to you don’t call them a **** maybe reach out to them and see how you can
help them instead of shaming someone and calling them a **** why don’t we use more
encouraging language when it’s convenient your illness takes a back
seat unless something really fun is coming up and you managed to get it
together or you want to impress a date by pretending that you’re really active
and outgoing and happy then you’re fine again good days bad days and people have
coping skills I went to VidCon past week and my anxieties were through the roof
but i still was able to have fun even though I have anxiety around crowds
anxiety around new people anxiety around everything just to the point where i was
having panic attacks at Vidcon I still did it I went through because I
pushed myself and motivate myself and I use my coping skills that does not mean
i’m making up my mental illness that does not mean i’m using it for attention
when it’s convenient for me I’m just coping and trying and pushing
myself and there are so many people out there who don’t want to give up do not
want to give up on life and are doing things that are fun that they really
want to do even though they have their mental illness they can still cope with it have a
great time. You think its controversial to talk about if you think it’s still a
controversial thing to announce your facebook friends that you struggle with
bouts of anxiety you’re probably living under a rock it’s
not controversial anymore everyone is open about their struggles with mental
illness and posting stuff about you shouldn’t be ashamed of your depressed
girlfriend is just redundant if you need to announce that fine but
don’t pretend like you’re being brave by saying you’re sad some time now I don’t
know where you live in the world but even the United States there are still
so many misinformed people about mental illness that it’s still scary thing to
come out and say i have depression I have anxiety I self-harm I’ve PTSD I’m schizophrenic I have OCD i have did these are scary things you’re probably
just talking about depression anxiety what about someone comes out and says i
have schizophrenia i have DID I have OCD these are very
scary things to come out with and very scary things to tell your friends and
family because there’s so much misinformation about them some people still don’t want to be
labeled and that’s why they don’t come out and talk about their mental
illnesses and get the help that they need because i do not want to be labeled we
live in this world it’s still controversial you’re still trying to
fight the stigma around it it’s still a thing that we have to fight every single
day and just what you saying it’s not controversial you’re not helping the whole thing man
even though your relationships have clear patterns you don’t accept that they might be your
fault it’s never you it’s always your string of completely
unique exes who all just happened to be terrible people and just couldn’t
accommodate your hashtag illness next time you’ll date someone who gets
you ok now you kind of lost me I thought we were talking about mental
illnesses and not really like relationships but ok you’re projecting
so let’s talk about it yes some people are prone to bad
relationships and a lot of people who are mentally ill could be prone to bad
relationships as well because we are vulnerable yes when you do suffer with a mental
illness you need someone who is accommodating who’s there for you who gets you because it can be very hard recovering so you need someone there who is strong
you need a strong partner and someone to help you along the way you constantly
post baiting things so people will ask what’s wrong it’s been a bad day frowny face not feeling good *ugh* I can’t
even yeah you’re posting the statuses
because you want people to ask you how you are and you want to vent about it
but everyone has problems and using feel sorry for me card over and over again is incredibly
irritating for everyone around you I always call these statuses cry for
help statuses yes some people on social media post things so other people can
talk to them it’s social that’s what happens if I’m
having a bad day and I could post about it and then i’ll have my support system
online so we can talk about it there’s nothing wrong with that there’s
nothing wrong with someone who is severely depressed severely having
anxiety is really having a hard time reaching out facebook and twitter saying
i’m not feeling good I’m not having a good day so people can
talk to them there’s nothing wrong with that and if
you have a problem with that seeing my facebook or instagram feed or
whatever feed then don’t follow these people so you don’t see it so leave
these people for people like me people like my subscribers who totally care about
people with mental illnesses so we can help them and you can go on your merry
way being ignorant hell yeah you’re not
really trying to get better maybe you take medication maybe you’re
in therapy but when it comes to the behavior that you’re doing over and over
again you’re not interested in doing the hard work that is required to overcome
mentally ill behaviour you’re interested in talking about it and identify as a
person who has blank but you’re not interested in being better because
that’s no fun sometimes a person who has depression
gets comfortable in that depression in a depressed state because that’s all they
know there are a lot of people lose hope or just feel so hopeless in their
depression and they feel like they can’t get better we need to find these people and get
them resources get them help get some professional care and get them back on
the track of recovery there are a lot of people who feel so
helpless that they don’t want to go on I’m here making videos on the internet
trying to help these people if they’re trying to get better to go to therapy
that’s awesome sometimes therapy takes a long time for you to see results they’re taking medications they’re
trying to get better sometimes it takes a little while to see results sometimes
people do feel better and they don’t externally show it to you you can’t externally see someone’s
progress internally the way you view someone how do you know if they’re
getting better how do you know if their thought processes are changing how do
you know that and the last one is number ten let’s
read it let’s read this gold and finally but this is getting a lot of really
weird guys that don’t know where this one is going and finally pansexual demisexual and
other special snowflakes and LGBT community although sexuality is not
mental illness these people who have to be special snowflakes need to be called
out more it’s demeaning to people who struggle with their sexuality as it
makes it seem like a kind of a joke you’re either straight bi gay or asexual
in some cases there is no need to make up your own label now this took a weird-ass turn there are
many sexual orientations other than being straight gay bi or asexual there’s actually a huge list of things yes there are a lot
of labels but what’s wrong with labels it doesn’t mean they’re trying to be
unique or different labels sometimes help people connect with other people
who would feel the same way they do there’s nothing wrong with all these
labels and I don’t know why this is number ten this has nothing to do
with anything but i just wanted to say put my sense in. At the end of the article
you say that mental illness is serious yes it is serious but please don’t call
people bad names behind a computer screen because of the way they want to
express themselves online for some people online is all they have for some people they don’t have good
family structures to talk about their mental illness you also quote people
like these take stigma away from mental illnesses and make it seem trivial no I think it is you who are misinformed and miseducated about mental illnesses and shame people online who
have them who are adding to the stigma around mental health so what did you
think about this article did it make you Angry did make it think? do you agree with any of these thoughts
Please let me know down below and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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